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To consider having me to come and pastor in your area.
I am willing to travel to anywhere in the world to proclaim Jesus’ Truth.

Pastor Considerations

Are You in Need of a Preacher/ Pastor?

At various times people have asked me about possibly coming and preaching and or pastoring in their area, and while I am not willing to join modern christianity to help promote or maintain dirty religious social organizations, I am happy to travel or move anywhere in the world where poor people are hungry for truth and training in righteousness, and wherever God may open up a door to call the modern church to true repentance. I am willing to give my life away to virtually any size group, from any and every ethnicity, with or without building and resources, for long-term or short-term, anywhere in the world, as much as God permits, as long as there are people who are humble, poor, and hungry for the truth of obeying the Scriptures. Discipling and benefiting the least of this earth is my glory in heaven, and this is the only sense in which I am currently considered a ‘pastor’, and the only sense I am willing to be considered one for anyone else.

    And while some people understandably push for a separation of church and state, I am usually pushed and separated from both of them for the sake of the true proclamation from Heaven, which is written down in the Scriptures, and hated and persecuted by nearly every church in modern christianity. No one made of flesh loves a voice that proclaims truth and demands repentance, and everyone who oversees people on behalf of God for the greatest benefit of poor people will be among the most hated among men.


If you and or a group in your area are in spiritual need, hungry for truth, and are desperate for help in these ways, please let us know!


  • Demanding that all people everywhere repent and obey all the Bible to go to heaven (see website).
  • Only willing to seriously invest in those who are poor in spirit and desperately need our help to make it to heaven.
  • Willing to travel or relocate anywhere in the world
  • Not in it for money

Ministry Resources

Statement of Faith:

Doctrinal FAQs & Bible Lists

Ministry Experiences

(Some call this a "Ministry Résumé")

My Testimony about JESUS

Occupational Resources

My (Occupational) Résumé

Josiahs' Purity Standards For Work


Additional Resources

Click here for my "Traveling Policy"
Also see the MP3 Sermons I have been privileged to preach

Basic Info

Name: Josiahs Scott

Marital Status: Married since 2015


Contact Info: Click Here


Employment: Self Employed:


"Present Pastoring"

I presently oversee a small group of persecuted disciples

Life Purpose

I am here to call the modern church to repent and obey Jesus, and I am here to disciple Jesus' Bride!

Go here to get more info about me in general


Schedule A Speaking Engagement

If you are interested in setting up a speaking engagement, please contact us.

How Far Can We Travel?

My team and I are willing to travel to anywhere in the world to proclaim Jesus’ Truth as much as God permits.


Sample Speaking Engagements

You can get an idea of what I have preached in the past by listening to previous speaking engagements on the MP3 Sermons page.

(Also, if you are looking to get more information about me as a "preacher," see the resources given above.)


Josiahs Preaching

Josiahs Scott

(352) 222-5471


I look forward to contacting you and seeing God's Kingdom come in your area.

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