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Get Truly Connected to the Biblical Jesus!


TrueConnection Disciples Embody & Teach what Jesus Demands

·        Beg: Get a crouched posture, desperate heart, & pleading mouth toward God & everyone who has Truth.

·        Obey ALL: Do everything God says with no sinning -- be addictively learning, believing, & simultaneously obeying every detail of the Bible, with NO exceptions!

·        Truth Obsessed: Burn for Truth & let unpopular Bible verses overthrow your entire life!

·        Purity: No kissing, holding hands, physical romantic affection, or any other sexual activity outside of Biblical marriage; leave adulterous remarriage, modesty for all, headcoverings for women in public, etc.

·        Remnant Minded: Confront & excommunicate historical and modern church apostasy.

·        No Worldliness: No TV, movies, secular or church music (unless they help obey the Bible); hate money, luxury, pride, indulgence, etc.

·        Discipleship: Leave all you have (forsake-all<<) & get apprentice-trained to obey ALL the Bible (everything God says) with no sinning.


Embrace the Actions that Get You Truly Connected

·        Biblical Faith: Believe in the inspired message (Biblical Gospel) of the Clean Jesus Who gives real Resurrection-Righteousness that Obeys ALL.

·        True Church: Find the real, Biblical Church, Jesus’ Clean Bride, the Righteous Called-out-Assembly of holy, hard-core, forsake-all, obey-all disciples (1John 1 & 3, for example).

·        Real Forgiveness*: Get all moral debts & sinning sent away* by embracing the crucifixion of your flesh with Jesus by faith (* Biblical “forgiveness” [ἀφίημι, aphíēmi]).

·        Learn Saving Truth: Get Biblical baptism-discipleship learn from obeyers how to be addicted to prayer, be spiritual, do spiritual warfare, crucify the flesh, get serious humility, live free from all sin, come into eager, fiery, zealous, clean, heart-purifying, righteous, exciting obedience to everything the Bible says, & inherit heaven!


Getting you Truly Connected to the Righteous, Clean, Biblical Jesus is what TrueConnection is all About. Contact us and/or keep considering our revolutionary Proclamations below, if you dare!




BOND Slave Salvation

ShareLink(i): www.TrueConnection.org/BSS


BSS General Preview

·        Examples of real Truth and obedience that you need to inherit heaven

·        Specific examples of sins you must be saved from to escape hell

·        Numerous summaries, applications, and explanations of what it means to embrace BOND (as seen below) and other Bible studies

·        Make sure you REALLY inherit salvation, eternal life, and heaven (unlike today’s church)!


But what exactly is BOND?


BOND = Beg to Obey-all with No-sin Discipleship

·        Beg: You’ve got to be seriously humble enough to “beg”* as a Biblical “poor”* person (* same Greek word) to get saving faith & Divine favor to inherit heaven.

·        Obey-all: You must be Truly born again from above to obey everything God says (i.e. the Real Resurrection).

·        No-sin: You need to get real salvation from living in sin, so that you have no more ongoing sinning in your life, so you can escape hell.

·        Discipleship: You have to get fully apprentice-trained and learn from Obeyers how to Obey-all with No-sin to get heaven.


BOND Applications

·        Proof of Obedience: Get serious proof of who is a REAL Bible obeyer, i.e. follower of the REAL Jesus.

·        Test Yourself & Others: Embrace BOND to test yourself and others to see if you’ve Truly, completely, and permanently been saved from sin/hell.

·        Good Message vs. Apostasy: Identify the REAL Gospel / Biblical Good Message, as sharply contrasted with our modern age of overt global church heresy and apostasy.


BOND Slave Salvation – Mini (BSSm) [2pg]

·        ShareLink(i) (webpage): www.TrueConnection.org/BSSm

·        ShareLink(i) (PDF): www.TrueConnection.org/BSSm/pdf

·        790+ Bible references; 2 pages

·        BOND Reference sheet & study guide -- more technical & jam-packed

·        Shortest most condensed presentation of the REAL, Biblical, obedient Gospel vs. Apostasy that you’ve probably ever seen

·        Especially helpful for pastors and aspiring (more technically-oriented) Monotheists/Biblicists

·        BSSm: Use BSSm (this resource) for a shorter (2 page) more technical & jam-packed reference sheet / study guide of BOND

·        BSS: Use BSS (seen previously) for a more thoroughly explained application of BOND




Love Lowliness

ShareLink(i): www.TrueConnection.org/LOW



Status: Under Construction (you can help!)


It’s time to take the Bible more seriously and embrace the Truth about real/monotheistic/righteous humility.

No more lazy thinking and self-justified indulgence and pride.

Stop all the luxury and self-confidence and finally get hard core and go to the Biblical extreme to actually Love Lowliness.



Biblical Bowing

ShareLink(i): www.TrueConnection.org/BOW


Being Convicted and crying out to the righteous for help because…




Proves You’re Condemned

ShareLink(i): www.TrueConnection.org/LUX


Riches, confidence, contentment, and satisfaction with what you already have are actually grievous sins of pride and indulgence, and they are horrible crimes against God and the righteous.
Now you no longer have any excuse to think that you’re saved when you’re not embracing BOND.



Righteous Finances

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: C:\Files\www.TrueConnection.org\images\HateMoney.gif

ShareLink(i): www.TrueConnection.org/RiFi

Status: Under Construction (you can help!)


Hate money!
Flee Hell and escape all of the dirtiness of the riches of this life!
Get the Truth on how to manage money and valuable resources to inherit eternal life!






on the Mount

ShareLink(i): www.TrueConnection.org/SOM

Status: Under Construction (you can help!)


Poor begging to get heaven, Obeying ALL the Law & the Words of Jesus, revolutionary righteousness and Truth, clean hearted victory over all lust and adultery, destroying all pride, luxury and sin, getting righteous obedient faith to get your prayers answered, & getting inspired with Divine Truth-proclamation to shake up the whole World…


It’s time to get serious about hearing & Obeying the Sermon on the Mount to Truly inherit heaven!


While waiting for this Bible study to be ready, you can consider these resources:


SOM Memorization Poster

·        PDF: www.TrueConnection.org/Products/SOM-Memorization-Poster.pdf

·        HTML: www.TrueConnection.org/Products/SOM-Memorization-Poster.htm


(PDF is for printing, & HTML is usually best for phones and smaller devices.)


SOM Memorization Cards

·        PDF: PENDING -- check back later

·        These business card tools help you memorize the SOM, including its important sub-sections



Letteral Obedience


ShareLink(i): www.TrueConnection.org/LOB

Status: Under Construction (you can help!)


Obeying ALL the Bible is reinforced from Moses to Jesus, and even beyond with the Apostles.
From the very beginning, “Obeying ALL” has always included the seriousness of obeying everything literally.
In an age of overt global apostasy where Bible mistranslations are lying about “the spirit verses the letter of the law”, it’s high time to finally set the record straight and justify the real God of the Bible by Truly OBEYING Jesus in the Letteral Obedience He so clearly commanded (Mat_5:17-20).


While waiting for this resource to be finished you can refer to BOND where many of the principles of this proclamation have been summarized.



Turning the Other Cheek

ShareLink(i): www.TrueConnection.org/TOC

Status: Under Construction (you can help!)


The Sermon on the Mount and the rest of the New Covenant teaches us to Turn the Other Cheek.
Now we can finally learn exactly why and how this self-sacrificing merciful heart-purifying redemption works, so we might save ourselves and the rest of those hearing and craving this submissive obedience.



Sin Repentance Perfection

ShareLink(i): www.TrueConnection.org/SRP

Status: Under Construction (you can help!)


Learn what sin is and how to really repent and stop doing it, and obtain the real Divine perfection proclaimed to us by the real Biblical Gospel of the Scriptures!








ShareLink(i): www.TrueConnection.org/DTA


If you are a modern christian, beware! The path that Jesus walked and set for us and our salvation is one of discipleship rather than the theoretical and shallow commitments of converts that we see in most churches in modern cultures. If we don’t follow this extreme and unpopular path that Jesus called being His disciple, we only have the Broadway to Hell and destruction as our alternative!

Biblical Baptism

Baptism initiates discipleship under a discipler/teacher.

You need to get a Baptism-Discipleship under someone who is obeying all the Bible with no sin.

It doesn’t matter if you “got baptized already”.


You Need a Matthew 28 (Obey-all) Romans 6 (No-sin) Baptism-Discipleship to Inherit Heaven!

(compare BSS)


Get Clean Biblical Baptism

Contact us to Get Biblical forsake-all, obey-all, no-sin, clean baptism by an obey-all teacher to wash your sinning away, and finally begin Biblical forsake-all, obey-all, no-sin discipleship (instead of depending on unbiblical baptisms performed by today's modern apostate church leaders).


Also see this early audio teaching:

Discipleship--JosiahsScott--1.6.08.mp3 -- The Path of True Christianity




TRUTH Obsession!

ShareLink(i): www.TrueConnection.org/TRU

Status: Under Construction (you can help!)


‘Let God be true, but every man a liar’ (Rom_3:4)


Stop playing games and get serious to cry out for real Truth!


Many defiled deceivers (con artists and fraudsters) claim to care about “truth”, yet they produce nothing of any value at all that is moral, clean, righteous, and zealous enough to seriously OBEY Truth, repent, and stop the indulgence of the flesh (Col_2:23).


Instead of playing games and claiming to care about Truth, you should focus on obsessively OBEYING Truth (Obey all the Bible), because everything else (without virtue and seriously clean obedience) is goof, not Truth!


While waiting for this resource to be complete I hope you will see its message glowing throughout everything else we teach, say, and do.


If you seriously crave, beg, and cry out for Truth, then come get discipled so you can finally burn with clean obedient fire in your heart and seriously Obsess over Truth!



Purity Proclamation

ShareLink(i): www.TrueConnection.org/PUR

Status: Under Construction (you can help!)


Only holy, pure, clean people see God (Mat 5) and all others burn with the devil forever.

Run out of your ‘house of prostitution’ and get refuge by the salvation of finally getting clean!


Go Here to Get Clean!:

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: The No Dating Scriptures BATTLE LIST


The No Dating Scriptures BATTLE LIST is a short list of the most important Bible verses about what God Commands us to do to be counted Truly Pure in His eyes.


If we don’t meet God’s standards for purity then we are promised condemnation and wrath from God Himself (1Th 4:6). In all of this God has shown Himself extremely more practical than we have ever given Him credit for, since He cares about us enough to show us what is right, and what standard He commands all men to keep to not be sexually polluted and defiled before Him. Did you know that the Bible actually says how God feels about kissing, holding hands, and all such romantic affection outside of marriage? Did you know that God specifically and clearly demands a purity far beyond and completely contrary to our blind and lustful culture? Beware lest you trespass against Him without knowing it and endanger your own soul (Gen 20:3)! But on the contrary, if you take hold of True Biblical purity you of all people are most blessed, and will inherit the amazing promises of God due to the sanctification of your sexuality before Him!



Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: C:\Files\www.TrueConnection.org\images\BiblicalDressCode.gif

ShareLink(i): www.TrueConnection.org/BDC

Status: Under Construction (you can help!)


Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: C:\Files\www.TrueConnection.org\images\DivRem_With_Background_Bord.jpg


ShareLink(i): www.TrueConnection.org/DRRR

Status: Needing vital updates!*



There is a forsaken Truth that most don’t dare to embrace. And those who do, find themselves going against the tide and facing opposition all around. Will you dare to believe what the Bible says about divorce and remarriage?


(* We are eagerly seeking to make major updates as soon as we might get a chance to resume this big and important work!)


Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Divorce and Remarriage Repentance Revolution


Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: [Click to Download] - Divorce and Remarriage Tract, PDF (1 pg).........................

Divorce and Remarriage Tract (1 pg)



Family Commands

ShareLink(i): www.TrueConnection.org/FAM


This Bible study is the main resource that I use for couples who need marriage help, and it goes well with the Submission Bible Study in exhorting and helping couples fight for Biblical families.





ShareLink(i): www.TrueConnection.org/SUB


Submission is an issue of salvation. This Bible study is basically a list of the main Bible passages that show this. Please urgently consider this challenging call to extreme submission so that we may all repent and honor God in this way.



Judging The Church

ShareLink(i): www.TrueConnection.org/JTC


Have you ever wondered why the Modern church is dead and why spiritual cancer seems to spread so freely like wildfire? Here are the Bible verses that practically no one wants you to believe about judging those in the church, especially those who live in sin and call themselves Christians.



Woes of Worldliness

ShareLink(i): www.TrueConnection.org/WOW


God’s view of worldliness is probably harsher than you thought. Do you claim to love Jesus? If so beware of this “woe,” because if you are worldly then God says you’re His enemy! Look closely now at your life in light of these Scriptures and be sure you are hating this world so that you are not disqualified from being counted as a friend of God.



Repent of Words

ShareLink(i): www.TrueConnection.org/ROW






Perfect Love


ShareLink(i): www.TrueConnection.org/LOVE

Status: Under Construction (you can help!)



Clean Zeal

ShareLink(i): www.TrueConnection.org/ZEL

Status: Under Construction (you can help!)


I hope by now you are tired of the complacency that you see in and around you, and are hungry for the change worth burning for. Here is where just such an adventure begins.

These are my personal notes on "the fire of God." This is not a "polished" document, nor is it completely "self-explanatory," but it does seem to be helpful in communicating a deep Truth, especially if you were wanting to do a teaching on it.



Favor of God

ShareLink(i): www.TrueConnection.org/FAV

Status: Under Construction (you can help!)




Goodness of God


ShareLink(i): www.TrueConnection.org/GG

Status: Under Construction (you can help!)




Sizzling Greatness


ShareLink(i): www.TrueConnection.org/GRT

Status: Under Construction (you can help!)




Spiritual Interface

ShareLink(i): www.TrueConnection.org/SPI

Status: Under Construction (you can help!)





Bible Summaries

ShareLink(i): www.TrueConnection.org/SUM


(These Bible Summaries are naturally always under development, especially until we might get the whole Bible summarized.)




Love Israel

ShareLink(i): www.TrueConnection.org/ISR




Josiahs Testimony

ShareLink(i): www.TrueConnection.org/JOT


We have many more testimonies of the righteous to tell, so pray about helping us get more of them available here!

This is a brief overview of my life story, and how I ended up following Jesus in Truth.




Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: C:\Files\www.TrueConnection.org\images\FAQ.gify


ShareLink(i): www.TrueConnection.org/FAQ


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that we’ve been asked concerning Truth…





and Glossary

ShareLink(i): www.TrueConnection.org/BAG


This is our universal Bibliography and Glossary for all of our Scriptural projects; it is a general, overall definer of many of the resources and terminology that we often use in our Scriptural studies and writings. What started out as a simple Bibliography, became almost a “Bible Study” in and of itself, especially in terms of studying the over-all representation of the Bible in English. I aspire for these things to be of benefit to anyone interested in knowing over-all Truth about versions of the Bible, as well as critical resources and terms for studying it.



See “Disclaimers” (below)

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Free Discipleship Resources

Right-click the title, then select "Save Target As…" to save as a file on your computer


File Type


These are printable tracts that I have made for free use. Print/copy the exact same image on both sides of a sheet of paper, and then cut into individual tracts. (This puts different lists of Bible verses on each side). These first two are the same verses used in "Basics of Salvation" above.




This is a very short animation that I made about sin, guilt, and the atonement that was made for our sin in the fulfilled Passover. [Note: to download the animation as a file, right-click here]

Strong's Greek Dictionary:

[HTML] (~6 MB)

[PDF] (~3 MB)

Strong's Hebrew Dictionary:

[HTML] (~10 MB)

[PDF] (~5.74 MB)




This is a free (reformated) copy of Strong's “Hebrew”/ “Greek Dictionary Of the New Testament”


Strong's Greek Dictionary has 5624 words,

Strong's Hebrew Dictionary has 8674 words,

so the Hebrew dictionary is naturally going to be larger.

Online Bibles



Help us complete the most complete Bible in the English language!

PDF only

Read the Bible in Chronological Order

(with a year-based reading check-off plan)

Have you ever wanted to read the Bible in the actual order of the events? Have you ever wondered what you might be missing by not linking the intertwining events between each book of the Bible?

Now is your chance to get some serious chronological understanding of the Bible as well as to realize countless vital links between many books that are almost always missed when reading them out of their chronological sequence.


* Though these studies are Free, they may cost you your life (Mat 10:38; Mk 8:35; 6:18, 17, 27)

* Please email me with any corrections to mistakes you find in these documents. I know that I need help avoiding errors, especially when it comes to spelling.

Also Compare: Copyright Info (below)

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Site Mission Statement

My name is Josiahs Scott, and TrueConnection.org is devoted to what God has entrusted to me to proclaim. The main way this is done is by providing Free Bible Studies that reveal the (often-unpopular) Truth of God. There are also other resources available throughout this site, (such as Free MP3 Sermons) and I hope you will have time to view them as well. I am entirely excited about what God has shown me, and I hope these things will bless and change you as well…because remaining the same is NOT an option.

- Josiahs Scott

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General Info. about TrueConnection.org

Copyrighted for FREE Distribution

No derivative works are permitted without written permission.

All graphics, animations, writings, and other media found on trueconnection.org are original works of Josiahs Scott, and are copyrighted (© Josiahs Scott 2005-2013) exclusively for the free distribution of God's Truth (unless indicated otherwise).

This means that you are encouraged to freely copy and distribute the unaltered, complete writings, animations, MP3s, and PDFs on this sight as long as you don't make money off of them, and you don't make derivative works out of them, and you are spreading the Truth of Bible obedience as proclaimed on this site. For quotations please include any applicable title, and this site: www.TrueConnection.org.

Mailing Lists
You can upon request:

* Obtain many other (free) Bible studies,

* Be updated about newly added Bible studies (via email) by emailing you request.

E-mail goes a long way and is deeply appreciated: Josiahs@trueconnection.org

Origin of These Bible Studies

At the beginning of this century, the first of these Bible Studies originated from teaching High School, “youth” age kids, and then progressed to meet the need of discipling college students as new disciples were made, and then eventually, various other kinds of adult groups were incorporated into this proclamation as well.

In general, most all of these Bible studies are in a continual process of revision to meet so many different needs crying out for TRUTH.

It is exciting to have a part in meeting any of these needs for those who are humble and hungry enough to seek to actually obey Jesus!




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