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I was invited to speak to a Saturday night service which had a mix of every kind of background: rich/poor, young/old, churched/unchurched, and dedicated/undedicated.

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~ 17min


A two-day retreat for my friend's youth group which took place in my family’s cave.

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~ 25min


Wednesday, 2/21/06, to The UpRising Youth of First United Methodist Church

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~ 57min

Embrace The Revolution


I was invited to speak to a youth group in an Arabic church in New Jersey. Especially because this message went long, you can also listen to it in sections by clicking the files below.

00b_Intro_3_Examples.mp3 - "Mr. Too Quick, Mr. Too Slow, and The Rich Young Ruler."
03_The_Only_Answer_is_a_Revolution_(FIRE).mp3 - This last point begins with The FIRE of God.
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The Path of True Christianity

I was asked to speak in Oklahoma Sunday 1/6/2008 to a "Church of God" church. This message has some elements from "Embrace The Revolution," (see above) but has a focus on discipleship. The notes for this teaching are much more detailed and involved than the MP3: PDF | HTML

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~ 35min

10min Preview – Beware of the Lawless End-Times Prostitute!


This was my final exhortation to the church in Flemington NJ where I was a (missionary) youth pastor.

(This is a very, very short preview for the main teaching)

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~ 10min

"...I have not hid Your mercy and Your truth from the great congregation." (Psa 40:10 CAB)

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