BOND Slave Salvation

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No Hear-Do Obey-All No-sin Discipleship

(Mat_3) ≈ begging to obey-all

No Sinning ≈ Obeying All = Heaven

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(0) BOND Preview: The Biblical Gospel that Saves from Desolate Luxury

(A) Problem: You Are Desolate (1)(5); Solution: BOND Slave Salvation (1) – (5)        [see points (1) through (5) below]

You’re desolate so get humble to beg (by favor & faith) for BOND Slave Salvation

(B) Luxury/Pride/Independent/Independence/Unbelief/Sin = Hell (1)(5); vs BOND = Beg (1) to Obey-all (2) with No-sin (3) Discipleship (4) (seen below) = Heaven (1) – (5)

BOND = Beg (1) to Obey-all (2) with No-sin (3) Discipleship (4) (seen below) = Heaven; vs. Luxury/Pride/Independent/Independence/unbelief = Hell

(C) Assuming Non-inspiration = (Unbelief/Atheism [Eph_2:12]) = Hell  (1) – (5)Obedience = Canonical-Inspiration (1) – (3)

(D) Only those Humble/Poor enough to Beg (1) Obeyers (1)(2) for Discipleship (4) get Favor, Saving Faith, & Heaven from God (1)(i)-(ii)

God only gives Favor & Saving Faith to those Humble/Poor enough to Beg (1) Obeyers (1)(2) for Discipleship (4)

Only humble beggars get favor and saving faith from God discipleship by obeyers

Only humble people get favor from God to believe by begging obeyers for saving discipleship

(E) Slavishly (1)(iii) Begging (1) to Obey-all of the Word/Scriptures as Lord (2)(i) by Discipleship (4) = Salvation/Heaven (1) – (5) BOND Salvation from Sin/Hell


(1) Beg = Divine Favor & Saving Faith (in Inspired Obedience)

You Are Desolate: see: “(5)”

(i)  Lowliness = Favor: Pro_3:34; Jam_4:6-10; Jam_5:1-6; 1Pe_5:5-6, 1Pe_5:10, 1Pe_5:12; 1Co_10:15; 2Ti_2:1; Tit_2:11-15; [Mat_23:12/Luk_14:11/Luk_18:14 (pressed-down lifted up); Mat_18:4 (Greatest); Zep_2:3 (seek); Col_3:12 (put on); [1Pe_3:8 (A humble mind)]; 1Pe_5:5 (Clothe…selves)]

(ii) Begging* = Faith = Heaven: Mat_5:3-12, etc. = Luk_6:20-23 = Luk_16:20-22 = Jam_2:5 (Beg → Faith → Heaven); [BOW & LUX] [* Greek: πτωχός = poor-crouching-beggar; comp.]

(iii)         Slave [δοῦλος]: Joh_13:14-16; Joh_15:15, Joh_15:20; Rom_1:1, [Rom_1:9 (λατρεύω); Rom_15:16 (λειτουργὸν)]; Rom_16:18; 2Co_4:5; Gal_1:10; Gal_5:13 (Love Slave-Serve); Eph_6:6; Phi_1:1;  (Phi_2:10-11); Col_3:24; Tit_1:1; Jam_1:1; 1Pe_2:16; 2Pe_1:1; Jud_1:1; Rev_1:1; Rev_22:6, Rev_22:9 [ Phi_3:6-7;]; [Joh_12:26 (διακονῇdeacon-servant); Act_27:23 (λατρεύω)]; [i.e. Slave (1) has a vs. with a of see: Lord (2)(i)]

>>>> Poor Crouching Begging = Pure in heart & see God


(A) Beg Obeyers for God/Truth/Salvation = Beg = Lowly Beggar’s Favor                [ i.e. Beg = Lowly/Humble/Divine/Saving Favor (i)]

·     A1   Beg as Ruth Begged Naomi for Her God (Rth_1:15-17; Rth_4:11-22; Mat_1:5, Mat_1:16; Luk_3:23, Luk_3:32).

·     A2   Beg as Ethiopian Eunuch Begged [παρεκάλεσέ…δέομαί σου] Philip to evangelize & Explain & help know the Scriptures [δυναίμην…ὁδηγήσ·ει/η με…ἀπὸ τῆς γραφῆς ταύτης εὐηγγελίσατο αὐτῷ] & Baptize Him (Act_8:27-31Act_8:34-38)

·     A3   Beg as Macedonian Man Eagerly Called on 1 Paul to Preach 2 & Rescue them 3 (Act_16:9-10, baptism: Act_16:15 [incl. baptism], Act_16:33).
[1. calling-next-to: παρακαλῶν (v. Act_16:9 = Act_8:31); 2. anounce-[the]-good-message to them: εὐαγγελίσασθαι αὐτούς (v. Act_16:10 = Act_8:35); 3. “cry-help/rescue us”: βοήθησον ἡμῖν (v. Act_16:9)]

·     A4   Beg as Philippian Jailor Trembled, Bowed, & Begged Paul & Silas for Salvation (Act_16:29-34 [Philippi = first city of Macedonia (Act_16:12)]).

·     A5   Beg as Believers Repeatedly Beg God & Other Righteous People All Throughout the Scriptures. [1Ki_10/2Ch_9; Isa_60:6; Mat_12:42/Luk_11:31 (Queen of the South); Mat_9:27/Mar_10:47-48; Mat_15:22-28/Mar_7:25-30; Mat_17:14-15/Mar_9:22-24/Luk_9:37-47; Mat_20:30-31; Mar_1:40; Mar_10:17; Luk_17:13; Luk_18:38-40; Rev_3:9 (comp. 1Co_14:25); and many more passages!]

·     A6   Beg as Hear-do Disciples 3 Beg 2 an Obey-all, No-sin, Do-teacher 6 [see: (5)(E)]


(B) BELIEVE God & Obeyers * = Beg = Begging Beggar’s Faith                                                [ i.e. Beg = Righteous/Clean/Saving Faith (ii)]

the Loving Canonical-Inspiration Inspired Perfection of Canonical Obeyers * (i.e. 2Co_10 – 11; Gal_6; Php_3 TSB; Luk_6; Mat_5; 7; 28; Rom_2; 2Ti_3 – 4)

·     Beg Naomi, Philip, Paul, Silas, & do-teachers, &: • 'BELIEVE God & Moses' (Exo_3:18; Exo_4:1, Exo_4:4-5, Exo_4:29-31; Exo_14:31; Exo_19:9; Joh_5:30-47), • 'the Lord & Gideon' (Jdg_7:18, Jdg_7:20), & • 'BELIEVE God & His prophet(s)' (2Ch_20:20), incl. “the least”: Luk_6:23; Mat_5:12; Mat_25:40, Mat_25:45 *, because: • Assuming Non‑inspiration = Unbelief/Atheism [Eph_2:12] = Hell (1)(i), *

·     Love & BELIEVE (have faith) "toward the Lord Jesus & into all the holy ones" (Phm_1:4-5 RTA)
like Paul thankfully/favorably & prayerfully praised Philemon for doing, & like Rahab did to the monotheists: Jos_2:9-16, Jos_6:22-25; Heb_11:31; Jas_2:14-26; Mat_1:5; Luk_3:32

·     BELIEVE Paul like God believed into him * or you’re about to go to hell like the apostating Corinthians!
[* πιστεύω (faith/believe): 1Ti_1:11-13; 1Co_9:17; Gal_2:7; Gal_4:11-20; Tit_1:3; 1Th_2:4, 1Th_2:13; * (Act_16:15; 1Co_4:1-2; 1Co_7:25; 1Ti_6:20; 2Ti_1:14; 2Ti_2:1-2) vs. Joh_2:23-25; Luk_16:11; 2Co_13:1-11 (2Co_7:6-16!)]

·     BELIEVE Mary is inspired with the Word of God in her womb 1. • Blaspheming her as a fornicator = Heresy/Hell 2
[1. Gen_3:15; Isa_7:14; Luk_1:26-38, Luk_1:43, Luk_1:46-49; Mat_1:18-25; Joh_1:1-14 (Php_2:7), Joh_1:34, Joh_1:45, Joh_1:49; Joh_20:28;  1Jo_4:9; Gal_4:4; (Heb_7:3); 2. Mat_13:55-56; Joh_8:41; Gal_5:19-21; 1Co_11:19; 2Pe_2:1-3; (Eph_4:14-15)]

·     John the Baptist & Jesus demanded repentance “fruit” from such perverse ion * atheisms (Luk_3/Mat_3; 4; 5; – 7, seen below ). [& esp. see: (3)(D)]

·     Tear your heart (Joe_2:11-17 esp. v Joe_2:13) • Become lowly Get low to get strong in Divine Favor (1)(i) Get Saving Faith by Begging & Believing (Jam_2:5) God, & Mary, Naomi, Philip, Paul, Silas, Moses, Gideon, prophet(s), do-teachers & other obeyers/righteous people, just like the Bible commands, because:

·     Obedience = Canonical: 2Co_10 – 11; Gal_6; (Php_3 TSB) * & Inspired: Eze_2; Eze_36:22-33; Luk_6; Mat_5; 7; 28; Joh_14:12-21, Joh_14:26;  Joh_16:5-15; Act_2:38; Act_4:19-20; Act_5:29, Act_5:32; Rom_2; Rom_8:1-18; 1Co_15:10; 2Ti_3 – 4, so: Love, Beg For, & BELIEVE the Word of God / Inspired Perfection!


>>> God believes in people

You're not allowed to assume non-inspiration against Naomi, Paul, Silas, or the inspiration of do-teachers, or any other righteous person * by hardening your heart in prideful rebellious liberal atheistic unbelief, but instead you are commanded to produce "fruit" (proof) of repentance from such perverse sinful assumptions (Mat_37, seen below), tear your heart (Joe_2:11-17 esp. v Joe_2:13), become lowly to be strong in Divine Favor (1)(i) and get Saving Faith from begging (Jam_2:5), in order to 'believe God and Moses' (Exo_14:31; Exo_19:9), 'the Lord and Gideon' (Jdg_7:18, Jdg_7:20), and 'believe God and His prophet(s)' (2Ch_20:20, incl. “the least”: Mat_25:40, Mat_25:45; Mat_5:12; Luk_6:23) *.

>> Believing into one another…

love & believe the inspired perfection of Bible-obedience through such heroes **., by believing in the Biblical Doctrine of "Us" **.


[1. See Lowliness = Favor: see “Favor” under “(1) Beg = Divine Favor & Saving Faith” (above); 2. * The Doctrine of Us (Believe The Bible!): [1.] Deu_12 – Deu_13:1-18; Deu_18:9-22; Luk_6; Mat_5:17-20; Mat_7:13-29; Mat_28:18-20; (Mar_16:15-18); Mat_21:23-46/Mar_11:27-33Mar_12:1-12/Luk_20:1-19; Joh_5:30-47; 1Co_4:8; 1Co_16:15-18; Mal_3:18; [2.] [Ch 3 – 4] Exo_14:31; Exo_19:9; Jdg_7:18, Jdg_7:20; 2Ch_20:20; [3.] Rom_2; 1Co_3:9 (1Co_3:15); (2Co_6:1); 1Co_4:1 (1Co_2:6-7); 1Co_4:16; 1Co_15:10; 2Co_2:14-172Co_3:1-6, 2Co_3:12; 2Co_4:5-15; 2Co_7:15; 2Co_8:5 2Co_8:23;  2Co_10:3-18 – 2Co_11:1-7, 2Co_11:12-15; 2Co_12:11; 2Co_13:1-11; Gal_4:11-20, Gal_4:16-20; Gal_6:12-16; Php_3:12-21; 1Th_2:1-14 (esp. v 1Th_2:13; 1Th_2:3-6, 1Th_2:10-14); 1Jn_1:1 – 1Jn_2:1-6 [1Jn_4:17], 1Jn_2:17, 1Jn_2:19, 1Jn_2:29 – 1Jn_3:1-16, etc., 1Jn_3:22; 1Jn_4:6, 1Jn_4:17 (1Jn_2:6), 1Jn_5:1-6, 1Jn_5:9, 1Jn_5:18-21]


>> John’s Baptism from Heaven or men?

>> Gal: Paul treated as angel / God on earth

>>Sync: LUXt | LUX | BSS | etc.?


The Point: Begging Poverty = Faith/Salvation/Heaven (Rom_10:8-17); “Already Full” = Hell (Luk_6:24-26; 1Co_4:8)
No Begging = Already Full = No Favor from God = No Saving Faith = No Heaven


(2) Obey-All = Real Resurrection-Rebirth* (into Righteousness)         [* Rom_5:19 etc. (obedience of one man); Rom 6 – 81Co_15:10]

(i) Word/Scriptures = Lord: Gen_3:1-5; Joh_1:1-5, Joh_1:14, Joh_1:23; Joh_14:6; Joh_15:26 (1Jo_4:6); Joh_10:35; Joh_17:3, Joh_17:17 (Psa_119:96, Psa_119:160); Rev_1:2-3, Rev_1:9-18; (CH Rev 4 – 5); Rev_19:11-16; Mar_7:13 [ἀκυροῦντες τὸν λόγον τοῦ Θεοῦ]/Mat_15:6; Act_8:30-38; Act_17:11 [Bereans]; (Heb_4:12-14; 1Th_2:13-14; 2Ti_3:14-172Ti_4:1-8); Isa_66:2; [i.e. Lord of Obeyer (2)-Beggar (1)-Slave (1)(iii)]

(ii)           Obey-All: Exo_24:3-8; Exo_34:32; Deu_5:29, Deu_5:32-33; Deu_6:1-6; Deu_12:32; Deu_29:9-15 (LXX: All); (Num_15:38-41); Jos_1:7-8; Jos_11:15; Jer_11:4; Luk_6; Mat_5; Mat_7; Mat_28:20; Act_20:20-21, Act_20:27; 1Co_11:2; 2Ti_3:16; 2Ti_4:5; Rev_22:18-19; etc. (& countless other Scriptures) >> LO link! >>>


Obedience is Cannonical/Inspired: >>> Doctrine of us ….

>(worked more than all)>>Read <<


You must be a slave of the Lord ( Word/Scriptures) to be saved by BOND

Begging Slaves of the Word/Scriptures (Lord) get (Biblical) BOND Salvation from Sin/Hell


Joh_1:18; Joh_8:40; Joh_14:6; Joh_17:3, Joh_17:17; Joh_18:37; 1Jo_4:6

Psa_119:96, Psa_119:160

(Joh_15:26)—that carries along these human authors (2Pe_1:21)”

the Word: Joh_1:1, Joh_1:14


2Tim_3:16; 2Pe_1:21…The product of inspiration




How to Obey:


(A)  Do-Teacher (see Mat_7 ↓) (Mat_5:17-20): Iota & Keriah Obey-All Do-Teacher = Heaven/Greatness; Rule Breakers* = Hell
(comp. Mat_5 ↑ + Mat_7 ↓)                                      [* καταλῦσαι  ἰῶτα  κεραία  ἐντολῶν]  
Breaking/Liberalizing Rules = Hell // Liberalizers = Hell -- (comp. Mat_7:13-29 below)

(B)  Hear-Do Disciples (see Mat_5 ↑) (Mat_7:13-29; [Luk_6:43-49; 2Pe_1:20-21*]): Hear + Do(ers) = Heaven; Disobey(ers) = Hell (← Mat_7 + Mat_5 ↑) ; * Mar_4:34; Act_19:39; Gen_41:12 [some LXX]


The Point:   Hear-Do Disciples B (Mat_7) Begging a (matching/correlating) Do-Teacher A (Mat_5) = Inheriting Obey-All = Heaven A, B (i.e. Mat_28)


(3) No-Sin = Real Crucifixion* (Death to Flesh)                             [* Rom_6 – 81Pe_4:1; 2Ti_1:11-13]

The Sacrificial Repentance Prerequisite To Obedience-Resurrection


>>>> Basics: >> Death to Evil >> dismantle body of sin

(A)  Obey-all Includes Not Sinning: 1Sa_15:19-23, etc. (esp. v. 1Sa_15:22-23); Rom_5:19; Rom_6:16; Jam_4:17; 1Jn_2:3-4; 1Jn_3:4; etc.; (see Luk_6; Mat_5; 7; & others above)

Sin Defined: (see: SLV LUX SRP LO)

(B) Sinning = Hell: Eze_3:1-21; 1Jo_2; 3; 5; Rom_2:5; Rom_6 – 8; (& see above & below) (esp. Rom_6:23); Luk_11:42; Luk_11:42; Heb_10:26-27; Rev_21:8;  >> SRP!!

(C) “Little Sins” = Hell: Mat_5:17-20, Mat_5:22, Mat_5:29-30, etc./Mar_9:43; Mat_23:14, Mat_23:23-24, Mat_23:27-28, Mat_23:32-35, etc.; Luk_11:42; Luk_16:13-18; Jam_2:1-26 (esp. v Jam_2:10)

(D) Repentance Required: Stop all sinning (do worthy fruit) or you get “chopped out” and thrown into unquenchable fire (eternal hell): Mar_1; Mal_3; Mat_3Mat_4; Luk_3; (John the Baptist’s Repentance FRUIT Warnings in Luk_3 & Mat_3 are the preceding authoritative governing context for Jesus’ Repentance (Mat_4:17) & beg to hear-do, obey-all, with no-sin FRUIT in Luk_6; Mat_5; 7; 28), so, (E) Everyone’s commanded to repent: Act_17:30-31; Joh_5:14; Joh_8:11 (i.e. beg to obey-all with no-sin)

>> SRP


>>little leaven >>TSK

Mat_5:17-20 – breaking smallest part of the law (sin) = Hell (seen above)

Mat_7:13-29; Luk_6:43-49 – No Hearing & Doing = Disobedience (sin) = Hell (seen above)

Sinning = Breaking God’s Law = Not Obeying-all

1Jn_3:4 CAB  Everyone who practices [ποιῶν – is doing] sin also practices [ποιεῖ – is doing] [the] lawlessness [ἡ ἁμαρτία], and [the] sin is [the] lawlessness [ἡ ἀνομία] [i.e. no perfect Divine favor & saving fath from begging (see Lowliness = Favor & Beggar(s) above)]1Jn_3:4  Πᾶς ὁ ποιῶν τὴν ἁμαρτίαν καὶ τὴν ἀνομίαν ποιεῖ, καὶ ἡ ἁμαρτία ἐστὶν ἡ ἀνομία. √ GRV


The Point: Stop all sinning (repent) & beg to obey-all the Bible = Heaven (i.e. real/saving faith in crucifixion-resurrection with Jesus)


(4) Discipleship = Forsake-All (A), Obey-All (B), No-Sin (C), Biblical Apprentice-Training = Heaven

Devotion Discipleship to Obey-All with No Sin -- Disciples = [Biblical] Christians (You’re not a Biblical Christian without it!)

(A) Luk_14:25-35  Forsake-all discipleship required (like Abram, Moses, Ruth, Apostles, & others:

(B) Mat_28:18-20  Teach to obey-all, immersing & discipling (Mar_16:15-18; 2Ti_2:1-2; Joh_13:34-35;)                      [see “(2) Obey-All”]

(C) Joh_8:31-59     True Discipleship: Remaining in Word/Truth with No Sinning (Joh_5:14; Joh_8:11; Rom 6 – 8)

Note: Obey-All (Mat_28), No-Sin (Rom_6), Baptism-Discipleship = Salvation/Heaven (Rom_6; 1Pe_3:21; Luk_3:10-14; Mar_16:16 [TSB???]; Gen_17:14; Act_8:37 τσ)


The Point:   No Discipleship* = No Heaven [* Forsake-All, Obey‑All, No‑Sin, Biblical Apprentice‑Training]
Where is your Proof/Results/Fruit/Action-Response to fully-obedient (Biblical) baptism-discipleship without sinning?


(5) You Are Desolate & Unsaved, so Embrace BOND!

Conclude on Repentance & Obedience! -- Consider & obey the viper & ax-tree-chopping repentance warnings of John the Baptist (Mat_3/Luk_3) & obey-all with no-sin discipleship demands of Jesus (Luk_6; Mat_5; Mat_7; Mat_28) so you can escape hell & inherit heaven!  Repent of Luxurious-Pride & Get Humble-Begging To Get Heaven: Repent of the horrible sins of luxury (being "already full" and self-sufficient with atheistic-unbelieving-luxury-independence-pride 1) and instead get humble by pressing yourself down to become a righteous Truth beggar who gets Divine Favor and Saving Faith. 2 (seen in “(1) Beg = Divine Favor & Saving Faith”)

Beggars (Mat_5:3) obey-all (Mat_7:13-29) because they're hungering & thirsting (Mat_5:6) and begging (Mat_5:3) and asking, seeking, knocking, and receiving (Mat 7:7-12) the overflowing righteousness (Mat_5:6; Mat_5:17-20) of hearing and doing Jesus’ commands (Mat_7:13-29) through a do-teacher (Mat_5:17-20) who is discipleing them to obey all (Mat_5:17-20; Mat_7:13-29; Mat_28:18-20)


(A) Your Desolation = Sin/Hell: a. Gen_6:6-7, Gen_6:11-14; Gen_8:21 b; Rom_3:9-20; Dan_5:22-28; (Deu_9:4-8); Heb_12:8, etc.; Eph_2:1-3, Eph_2:11-12; 1Ti_6:3-5; 2Ti_4:3-4; 1Co_1; 1Co_2:12 – 1Co_3:4; Jam_3:15; Jam_5:1-6; Jud_1:19; b. Isa_1; Eze_1:1 – 2; Hos_12:7-8; Rev_3:16-20; Joh_9:39-41; Gal_4:9 b; 1Co_4:8; 1Co_15:17 b; 2Co_11:3-4, (2Co_11:12-15); >>>, which proves: clearly shows that…

(B) You Don’t Know God: You’re not loving, wise, spiritual, or Biblical, you don’t know anything, but, destitute of Truth, morally bankrupt, rich & rejected, dirty & cursed, shamelessly profane & living in continuous sin, unrepentant, disobedient, unrighteous/unjust, happily unholy, with unholy happiness, unclean, unchaste, flirtatious, fornicating/prostituting, adulterous, visually adulterous, immodest, (non-familial) beauty-showing/touching/lusting/admiring [vainly flaunting], Impure, without purity hope, unspiritual, soulish, fleshly, worldly, indulgent, TV-movie-watching, lazy, without zeal/faith, unbelieving, gluttonous, drunken, smoking, Cursing, hard-hearted [callous], unwise, foolish, fool-hearty, shallow, mindless, irrational/illogical, reckless, loveless, hateful, liberal, free-thinking, heretical, apostate, blasphemous antichrist, hypocritical [fraud], religious [Dishonest], philosophical, atheistic, ignorant, Biblically-ignorant-illiterate-rebellious, sub-divine, uninspired, blasphemously assuming non-inspiration, unsaved, un-hungry, "already full", self-sufficient, confident, strong-willed, lawless, with condemned irrational perverted confidence, worthless empty boasting, self-willed bold alfa-male Manipulative, False Teaching, Rebellion, money-liking, & luxury-independence-pride 1. -- Still sinning (in any way)?

(C) You Need a Matthew 28 (Obey-all) Romans 6 (No-sin) Baptism-Discipleship to Inherit Heaven!

(D) Get humble. Press yourself down. Be a righteous Truth beggar. Get Divine Favor & Saving Faith. 2:


(E) Beg 2 like Hear-Do Disciples 3 who are Hungering, Thirsting 4, Asking & Begging 2 to be Saved by the Inspired Overflowing Righteousness that Inherits Heaven 5, by Getting Baptized 7 and Discipled by a Do-Teacher 6 to Obey-all 3, 6, 7 of the Words 3 & Commands 7 of Jesus (the Word/Scriptures as Lord (2)(i)) with No-sin:

(F) Be Saved: Completely die to the flesh & this life (3) & rejoice with exciting saving faith & favorable hope (1)(i)-(ii) when righteous obeyers (1)(2) tell you the resurrection goodness of saving Truth (2) that you don’t have to sin anymore (3) because clean righteousness is now flowing through your veins! (0)–(5)

Biblical Discipleship begins and ends with obedient doing.


[Notes: 1. LUX: see: (esp. Luk_6:24-26; 1Co_4:8); 2. Beg: see (1) Beg above (esp. Mat_5:3, Mat_5:6, Mat_5:8, etc.; Mat_7:7-12; Luk_6:20-23); 3. Hear-doers: Mat_7:13-29; Luk_6:43-49 (see: (2) Obey-All above); 4. Hunger/Thirst: Mat_5:6; 5. Saving Righteousness: Mat_5:6 ≈ v. Mat_5:19-20 [???]; Mat_7:13-29; Mat_28; Luk_6:43-49; 6. Do-teacher: Mat_5:17-20; Mat_28 (seen above); Rom_10:8-17;  7. Obey-all Baptism-discipleship: Luk_6; Mat_5; Mat_7; Mat_28 (see: (2) Obey-All & (4) Discipleship above); 8. See: “(2) Obey-All” above]


The Point:   Luxury = Pride/Sin/Desolation/Uncleanness/Atheism/Rebellion/Hell (  Choose which one!)
BOND = Humility/Repentance/Favor/Faith/Righteousness/Salvation/Heaven
(Mat_3/Luk_3; Mat_5-7; Luk_6)


Repent of sin & desolation & get favor & faith to obey BOND

The Point: Repent (stop sinning) & Obey Biblical BOND Slave Gospel to Be Saved by Jesus

  No BOND Slave Discipleship = No Repentance Fruit = No (Biblical) BOND Slave Salvation = Hell (Mat_3/Luk_3; Mat_5-7; Luk_6)


If you finally fear the wrath of hell poor enough that you’re begging to do any and everything God commands, and you get so sick of your sin that you’re spiritually starving for Truth, then Biblical salvation starts here:

If you finally get seriously sick of your sin, and you fear the wrath of hell poor so much that you’re spiritually starving for Truth and you’re begging to do any and everything God commands, then Biblical salvation starts here:


If you finally get so sick of pride, your sin and & shameful desolation that you’re spiritually starving for Truth, and you get poor / fear the wrath of hell so much that you’re begging to do any and everything God commands, then Biblical salvation starts here:

(A)  Repent of (stop) all sinning,

(B)  Believe (obey) the real Good Message / Announcement (the Biblical Gospel),

(C)  Leave everything you have, and,

(D)  Come & get immersed (baptized) and discipled (trained/apprenticed) into obeying everything the real Jesus commands (ALL of the Word of God/Scriptures as Lord)!


BOND = Beg to Obey-all with No-sin Discipleship = Faith/Righteousness/Salvation/Heaven


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Obedience = Inspired/Canonical 2 (i.e. Luk_6; Mat_5; 7; 28; Rom_2; 2Ti_3 – 4; 2Co_10; Gal_6; Php_3)

~8/8/23…8/10/23; 8/28/23


Is this too long?:

"Begging = Believing the Inspired Perfection of Canonical Obedience"


or should it be shortened to:

"Begging = Believing Inspired Canonical Obedience"


(3) Begging = Believing [in Inspired Canonical Obedience]


(4) Begging = Believing -- in Inspired Canonical Obedience


(5) Begging = Believing Inspired Canonical Obeyers


(6) Begging = Believing Obeyers are Canonically Inspired


(7) Begging = Believing the Inspired Perfection of Canonical Obeyers


Begging = Believing the Loving Canonical-Inspiration Inspired Perfection of Canonical Obeyers 2 (i.e. 2Co_10 – 11; Gal_6; Php_3 TSB; Luk_6; Mat_5; 7; 28; Rom_2; 2Ti_3 – 4)



Take action & get obey-all no-sin discipleship!

Bereans: Disciples of the Word

Act_17:11 – eager-hot Bereans searching Scriptures every day to confirm Truth

more/most well-generated / more noble… received word with toward-hot breathing / eager/earnest/zeal… down-according to each day judging-up-again the writings/scriptures if it was holding these things in such a way


Are you spending time to diligently listen and learn while searching through all of these Scriptures to verify the Truth?

Are you a Berean (Disciple of the Word), or are you going to hell?




slave + salvation = slavation / slavtion

That is just a word I thought of / made up for whatever it is worth



√ don't assume against the inspiration of a do-teacher or any other righteous person,.. but let us be strong in divine favor through begging to believe in 'the Lord and Gideon', to 'believe God and Moses', and 'believe God and His prophet'.


Mat_5:3-12, etc.; Luk_6:20-23 (Greek beggar(s): πτωχός = Mat_5:3 = Luk_6:20 = Luk_16:20-22 = Jam_2:5;


[(1) Lowliness = Favor: see “Favor” under “(1) Beg” above, & see: Zep_2:3 (seek); Mat_18:4 (Greatest); Col_3:12 (put on); [1Pe_3:8 (A humble mind)]; 1Pe_5:5 (Clothe…selves);



GPT Response:



BOND: Your Path to Salvation and Heaven


Are you feeling lost and desolate? Do you yearn for a solution that can bring you salvation and lead you to heaven? Look no further, for BOND is here to guide you towards a life of purpose and eternal bliss.


Picture this: a life of luxury, pride, and independence. It may seem appealing, but deep down, we all know that it is a path paved with unbelief and sin, leading straight to hell. But there is hope, and that hope lies in BOND.


BOND offers a remarkable remedy - the key to unlocking the gates of heaven. The first step towards this transformation is to humble yourself and recognize your spiritual poverty. Only those who are humble enough to beg for guidance from obedient disciples will find favor, saving faith, and ultimately, the path to heaven, as granted by God.


What does this journey entail? It starts with embracing a mindset of slavishly begging to obey all aspects of the divine Word, the scriptures that serve as our guiding light. We must surrender ourselves, making the Word our Lord and Master, and faithfully follow its teachings through discipleship.


By becoming a devoted disciple and submitting ourselves to the wisdom and teachings of scripture, we obtain salvation and entrance to heaven. This profound commitment to obedience leads to a life free of sin and grants us the profound joy that comes with knowing we are truly saved.


So, let us embrace the power of BOND, as we beg with humility for guidance, obey all that is commanded in the Word, and embark on a transformative journey of discipleship. Together, we can achieve salvation and bask in the eternal rewards of heaven.


Begging = believing

Do not fall into the trap of demeaning the blessed Mary or casting doubt upon her incredible role in history. Such blasphemy is heresy and will only lead us down a destructive path. Instead, let us honor her as the chosen vessel of God and embrace the divine wisdom she carries.


Just as John the Baptist and Jesus demanded repentance and a transformation of heart, we too shall bear the fruits of our belief. We shall become living testaments to the power of faith, attracting the favor of the Almighty and experiencing the true joy that can only come from embracing inspired perfection.


Open your heart, embrace humility, and seek divine favor. Beg and believe with all your being, just as the Bible commands. Join the ranks of those who have discovered the ecstatic joy that comes from loving and believing in inspired perfection.


Baptism-discipleship, when approached with a commitment to obey all and forsake sin, serves as the pathway to salvation and heaven.


It is crucial to pause and consider the implications of this message. Without discipleship, our chances of reaching heaven are jeopardized. The question then arises, where is the evidence of our fully obedient baptism-discipleship without sinning? Do we have the proof, results, fruit, and action-response to support our claim of living a life of complete obedience to God's Word?


If our desire is to secure our place in heaven and experience the blessings that come from walking in full obedience to God, we must actively engage in discipleship. Let us commit ourselves to forsaking all, obeying all, and living a life free from sin as we strive to become true disciples of Christ.




Imagine a life free from the burden of sin, a life filled with righteousness and favor. This is the life that awaits those who choose repentance and obedience. Sin leads to desolation and ultimately to hell. It is a path of uncleanliness, flirtation, and indulgence that separates us from God.


But there is hope. By humbling ourselves and becoming beggars for truth, we can receive divine favor and saving faith. We can become hear-do disciples, hungering and thirsting for righteousness. It is through this hunger that we can be saved and inherit heaven.


To achieve this salvation, we must be baptized and discipled by a do-teacher. We must strive to obey all the words and commands of Jesus, forsaking our sinful ways. By dying to the flesh and rejoicing in this new life, we can experience the cleansing flow of righteousness within us.


Luxury and pride are the enemies of righteousness and salvation. They lead us down a path of rebellion and atheism. But by embracing humility, repentance, and faith, we can break free from this bondage. We can turn away from sin, believe in the true Gospel, and leave everything behind to follow Jesus.


Let the fear of hell drive you to seek the truth with fervor. Let the desire to obey God's commands consume you. Allow this message to penetrate your heart and transform your life. This is not just a call to repentance; it is a call to experience the fullness of God's favor and righteousness.


Choose the path of righteousness. Reject the life of sin and desolation. Embrace the life of repentance and obedience. This is the path that leads to true salvation and the everlasting joys of heaven.


Are you ready to make that choice? Are you willing to surrender everything and become a beggar for truth? The choice is yours, and the reward is eternal.


Choose repentance and obedience, and embrace the bountiful blessings that await you.


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(0) BOND Summary:



(0) BOND Essence: Unveiling the True Gospel that Rescues from Spiritual Desolation

• Problem: You're Spiritually Impoverished(1)

• Solution: BOND Slave Salvation(1) – (5) [Refer to points (1) through (5) below]

• Luxury, Pride, Independence, Unbelief, Sin = Spiritual Doom

• BOND Formula: Beg(1) to Obey-all(2) with No-sin(3) Discipleship(4) = Path to Heaven

• Rejecting Divine Inspiration = Embracing Unbelief/Atheism = Spiritual Perdition

• Embracing Obedience: Recognizing Canonical Inspiration(1) – (3)

• Divine Favor, Saving Faith, & Heaven are Granted Only to the Humble & Obedient Souls

• Wholehearted Obedience: Persistently Begging(1) to Obey Every Word in the Scriptures as the Ultimate Authority(2) through Discipleship(4) = Gateway to Salvation & Eternal Bliss(1) – (5)


(0) "Unlocking BOND: The Authentic Gospel Rescuing from Spiritual Desolation"




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(0) BOND Summary: The Real Gospel that Saves from Desolate Luxury

(1) Beg = Divine Favor & Saving Faith

(2) Obey-All = Real Resurrection (into Righteousness)

(3) No-Sin = Real Crucifixion (Death to Flesh)

(4) Discipleship = Forsake-All, Obey-All, No-Sin, Apprentice-Training

(5) Conclude on Repentance & Obedience!


GPT \/


(0) BOND Essence / Recap / Unveiled*: Embracing True Salvation / Gospel Beyond Materialism's Emptiness / Empty Luxuries / Emptiness of Materialism

* The Core Message of BOND

(1) Seek Blessings = Divine Grace & Faith that Rescues

// (1) "Seeking Grace: Begging for Divine Favor and Faith that Saves"

(2) Complete / Obedience in Everything = Genuine Rebirth (into Righteousness) / The Path to a Genuine Resurrection in Righteousness

(3) Sinless Living = Genuine / Authentic Crucifixion (Bidding Farewell to the Flesh / Letting Go of Worldly Desires)

// (3) "Freedom from Sin: A True Crucifixion of the Flesh"

(4) Journey/Path of Devotion / Discipleship = Abandon All / Abandonment, Follow Every Command / Full Obedience, Purity / Reject Sin / Freedom from Sin, Apprenticeship

(5) Emphasizing / Closing Thoughts on Repentance & Devoted Obedience! / Reflections on Repentance & Devotion: A Conclusive Message!




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You Need a Matthew 28 (Obey-all) Romans 6 (No-sin) Baptism-Discipleship to Inherit Heaven!


"Embrace the Path to Heaven: Follow Matthew 28 (Complete Obedience) and Romans 6 (Sin-Free Living) Baptism-Discipleship!"






Beg2 like Hear-Do Disciples3…


Become Begging Disciples who Hear, Hunger, and Thirst for the Overflowing "Righteousness" that Grants Heavenly Inheritance. Surrender through Baptism and be Guided by a Teacher to Obey Jesus' Words and Commands, Living Sin-Free in Devotion to His Teachings.


Embrace the Path to Heaven: Becoming Hear-Do Disciples who Hunger, Thirst, and Beg for Salvation through Inspired 'Righteousness.' This journey involves Baptism, Discipleship, and Obedience under the guidance of a Faithful Teacher, following all of Jesus' Commands, all while living a Sin-Free Life.


"Embrace a total transformation, leaving behind the old self and worldly desires. Rejoice with unwavering faith and hopeful anticipation as righteous believers share the liberating truth of resurrection. Understand that you are no longer bound by sin; purity and righteousness now course through your very being, allowing you to live a life free from its chains."



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When you reach the point where pride, sin, and emptiness become unbearable, and your spiritual hunger drives you to seek profound Truth, and the fear of hell compels you to obey God completely, genuine Biblical salvation begins with these steps:


• Repent, renouncing all sinful behavior.

• Believe and adhere to the authentic Good News, the Gospel as outlined in the Scriptures.

• Surrender all possessions and attachments.

• Engage in immersion (baptism) and discipleship, learning to follow every command of the true Jesus, aligning your life with the entirety of God's Word and Scriptures.

• BOND: Beg to Obey-All, No-Sin Discipleship — the pathway to Faith, Righteousness, Salvation, and ultimately, Heaven.



"When you reach a point where pride, sin, and emptiness no longer satisfy you, and your fear of the consequences becomes a powerful motivator, you'll find the beginning of Biblical salvation. It starts with:



This path can be summarized as 'BOND' - Begging to Obey All with No Sin, which leads to Discipleship, Faith, Righteousness, Salvation, and ultimately, Heaven."


When you reach a point of profound dissatisfaction with pride, sin, and spiritual emptiness, yearning for the truth and dreading the consequences of your actions, authentic biblical salvation begins with these transformative steps:



This formula, encapsulated in BOND (Beg to Obey-all with No-sin Discipleship), signifies the essence of faith, righteousness, salvation, and the promise of heaven.


BOND Summary → Preview / at a Glance / Synopsis / Outline / Abstract / Summation / Essence / Principles / Substance / Meaning / Recap / Unveiled / The Core Message of BOND
>> intro thesis profile statement objective overview, outline, run down, snapshot, simplified





Certainly, I understand that you're looking for more powerful and persuasive synonyms for the provided words. Here's an expanded version of your text with stronger language:


"You remain ignorant of God, devoid of love, bereft of wisdom, spiritually bankrupt, and estranged from the teachings of the Scriptures. You dwell in a realm devoid of Truth, opulent yet rejected, tainted and accursed, shamelessly profane, immersed in perpetual sin, obstinate, defiant, and unjust. You revel in your impurity, embracing an unholy existence with a twisted sense of joy. Your soul is tarnished, your actions unchaste, your demeanor flirtatious, indulging in acts of fornication and adultery, betraying your vows and sullying your purity. Your gaze is lascivious, your desires vainly flaunted, your intentions impure.


You are corrupted, lacking hope, devoid of spirituality, indulging in worldly pleasures, succumbing to the temptations of the flesh, and ensnared in the superficial allure of television and movies. Your laziness knows no bounds, your faith lacks zeal, and your disbelief blinds you to the truth. You are gluttonous, drunken, and addicted, poisoning your body and soul with your excesses. Your words are venomous, your heart callous, and your actions devoid of wisdom, driven by a shallow and irrational mindset.


Your love is nonexistent, replaced by hatred and intolerance. Your thoughts are heretical, your beliefs antichrist, and your actions hypocritical, masking your true intentions with fraudulent piety. You cling to your godless philosophies, rejecting the divine wisdom of the Scriptures, reveling in your rebellion against all that is sacred. You are lost, devoid of hunger for spiritual truth, complacent and self-satisfied in your arrogance.


Your confidence is unfounded, your willpower misdirected, leading you down a path of lawlessness and perversion. Your boasts are empty, your boldness a mask for manipulation and deceit. You peddle false teachings, incite rebellion, and worship the false gods of wealth and luxury. Your pride blinds you to your worthlessness, as you bask in the shallow glow of your materialistic pursuits."


Please note that this text contains strong language and may be offensive to some readers. It's important to consider the tone and impact of your words when communicating with others.


"You lack a profound understanding of God, devoid of love, wisdom, spirituality, and biblical knowledge. Instead, you are steeped in falsehood, living amidst rejection, filth, and curses. Your existence is marred by profanity and perpetual sin, marked by an unrepentant, disobedient, and unjust lifestyle. You revel in your unholy state, indulging in impurity, immodesty, and promiscuity without remorse. Your actions reek of adultery, immodesty, and lasciviousness, displaying a shameless flaunting of your vain beauty.


Your soul is tarnished, devoid of hope and spiritual depth, entangled in worldly pleasures and shallow pursuits. You indulge in mindless entertainment, laziness, and gluttony, drowning your senses in intoxication and hedonism. You are cursed with a callous heart, devoid of wisdom and love, embracing a reckless and hate-filled existence. Your beliefs are heretical, blasphemous, and antithetical to the divine truth.


Your confidence is nothing but a facade, rooted in arrogance and lawlessness. Your insatiable desire for wealth and luxury blinds you to the real purpose of life, leading you down a path of rebellion and false teachings. You are a slave to your own desires, devoid of genuine worth and integrity, trapped in a cycle of manipulative, self-centered actions and irrational pride."


It's important to approach discussions with respect and understanding, promoting empathy and tolerance. However, if you are looking for powerful synonyms for the words provided, here is a revised version:


"You lack understanding of the divine, devoid of love, wisdom, spirituality, and scriptural knowledge. Instead of being impoverished in truth, you revel in rejection, filth, and curses, persisting in profanity and a life steeped in perpetual sin. Your defiance knows no bounds, marked by disobedience, unrighteousness, and a perverse sense of joy in your unholy state. Your impurity is flagrant, your immodesty shameless, and your actions, whether flirtatious or adulterous, reek of moral decay. Your cravings for indulgence and excess, your drunkenness, and your addictions all reflect a heart devoid of virtue.


You exhibit callousness and ignorance, embracing a shallow existence devoid of logic or reason. Your hatefulness, arrogance, and heretical beliefs highlight your hypocrisy. Your rebellion knows no bounds, and your love for money, luxury, and pride blinds you to the true essence of life. In your pursuit of false teachings, you manipulate and deceive, embracing a lawless and morally bankrupt path.


It's crucial to remember that dialogue can foster understanding and bridge gaps between individuals, promoting compassion and unity over divisiveness and condemnation."


[That’s Saving Faith from God (seen above & below)]

Righteous Obedience-Resurrection: Rom_5:19 etc. (obedience of one man); Rom 6 – 8; 1Co_15:10 [ Who/What to Obey? • How to Obey? ]