BOND Slave Salvation

Salvation Basics

Beg, Obey-all, No-sin, Discipleship -- The Basics of Real Salvation from Sin!

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>> SRP: Saved From SIN, Not Just Consequences

>> Salvation assurance = Staying, Keeping, & Saving your Life/Soul = Hell; Romans 10 -- Establish their own righteousness


If you get poor, begging, sick of sin, and spiritually starving for Truth to finally Obey All the Bible, then the salvation starts here:

·        Repent of all sin,

·        Obey (believe) the Good Announcement (real Jesus/Gospel/Message),

·        Leave everything you have, and,

·        Come & get immersed (baptized) and discipled (trained/apprenticed) into obeying everything God says!


If you are living in sin

You are poor retched and blind

The church is clearly apostate

Why wait when the attractive glory of Obeying All The Bible is right in front of you?





BOND – Beg, Obey-all, No-sin, Discipleship. 1

Summary of BOND-Slave Salvation. 1

(B) Begging Poverty (BOND) = Humble, Saving Faith that Pleads with Obey-all Teachers & Disciples. 2

(O) & (N) Obey-all with No-sin (BOND) = REAL Crucifixion & Resurrection. 3

(D) Discipleship (BOND) = Being Trained/Apprenticed by Obey-all Teachers/Disciples. 4

The Key to BOND Slave Orthodoxy. 5

Obey-all-No-sin Examples. 5

Repent of Idolatry/Religion. 6

Sin, Salvation, & Faith Defined. 8

Sin Defined. 8

Salvation Defined. 8

Faith Defined. 9

Judaizing = Hell 9

Summary Preview of Judaizing. 9

The Bible Has Got Different Rules for Everyone. 9

Judaizing vs The Bible. 10

Purity, Modesty, Headcovering. 11

Holy Purity = Salvation from Sin. 11

Modesty or Hell – Choose! 11

No Headcovering, No Heaven. 11

Worship the Logic or Perish. 12

Prophesy or Perish. 13

Prophecy Defined. 13

Concerning New Testament Prophecy... 14

Keep All, Except Break 1 Command = Hell 14

Dead Non-Inspiration = Hell 14

Take Action: Get Baptized and Discipled! 14

Jesus Said. 15

The Bible Also Says. 15



BOND – Beg, Obey-all, No-sin, Discipleship


Escape Hell & Inherit Heaven by OBEYING the Real Jesus!

How to Escape Hell and Take Hold of Eternal Life by Following / TRULY Obeying the Real Jesus in the Bible


Summary of BOND-Slave Salvation

·        BOND = Beg to Obey-all with No-sin Discipleship:

·        (B) Beg an Obey-all Teacher/Disciple to…

·        (O) Obey-all the Bible (everything God says), with

·        (N) No-sin (stop all sin), and

·        (D) Leave Everything to Get Discipled -- (BOND)

·        These are the very basics you have to obey to inherit heaven!


(These terms are all defined and explained below.)


Nothing else matters until you can first prove with BOND who is right and who is wrong, and this clearly shows that all of modern “christianity” is evil and that you need to get discipled by a BOND disciple and/or proclaimer to be saved.


The Point: Only BOND-slaves of the real Jesus can inherit heaven.


Learn more: -- Salvation Basics


(B) Begging Poverty (BOND) = Humble, Saving Faith that Pleads with Obeyers

Obey-all Teachers & Disciples

·        Being Poor = Begging
Greek: πτωχός (from πτώσσω) -- Mat_5:3 = Luk_6:20 = Luk_16:20-22

·        Beg: Get Poor in Spirit (Begging) ASAP. – Only poor-crouching-beggars* inherit heaven
* οἱ πτωχοὶ τῷ πνεύματι -- Mat_5:3; similarly: Luk_6:20

·        God decided to only chose ·the poor beggars [τοὺς πτωχοὺς*] of this world to be rich in faith -- to be those who love & believe Him, and inherit the promised Kingdom.
* Jas_2:5 -- James is very clear about this

·        HOW & WHO to Beg to Obey the Bible & Inherit Heaven?
(A) Beg As Ruth Begged Naomi for Her God (Rth_1:15-17).
(B) Beg As Philippian Jailor Bowed & Begged Paul & Silas for Salvation (Act_16:29-34).
(C) Beg As the Sermon on the Mount Demands (Mat_5:3-12, etc.; Luk_6:20-23, etc. -- as seen above in detail).
(D) Beg as the Rest of the Bible Demands:
(E) WHO to Beg? -- Obey-all Teachers/Disciples (Naomi, Paul, Silas, etc.)!

·        Begging = Pleading with Obey-all teachers and disciples (like Ruth & the Philippian Jailor did to Naomi, Paul, & Silas, etc.) to help you be discipled into Obey-all-No-sin Salvation.

·        Biblical Begging ≈ Biblical Salvation
Everything Else = Hell

·        Imitating Biblical Begging = Required for Real Salvation from Sin

·        “Imitation” = a Biblical Command Required for Heaven:

·        Imitating Bible Heroes & Obeyers = Heaven
Heb_6:12; Heb_13:7, etc.

·        Imitating Ruth & Philippian Jailor = Bible Obedience = Heaven

·        Not Imitating Ruth’s Begging = Hell

·        Not Imitating Philippian Jailor’s Begging = Hell

·        Not Imitating = Bible-Disobedience = Hell

·        Not Imitating the Biblical Begging of Obey-all teachers and disciples = Hell

·        Bible Commands: Beg Bible Obeyers to help you inherit Heaven

·        Trying to get to god on your own = Hell

·        Pretending to “beg god” independently/autonomously without begging Obey-all Disciples right in front of you = being a liar / hypocrite / Bible disobeyer / proud sinner / selfish pervert = Hell

·        Not Begging = Pride/Independence = Luxury = Dirty sinful self-confidence from riches/abundance = Hell

·        Being “Already Full”* is a horrible, prideful, sin-crime that sends you to Hell.

·        Not Begging = “Already Full”* = Luxury = Hell
* Luk_6:24-26, etc.; 1Co_4:8, etc.

·        Begging = Being Poor [Greek: πτωχός] in Spirit = Pleading with Obey-all teachers and disciples = Inheriting the Kingdom of Heaven
Mat_5:3, Mat_5:6, Mat_5:10-12, etc., Mat_5:17-20; (Luk_6:20) Mat_7:13-29; Luk_6:43-49; Mat_28:18-20; Mar_16:15-18; (and see A-E above); etc.

·        Begging * = Humility * = “being pressed down” * ≈ Repentance from bad ≈ Faith toward good = Heaven
[* These terms are essentially/morally “equal” because they are used synonomously throughout the Bible as partly documented in: Luxury Proves You’re Condemned (]

·        You can’t get to heaven without Biblical Humility (i.e. begging/faith)

·        Only real beggars (poor in spirit) can be saved.

·        The Bible is clear: Only Truly poor people (serious Bible/disciple-beggars) can be saved, no matter how many luxurious rich people conveniently disagree with the Bible’s condemnation of their wickedness and lack of salvation.


>>> begging

Acts 16:6-10 - vision begging Paul to come to Macedonia


Poverty-Begging ≈ Saving Faith

Jam God chosen the poor to be rich in faith


Faith ≈ Attraction

When someone has perfect Bible obedience and you are desolate, evil, and enslaved to sin, the only reasonable response is faith/attraction which always includes faithful poor begging for help to obtain the Truth like they have.


You got to take poverty to the extreme and literally beg Bible Obeyers to disciple you in order to inherit heaven through a real biblical salvation from all sin.


See: LUX > Where is Your Humble Faith?


(O) & (N) Obey-all with No-sin (BOND) = REAL Crucifixion & Resurrection

·        Obey-all = Heaven

·        Obey-all = No-sinning

·        Sin = Disobedience / Breaking God’s Rules
1Jn_3:4, etc. (see Sin Defined below)

·        Disobedience = Hell

·        You have to be obeying (and/or even fulfilling) everything God says to inherit Heaven.

·        Obey All the Bible:
(A) Obey-all Basics: Mat_5:17-20; Mat_7:13-29; Mat_28:18-20; Luk_6:43-49; etc.
(esp. the Words of Jesus, the Sermon on the Mount, etc.: Mat_5:1-48, Mat_6:1-34, Mat_7:1-29; Luk_6:20-49)
(B) Obey-all NT = Stricter than OT: Deu_27:26; Heb_2:2-3; Heb_10:28-29;
(C) Lacking 1 Thing Can = Hell: Mar_10:17, Mar_10:21; Luk_18:18, Luk_18:22; Jam_2:10
>> LO: Enter the Agony refs

·        “Little Sins” = Hell: Continuing to disobey “little” commands (and teaching disobedience by example), makes you “little”/least in Hell*.
* Jesus is clear that you don’t enter Heaven if you think you can break “little” commands:
Mat_5:17-20, Mat_5:22, Mat_5:29-30, etc.; Mat_23:14, Mat_23:23-24, Mat_23:27-28, Mat_23:32-35, etc. Luk_11:42

·        True Repentance = No-sin = Completely stop living in sin.
Joh_5:14; Joh_8:11; 1John 2, 3, & 5, etc.; Romans 6 – 8, etc.
>> SinL link

·        True Faith in Crucifixion = No-sin
(see references above, esp. Romans 6 – 8, etc.)

·        Crucifixion = Obedience (i.e. No-sin)
Php_2:8; Rom_5:18-19, etc. (comp. Rom_5:6-11, etc.); Heb_5:7-8; ‘not my will but yours be done’: Mar_14:34-42 and Luk_22:40-46 (TSK (simplified): Psa_40:8, Joh_4:34, Joh_5:30, Joh_6:38-39, Joh_12:27, Joh_18:11; Heb_10:7-10); etc.

·        Serious Faith in Crucifixion = Obedience/Imitation = Taking up YOUR Cross = Imitating Jesus’ Crucifixion/Obedience (with no sin)
(see all the references above & below)

·        Obedience Agony Required: You are commanded to enter into Jesus’ Crucifixion/Obedience Agony, Including Watching in Prayer to Obey all the Bible / Not sin (Not Enter into Temptation) -- i.e. pray to obey until you don’t sin.
Mat_7:13-29; Mat_12:33-37; Luk_6:43-49 ≈ Luk_13:23-30 [ἀγωνίζεσθε]; Luk_22:44 [ἀγωνίᾳ]
(Watch & Pray: Mat_26:36; Mar_14:32; Luk_22:39, etc.)

·        Required Crucifixion: YOU dying to all Sin = Real Faith in the Crucifixion
Obey (believe in) the clean/righteous crucifixion and blood of the real, Bible-obeying Jesus enough to follow/imitate Him and die to all sin/flesh/soul-ishness/indulgence/riches of this life with Him
2Ti_2:11-12, etc.; Rom_6:1-4; Rom_8:17-18, etc.; Gal_2:19-20; Gal_5:24; Rom_8:3-4; Luk_14:25-35; Luk_9:23-25, Mat_10:38, Mat_16:24-26, Mar_8:34-37, Mar_10:21, Mar_15:21, Joh_19:17, 2Ti_3:12
(and compare all the references above)
(Perfect Truth proclaimers can help you know if/when the clean Jesus takes away all your sins with His real/clean blood).

·        Doing/Obeying ‘the Will of the Father’ A = ‘not my will but yours be done’ B = Hear & DO / Obey-all / No-sin Crucifixion Imitation/Obedience C
(see all the references above & below)
(A) see: Crucifixion = Obedience & Obedience Agony Required, esp. Mat_7:21, etc.;
& TSK: Mat_12:50, Mat_21:29-31, Mar_3:35, Luk_11:28, Joh_6:40, Joh_7:17, Rom_12:2, Eph_6:6, Col_4:12, 1Th_4:3, 1Th_5:18, Heb_13:21, 1Pe_2:15, 1Pe_4:2, 1Jn_3:21-24, Rev_22:14
(B) see: Crucifixion = Obedience -- i.e. Jesus laying down life/soul in Gethsemane (choosing crucifixion)
(C) Same references as (A), as well as Required Crucifixion (above)

·        Simply Acknowledging Crucifixion = Hell
(Jas_2:19 – Even demons believe the demons also are believing…”])

·        Obeying/Imitating/Believing Crucifixion = Heaven

·        The Real Gospel includes Crucifixion -- i.e. Obedience
(see references above & 1Co_15:1-11, etc.)
(see: Crucifixion = Obedience)

·        Disobedience = Unbelief in the Crucifixion = Not Believing the Real Gospel = Hell

·        Crucifixion includes “Forsake All”* Discipleship
* see: below…

·        Forsake All: Take up your execution-death-steak (cross), forsake/leave/renounce everything you have, incl. sin, family (to various degrees & in different ways), all your possessions, your religion/personal relationship <<LINK, and even you very own SOUL [τὴν ψυχὴν αὐτοῦ], etc. to be around Obey-all Teachers/Disciples to be discipled into Obey-all-No-sin salvation:
Luk_14:25-35, etc.; Mat_13:43-46; Mar_10:21; Luk_18:22; etc..

·        Forsake All = Crucifixion/Faith = Obey-all-No-sin = Obedience = Heaven

·        Staying in the same place, Keeping & Saving your Life/Soul = Hell
Est_4:14, Est_4:16; (Mat_7:14); Mat_10:39; Mat_16:25; (Mat_19:29); Mar_8:35; Luk_9:24; Luk_17:33; Joh_12:25; Act_20:23, Act_20:24; Rev_12:11



NOT including Judaizing


Gospel of obedience vs Gospel of sin


Gospel of obedience = vital indispensable truth required for salvation


virtually not being preached anywhere in our age

mat12 obeying Jesus's commandments/love/Atonement/obedience

obeying Jesus's obedience, that is, his crucifixion/demonstration of love, makes us remain in his love/crucifixion/obedience.


Rom_6:6-8 LSV  knowing this, that our old man was crucified with [Him], that the body of sin may be made useless, for our no longer [slave] serving sin;  7  for he who has ·died [away from (ἀποθανὼν)] has been ·set free [righteous-ified away] from [δεδικαίωται ἀπὸ; the (τῆς)] sin.  8  And if we died with Christ, we believe that we also will live with Him,

Rom_6:11-12 LSV  so also you, reckon yourselves to be dead indeed to sin, and living to God in Jesus Christ our Lord.  12  Do not let then sin reign in your mortal body, to obey it in its desires;

Rom_6:16-18 LSV  Have you not known that to whom you present yourselves servants for obedience, servants you are to him to whom you obey, whether of sin to death, or of obedience to righteousness?  17  And thanks to God, that you were servants of sin, and—were obedient from the heart to the form of teaching to which you were delivered up;  18  and having been freed [ἐλευθερωθέντες] from sin, you became servants [i.e. slaves] to righteousness.

Rom_6:20-23 LSV  for when you were servants of sin, you were free from righteousness,  21  what fruit, therefore, were you having then, in the things of which you are now ashamed? For the end of those [is] death.  22  And now, having been freed from sin, and having become servants to God, you have your fruit—to sanctification, and the end continuous life; 23  for the wages of sin [is] death, and the gift of God [is] continuous life in Christ Jesus our Lord. [i.e. you must choose between sin vs. eternal life, as seen by the word “or” in Rom_6:18 above)]


Also: Heb_9:14


(D) Discipleship (BOND) = Being Trained/Apprenticed by Obey-all Teachers/Disciples

·        Discipleship (Get Biblical Discipleship Apprentice Training):
(A) Find an Obey-all Teacher (as seen above & below),
Find a proclaimer with perfect Words of Divine Truth (someone who teaches Obeying all the Bible -- i.e. they truly represent the clean/Bible-obeying Jesus),
(B) Get a Saving Biblical Baptism: You Need a Matthew 28 (Obey-all) Romans 6 (No-sin) Baptism to Inherit Heaven.
(Get immersion/baptized in water (by an Obey-all Teacher) – washed away from all sin (Act_22:16; Rom 6; etc. >> TSK), and washed into Obeying all the Bible), and,

·        No Discipleship = No Heaven

·        Independent/autonomous/self-directed learning = Hell
Mat_28:18-20; Mar_16:15-18; Act_2:37-38; etc.

·        Discipleship = “Learning” = Being Apprenticed ≈ Imitating Obey-all Bible teachers and disciples
Imitate Bible Heroes & Obeyers = Required obedience/faith for heaven:
1Co_11:1-16; Php_4:9; 2Ti_2:1-2; 2Th_2:13-15, 2Th_3:6-7, 11-16, Jud_1:3-25; etc. Heb_6:11-12; Heb_13:7 (also: Heb_12:1, Jer_6:16, Rom_4:12, Jam_5:10-11, 1Pe_3:5-6)
(without “obey-all-the-Bible” Discipleship, there is no way you will escape hell or make it to heaven – see: Mat_28:18-20; Mar_16:15-18; Act_2:37-38; etc.).

·        No Imitation = No Discipleship = No Obedience = No Heaven = Hell

·        Discipleship requires someone to disciple you.

·        The Bible very clearly tells us WHO you need to be discipled by in order to Obey-all & inherit heaven:

·        Obey-all Teacher: The Sermon on the Mount, and the rest of the Bible in general, are very clear that you have to be a Matthew 28 disciple who is ‘hearing and doing’ (Mat_7:13-29; Luk_6:43-49; Mat_28:18-20) everything the Bible says from someone who is ‘doing and teaching’ it (Mat_5:17-20; Mat_28:18-20) in order to have the righteousness required to inherit Heaven (Mat_5:20).
(No Discipleship = No Heaven)

·        Real Gospel (Good Message): Obey/Believe in The REAL Jesus’ Death, Burial, and Resurrection:
(A) Die to all sin
(B) Get buried with Jesus into a No-sin, Obey-all Baptism
(C) Resurrect into a new, clean life i of Divine BOND (Obedience) Righteousness ii (as the Scriptures demand)
(i) Rom_6:4 (newness of life); (ii) Rom_4:25 (Righteousness); etc.
TSK Simplified (on Rom_6:4): Rom_6:19, Rom_7:6, Rom_12:1-2, Rom_13:13-14, 2Co_5:17, Gal_6:15-16, Eph_4:17, Eph_4:22-24, Eph_5:8, Phi_3:17-18, Col_1:9-12, Col_2:11-12 [etc.], Col_3:10, Col_4:1, 1Pe_4:1-2, 2Pe_1:4-9, 1Jn_2:6

·        Dump “Friends”, Get Around Disciples: Do everything you can to get away from the wrong people (those who stop you from obeying the Bible, influencing you to sin) and get around the right people (who help you Obey All the Bible).

·        Go/Travel/Move: After leaving everything in this life, go wherever needed / travel as far as it takes to hear Truth and get discipled by people who are Obeying All the Bible -- those with Perfect Words / Eternal Life / All Wisdom / All knowledge
Mat_12:42; Luk_11:31; 1Jn_2:20; Eph_1:8; Col_3:16-17; etc. << Read & TSK


BOND = Real/Biblical Gospel

The Key to BOND-Slave Orthodoxy

3/19/22; 3/25/22; 8/10/23; 8/8/23-8/10/23

·        Begging → Favor & Faith
Humble Get Divine Favor (Pro_3:34; 1Pe_5:5-6; Jam_4:6)
Begging Get Saving Faith 2 – Begging = being ‘the poor in spirit’ 1 who ‘are chosen to believe 2 and inherit heaven’ 1, 2
(1) Mat_5:3-12, etc.; Luk_6:20-23, etc. (2) Jas_2:5; -- see: (B) Poor Begging… above)

·        Obey-all/No-sin = REAL Crucifixion & Resurrection (repentance & obedience)
No-sin = The cross (death steak) to die to sin, & Obey-all = resurrection to live a new life of righteousness

·        Obey-all with No-Sin =

·        Discipleship = Matthew 28 (Obey-all) Romans 6 (No-sin) Baptism + Apprentice Training by Obey-all Teachers/Disciples (i.e. the saving works/fruit/results of faith)
(see: (D) Discipleship… above), therefore…

·        BOND = The missing vital essence of the REAL Good Announcement (Message/Gospel) that is no longer being proclaimed in our wicked age of prideful rebellion and astonishing apostasy.

·        BOND = real, original, missing, abandoned, Biblical gospel which we do desperately need restored today


The Bible is very clear: You have to be Begging Obey-all teachers and disciples so you can learn to Obey everything God says (all the Bible) with No-sin Discipleship (BOND) in order to inherit heaven.


So… Where is the Gospel in BOND?


If you didn't see the good message/announcement (gospel) in BOND then you've never heard the real Biblical gospel before!


You need to grab the free gift of God's favor by the begging-poverty that produces real faith to obediently imitate the crucifixion of dying to all sin (no-sin) (taking up your cross, following, and dying with Jesus) which has power to resurrect you to a new obey-all life of Jesus’ perfect righteousness, by fully believing, obeying, and living out the good message of Jesus by a Matthew 28 (obey-all) Romans 6 (no-sin) baptism and discipleship.


This is the Truth / Good Message of “the overflowing/all-around of the favor and of the free/gift of the righteousness [real justice]”* you must believe in & “take hold of”* to be saved.
(see: (O) & (N) Obey-all With No-sin… above)
* Rom_5:17 …οι την περισσειαν της χαριτος και της δωρεας της δικαιοσυνης λαμβανοντες εν ζωη βασιλευσουσιν δια του ενος ιησου χριστου
οιG3588T-NPM  the τηνG3588T-ASF  the περισσειανG4050N-ASF περισσεία surplusage τηςG3588T-GSF  the χαριτοςG5485N-GSF χάρις graciousness καιG2532CONJ καί and τηςG3588T-GSF  the δωρεαςG1431N-GSF δωρεά a gratuity τηςG3588T-GSF  the δικαιοσυνηςG1343N-GSF δικαιοσύνη equity λαμβανοντεςG2983V-PAP-NPM λαμβάνω while ενG1722PREP ἔν in ζωηG2222N-DSF ζωή life βασιλευσουσινG936V-FAI-3P βασιλεύω to rule διαG1223PREP διά through τουG3588T-GSM  the ενοςG1520A-GSM εἷς one ιησουG2424N-GSM Ἰησοῦς Jesus χριστουG5547N-GSM Χριστός anointed 


BOND Also Means…

B = Beg & Believe

B = Beg... & it also stands for Believe!

Beggars are Believers

the heart of the Biblical Jesus is to have pity and compassion on the poor crouching beggars, and announce to them a good message of Hope and salvation... you've got to believe in poverty to be saved, and if you grab a hold of such blessedness, then you have to believe in the good message of Hope that is directed toward you by Jesus

you need to be poor to be chosen for faith in the righteous Truth of this message:


ON = Obey-all with No-sin, ON the cross

it also stands for: Get ON the cross!

 that's the cross where you obey God to sacrifice your life by dying to sin together with Jesus, in the loving hope that you're warming zealous exciting faith has grabbed onto from being a beggar, that you will also resurrect with him to a new life of obeying all God says


D = Discipleship

& Devotion, Dedication


Poverty = Prerequisite To Faith

4/20/21; 4/19/22; 5/13/22


-- Under Construction --


Poverty = Prerequisite for Heaven (as seen in BOND)


Poverty = Begging ≈ Being pressed down (these are Biblical synonyms)


Repentance ≈ being pressed down (begging)


Repentance is a type of humility ≈ pressed down poverty


Repentance (poor begging) = a prerequisite for faith


Repent + Believe = Biblical salvation "formula"


Believe + Repent? = heretical churchianity formula


Obey-all-No-sin Examples

Samples of what it means to actually Obey All the Bible

(A) Sin Examples -- Prohibitions

·        Sin

·        Confidence / Self-confidence / Soulishness / Personality Pride / Cultural Pride / Flesh Indulgence

·        Loving strength instead of weakness (in this life)

·        Liking money [φιλαργυρία – i.e. being warmly fond of it, etc. (1Ti_6:10, etc.)]

·        Luxury / Worldliness / Fashions / Popularity

·        Interpreting the Commands of the Bible – instead of obeying them

·        Lust, Dating, & Premarital Touching
(Kissing, Holding Hands, etc.)

·        Adulterous Remarriage (i.e. whenever 1st spouse is still alive)

·        Hypocritical love – boasting about feelings instead of work and Truth* (of recognizing/receiving/loving/blessing inspired people, etc.)
1Jn_3:18-20*; Rom_12:9-11; etc. TSK: 2Sa_20:9, 2Sa_20:10, Psa_55:21, Pro_26:25, Eze_33:31, Mat_26:49, Joh_12:6, 2Co_6:6, 2Co_8:8, 1Th_2:3, 1Ti_1:5, Jam_2:15, Jam_2:16, 1Pe_1:22, 1Pe_4:8
Love in work and truth, not in word and pretense
Fake Love
sinful love
Modern Christian
Human Love (Lust)
Human "love" = lust (so repent)
...not believing what God says about Us
... not believing the glorious praise from heaven upon poor people who preach truth to you
... assuming you don't need what we have in order to inherit heaven

·        TV/Movies (exceptions: if they help obey the Bible)

·        Laziness

·        Retaliation (not turning the other cheek)

·        Swearing (making promises, etc.)

·        Idolatry/Religion (see below)

·        Liberalism

·        Feminism, Women Speaking in Assembly (1Co_14, 1Ti_2, etc.) or Teaching Men or ·usurping authority (literally: doing their own will) over a man [αὐθεντεῖν ἀνδρός (1Ti_2:12, etc.)].

·        Gluttony, Drunkenness, Smoking, etc. (called “destructive lusts” “and things like them” in the Bible)

·        The heretical ministry of the uninspired pastor / church person (see: Prophesy or Perish)

·        Assuming non-inspiration against poor/inspired people

·        Talking a Lot / Vain Words / Shame / Dirty Jokes
see: Repent of Words

·        And much more… especially…

·        The horrible religious pride of pretending you’re a christian on your way to heaven while refusing to care/believe enough to stop these sins and leave everything and become a BOND-slave like the Bible so clearly commands.


(B) Obey-all Examples -- Heaven Requirements

Unpopular Truth You Must Believe, Obey, & Practice to Inherit heaven

·        Begging / Bowing / Intentional Poverty / Weakness / Humility / Lowliness / Pressed-down-ness / Extreme Fear of God

·        Absolute Truth (no opinions allowed)

·        Perfection (Mat_5:48, etc.)

·        Prayer Addiction / “watch and pray” / “be vigilant” (pray to obey until you don't sin)

·        Turn the Other Cheek, No War

·        Absolute Modesty, Headcoverings, etc.

·        Shamefacedness (looking down in public)

·        Cutting off body parts (if needed) to avoid continuing* to sin (Mat_5:27-30, Mat_18:8-9, Mar_9:43-48; etc.)
(* Greek = continual tense)

·        Hating Family + Your Soul (Luk_14:25-35; Mat_10:34-39)

·        ForsakeAll-Imitation-Discipleship (Imitate Bible Heroes & Obeyers)

·        100% Predestination & 100% Freewill (perfect coexistence)
(not disobeying any Biblical teaching to emphasis another)

·        The Love & Hatred of God: You have to obey all the verses about God loving everyone (and dying for the sins of the whole world*) and all of the verses about God hating some people before they were even born (Rom_9, etc.) -- no disobedience / re-interpretation-excuses tolerated (such as Calvinism/Arminianism/etc.).
[* 1Jn_2:3; 1Jn_4:14; (1Jn_5:19); Joh_1:29; Joh_4:42; Joh_11:51; Joh_11:52; 2Co_5:18-21; (Rev_12:9); etc.]

·        Worship The Logic (as seen below)

·        Judging the church

·        Repent and be Baptized into non-heresy (No-sin-Obey-all) for the sending away (forgiveness) of your sins

·        etc.


Which of these Bible teachings do you not obey / believe?


Whatever your disobedience is, that is exactly why you are going to Hell!


Remember: You have to be obeying (and/or even fulfilling) everything God says in order to inherit heaven.


honor / value,

no disobeying the smallest stroke or letter of the old or new testament


Repent of Idolatry/Religion

Other date(s); 3/20/22; 3/22/22…3/25/22…4/11/22

·        Religion = Demon-Worship
Act_17:22, etc. – English: ‘very religious’/superstitious = Greek: δεισιδαιμονεστέρους = lit. very-demon-timid-(ish) / ~ very-timid/reverent-of-demons-(ish).
Act_25:19 – only sloppy polytheistic pagans confuse “religion” / demon worship with Monotheism.

·        Religion = Polytheism/Paganism/Heathenism (i.e. Demon-Worship)
(see references above)

·        Religion = Idolatry
i.e. ‘the (pagan/polytheistic) gods of the nations = Idols’:
_16:26 (MT & LXX: Idols) / Psa_96:5 (MT: Idols, LXX: demons)
1jn !

·        Religion = Idolatry = Satan/demon-worship = Sin = Hell

·        Religion = Paganism = Worldliness = Hatred of the real God of the Bible << Scip (James) \/\/

·        You are commanded to repent of all your churchy and secular Religion/Idolatry/Worldliness/Satan-worship/Demon-worship/Sin

·        Religion = Having sin in your life + claiming a personal relationship with God
(i.e. idolatry, man-made religion, imperfect dirty personal relationship with dirty deity, etc.)

·        Media Garbage: Throw away/burn/destroy all your music, your TV, video games, entertainment, football love, etc. (in almost every case):
Deu_7:25-26; Act_19:18-20, etc.
See: Woes of Worldliness

>> TSK!!!

·        No Addictions / dirty lords / Destructive Lusts* allowed: smoking, gluttony, drunkenness, coffee addiction, reckless indulgence, TV, movies, loving football, etc.:
Mat_6:24, etc.; Joh_8:34, etc.; 1Pe_2:11; Rom_7:23, Rom_8:13, Gal_5:17, Gal_5:24, *1Ti_6:9 (ἐπιθυμίας πολλὰς ἀνοήτους καὶ βλαβεράς), 1Ti_6:10, Jam_4:1

·        Repent of Apostasy: Acknowledge and repent of the complete & total apostasy of modern christianity (including radical groups)
2Th_2:1-12, 2Th_2:15, etc. >> TSK, etc.!!!

·        Get Monotheistic: Repent of all gods (idols) other than the God of No-sin-BibleObedience:
1Jn_2:4, 1Jn_2:29 – 1Jn_3:1-10…1Jn_4:5-6…1Jn_5:4, 1Jn_5:18, 1Jn_5:18-21, etc.

·        Turn from Your Dirty Religions: Repent of & renounce all worship / reverence / adoration / love for / personal relationship with your own god(s), (dirty) “jesus” (2Co_11:2-5, etc.), (autonomous/independent) personal guidance spirits (demons [δαιμόνια]) -- repent of all dirty worship which is promoted in (virtually all) churches.

·        Religion/Superstition Includes: “Grace” (unbiblical/dirty/messy/hyper Grace perversion – vs. Biblical Favor), Catholicism, Protestantism (Faith Alone, etc.), Judaizing (as seen below), Adventism (required gentile Sabbath keeping), Dispensationalism (i.e. theological Bible disobedience), OSAS (Once Saved Always Saved), Salvation Assurance (without Obey-all+No-sin), Independent/Autonomous/Personal Guidance Spirits (being “already full” without Obey-all disciples -- 1Co_4:8, etc.), and the rest of all modern christianity, etc.

·        Faith Alone = “faith without works” = Dead Hypocrisy = (unbiblical/heretical/satanic) Fairytale gospel directly opposed by the Bible:
Jas_1:21-27; Jas_2:14-26, etc.; Mat_23:3; Psa_50:16-20; 2Ti_3:5; Tit_1:16

·        Obeying Jesus’ Example = Believing Real Good Announcement (Gospel):
(A) Death -- Die (be crucified) to all sin (see No-sin & Required Crucifixion above)
(B) Burial -- by an Obey-all Teacher into a Matthew 28 (Obey-all), Romans 6 (No-sin) Baptism (also see Luk_12:50, etc.)
(C) Resurrection -- Newness of life/obedience/Discipeship (Obey-all-No-sin Lifestyle -- as seen in Romans 6-8, etc.)

·        No More Ketchup: Repent of believing in the dirty “ketchup” (fake blood) of antichrist which church people boast/brag about as though a clown died for them and McDonald’s can save them from Hell
1Co_1:17; Gal_5:11; 2Co_4:2; Mar_7:13, etc.

·        Required Crucifixion = Real Faith in Clean Blood (see Required Crucifixion above)


[* Religion is never used as a good thing / virtue in the actual Bible (as we already saw in Act_17:22, etc.), despite several heretical mistranslations of men.]


Sin, Salvation, & Faith Defined

…4/13/21 (reorganized)…


Sin Defined

Other date(s); 4/13/21; 3/20/22; 3/23/22

·        Sin = to Disobey/Break God's Rules
1Jn_3:4 – sin is the transgression of the law

·        Sinning = Continuing to sin / living in sin / having sin in your life
(1Jn_2:29-1Jn_3:1); 1Jn_3:4-10 (quoted toward the end); 1Jn_5:4, 1Jn_5:18, -- Greek is in the present/continual tence (ἁμαρτάνει, etc.); Rom 6 – 8, etc.

·        Sinning = Being a Slave of Sin
TSK [enhanced]: 1Ki_21:25 [ἐπράθη ≈ Rom_7:14]; Pro_5:22, Act_8:23, Rom_6:6, Rom_6:12, Rom_6:16, Rom_6:19, Rom_6:20, Rom_7:14 [πεπραμένος ≈ 1Ki_21:25]; Rom_7:25, Rom_8:21, Eph_2:2, Tit_3:3, 2Pe_2:19, 1Jn_3:8-10

·        Sinning = Being a Child of the Devil
1Jn_3:4-10 (quoted toward the end)

·        Sinning = Hell
Rom_6:23 – the wages of sin is death
TSK: Rom_5:12, Gen_2:17, Gen_3:19, Isa_3:11, Eze_18:4, Eze_18:20, 1Co_6:9, 1Co_6:10, Gal_3:10, Gal_6:7, Gal_6:8, Jam_1:15, Rev_21:8

·        Sinning = Disobeying = Being Satan's Child = Hell

·        Sinning + Claiming Salvation = Lying / Disobeying the Bible = Hell
1st John 1 – 3 (as referenced above); Romans 6 – 8, etc. (see: all the other references above)

·        You can’t live in sin and inherit heaven -- the Bible is clear!



The Righteous / Products/children of God Cannot go on sinning

Zep_3:13; Mat_7:18



See: all the other references above and below


Sinning people don’t know God



>> wrath on those who don’t know


Salvation Defined

4/13/21; 3/19/22


“Jesus” = [the Lord] “will save that of his people from that of their sins” (i.e. disobedience) (Mat_1:21 RTA)


Faith in Jesus =

·        believing in His name,

·        what He did,

·        those He sent,

·        the proclamation of His message (Good Announcement / Gospel), and

·        imitating his Death, Burial, and Resurrection by…
sinning no more,
Obeying all of His Words, and
being baptized into a No-sin-Obey-all Discipleship.


Salvation =

·        believing in the real Jesus

·        with serious love and zealous excitement

·        through the proclamation of those He sent

·        unto the point that the power of His Death, Burial, and Resurrection energizes your life

·        unto freedom from all sin, and,

·        mightiness to joyfully/enthusiastically obey all of His commandments


Salvation = being spiritually changed from being a bad tree with the rotten fruit of sin and disobedience into a good tree with the good fruit of obedience


Bearing Good Fruit = hearing and literally doing* everything God says without interpretation/excuses

* Mat_5:17-20; Mat_7:13-29; Luk_6:43-49; 2Pe_1:20; etc.

>> Sync: interpret refs -- or move to evidence


Faith Defined

4/13/21; 3/21/22

·        Believing ≈ Obeying
see: Mat_5:17-20; Mat_7:13-29; Mat_12:33-37; Luk_6:43-49 (esp. Luk_6:46); 1st John; James, esp. ch2, etc. and the reast of the Bible…

·        Real Faith Produces Full Obedience

·        Obeying includes Not Sinning
(esp. since Sinning = Disobeying)

·        Believing in / Obeying the Real/Biblical Jesus = Salvation through His Name

·        Partly "Believing" in Jesus might = a partially changed life (maybe sinning less. maybe reading the Bible more)

·        Partly "Believing" in Jesus = still sinning / having (some) sin in your life / breaking (at least some of) God's rules

·        Partly "Believing" in Jesus = Hell

·        Fairytale Faith = Believing you'll go to heaven while having sin in your life

·          Biblical Faith = believing what is proven to be true
Heb_11, etc.

·        Superstition = believing without a logical/rational basis

·        Fairytale Faith = Superstition = Hell

·        COMPLETELY believing / obeying Jesus = believing He will save you from ALL sin / make you obey ALL God's Rules.

·        Faith = Believing Jesus and those He sent

·        Unbiblical Fairytale Superstitious Faith = believing in a Jesus in heaven without recognizing/acknowledging/ believing those He sent on Earth


Faith Defined


Faith always has works

Faith obedience includes begging


Faith ≠ believing in God "alone"

that's unfaithfulness, not faith!


Faith in God "alone" = Bible disobedience/superstition


Flesh ball perverts are so often bragging about believing in God "alone", but the Bible says to believe in God and His prophet.


Heretics require faith in a fairy tale god, but the Bible always requires faith enough to do Justice and recognize the Truth proclaimer right in front of your face


God is always demanding that you believe him and those he has scandalized by the world and sent to preach Truth to you


Superstition = blinded faith


Faith = believing what is proven


Imitate Death, Burial, & Resurrection = Heaven

Obedient Imitation Faith Required for Heaven

Other date(s); 4/19/22; 4/22/22-4/24/22



>> Imitate begging of Ruth


Imitation Faith OR Superstitious Fairytale?

·        “Believing” without Imitation = Hell

·        “Believing” in a “Death, Burial, & Resurrection” without Imitating Them = Fairytale Faith / Perversion / Superstition / Hypocrisy / Dead Religion / Faith without Works, etc.

·        “Believing” without Imitating Jesus’ “Death, Burial, & Resurrection” = Believing in a Fairytale “Story”

·        Believing in a Fairytale “Story” = Hell

·        Fairytale “Death, Burial, & Resurrection” = Hell

·        Imitating Truth = Dying to Sin Like Jesus Died


Sinning ≠ Imitating Death

·        Jesus’ Death to Sin = Flesh/Sin Crucifixion

·        Living in Sin ≠ Jesus’ Death to Sin

·        Living in Sin ≠ Faith in Jesus’ Death to Sin

·        Living in Sin = Unbelief in Jesus’ Death to Sin

·        Committing Sin ≠ Jesus Death/Burial/etc.

·        Dead/Buried People Don’t Sin

·        Dead/Crucified Disciples Cannot Go on Sinning << 1jn


Self-Defense ≠ Voluntary Crucifixion

·        The Sermon on the Mount says to “turn the other cheek”

·        “turning the other cheek” = Letting other people crucify/kill you = Dying to sin like Jesus died (Rom_6:10) << TSK

·        Retaliation / Fighting / War / Harming Others ≠ Imitating Jesus’ Voluntary Crucifixion (Death to Sin)

·        Self-Defense* = Disobedience = Hell
[* Most “Self-Defense” -- esp. when harming others]


Resurrection = Righteousness

·        Disobeying/Neglecting some Bible Verses ≠ Resurrecting to Jesus’ New Supernatural Life of Full Obedience.

·        Not resurrecting to full obedience/righteousness means you’re still dead in sin instead of being dead to sin.

·        Imitating Jesus’ real Resurrection = Obeying Everything God says.




I long to know him


Judaizing = Hell

Other date(s); …3/19/22; 3/22/22; 4/11/22


Summary Preview of Judaizing

·        Judaizing = Trying to make Gentiles act Jewish

·        Judaizing = Counterfeit obedience / pseudo-obedience / disobedience = Hell

·        Judaizing = A religion/sin the Bible specifically commands anti-Bible heretics to repent of


The Bible Has Got Different Rules for Everyone

·        OT = Jewish Rules + a few Gentile Rules + Men + Women + Children + etc.

·        NT = Gentile Rules + a few Jewish Rules (+Men+Women+Children+etc.)

·        OT + NT = Rules for Jews + Gentiles + Men + Women + Children + etc.

·        Bible Obedience = Obey All the Bible = Heaven

·        Bible Obedience =
(A) Jews Obeying Jewish Rules +
(B) Gentiles Obeying Gentile Rules +
(C) Men Obeying Rules for Men +
(D) Women Obeying Rules for Women +
(E) Masters obeying their rules +
(F) Slaves obeying their rules +
(G) Children obeying their rules


Ironically, strangely, numerous perverts claim that there is “one law for all” (Jews and Gentiles), but this is taught nowhere in the Bible, except for Jews and proselytes (Jewish converts, NOT Gentiles). The Bible is very clear: there have always been Different Rules for Everyone, and you will go to Hell if you wickedly rebel against these clear rules and their meticulous distinctions. Claiming there is or ever has been “one law” for Jews and Gentiles will send you straight to hell for the perverted wickedness of overt Bible disobedience.

>>Scrip: /\


Judaizing vs The Bible

·        Judaizing = A heresy specifically condemned by the Bible, especially from Acts 15 onward in the NT.

·        Judaizing = Specifically condemned in Gal_2:14 by name: “᾿Ιουδαΐζειν”.

·        Judaizing = A heresy/sin that sends you to Hell

·        Judaizing = Compelling Gentiles to keep (external) Jewish Rules/Commandments/Customs/Traditions

·        Examples of modern-day Judaizers include: Sabbatarianism/Adventism, “Messianic” Gentiles, Jewish/Hebrew Roots, Sacred Names Movement, Dietary Observance, Feast Keeping, etc. (which are often mistaken for “obeying more of the Bible”)

·        Judaizing = Trying to make Gentiles act Jewish

·        Judaizing does not OBEY more of the Bible than average Christianity.

·        Judaizing DISOBEYS more of the Bible than average Christianity (somewhat like Adventism, Jehovah(less) Witnesses, Mormons, etc.)

·        Judaizing pretends to “obey more of the Bible” by getting Gentiles to obey more rules (Jewish-specific customs) that were never given to the Gentiles in the first place (under any covenant, Old or New).

·        Trying to get someone to keep rules that were never given to them is NOT Bible obedience, but Bible disobedience.

·        You don’t tell a husband to “submit to his wife” when the Bible so clearly tells wives to submit to their husbands -- a husband who submits to his wife is NOT obeying the Bible by acting like that womanly rule was given to him, but instead he will go to Hell for “submitting” to his wife and DISOBEYING the distinct leadership rules given to him (leading/protecting/correcting/saving his wife and family)

·        Pretending like he should “submit” to his wife, as though it was commanded to him when it was commanded to his wife, is disobedience and leads straight to hell.

·        Just like a “wife-submitting man” is disobeying the Bible by pretending that such a sin was commanded, so also Judaizing pretends that Jewish rules were equally commanded to Gentiles. -- both of these perversions lead straight to hell for breaking God’s law.

·        Judaizing ≈ “Cross dressing” -- it’s like men acting like women when Gentiles act like Jews. Both sins send you to Hell for your perverse hatred and despising of God’s Law.

·        Judaizing = a Lie = Hell

·        Judaizing ≠ Jews acting like Jews (think about it…)

·        Judaizing = Gentiles acting like Jews

·        Judaizing ≠ Bible Obedience / Heaven

·        Judaizing = Bible Disobedience / Hell

·        Judaizing = Illegal/Immoral “Cross-dressing”

·        “Torah” (a Hebrew Word) = the “Law” of Moses given primarily to Israel to make them exceedingly special, physically holy, and “Jewish”.

·        Circumcision = Physical conversion into being a Jew & requires Total Torah Observance.

·        Circumcision Requires Total Torah Observance (keeping all the Law of Moses for the Jews): Gal_5:2-4, etc.

·        The OT & NT commands circumcision / Total Torah Observance for all Jews throughout all time, perpetually (Gen_17:9-14, Gen_17:22-27; Act_16:3, etc.).

·        The OT & NT consistently command Jews to be Jewish and obey, fulfill, and surpass all the Torah physically and spiritually.

·        The NT commands Gentiles to stay Gentiles and fulfill and surpass all the Torah spiritually, NOT physically.

·        The OT did not command or forbid Gentiles to observe all the Torah (i.e. get circumcised). However…

·        The NT forbids Gentile Torah observance of Jewish Rules (i.e. gentile circumcision).

·        The NT strongly forbids (fleshly) Gentile circumcision / Total Torah Observance (after Jesus died to the flesh. See: Acts through Titus, etc.)

·        Gentiles are forbidden to circumcise &  Do Total Torah Observance

·        Gentiles Doing Total Torah Observance = Judaizing

·        Gentiles Keeping Jewish Rules = Judaizing

·        Making Gentiles Act Jewish = Judaizing

·        Judaizing = Disobedience = Hell

·        Gentiles acting Jewish (completely or partly) = Judaizing = Idolatrous (man-made) Religion = Bible Disobedience = Hell

·        Judaizing = one of the biggest enemies to the New Covenant specifically fought against and condemned in the Bible.

·        Judaizing was one of the biggest opponents to the New Covenant in the Bible, and it is still alive and very active today.

·        Pretending that the Bible doesn’t condemn Judaizing* = Lying = Hell


[* ᾿Ιουδαΐζειν (Gal_2:14)]


Gentile-izing = Hell

Teaching Jewish Apostasy Also = Hell

Other date(s) (4/19/22?); 4/27/22


Gentile-izing = Making Jews act/become gentiles

Jesus, James, & Paul were all very clear and consistent that Jews need to keep & surpass circumcision / total Torah observance to inherit heaven

>> m5

>> Act_

>> James: Royal Law

Jesus was very clear that you have to be fulfilling/surpassing the Torah to have the righteousness to inherit heaven

(BTW while Judeizers try to get gentiles to act Jewish, some church heretics try to get Jews to stop acting Jewish, and this is just as evil / Bible disobedience / rebellious / perverted / sinful.

Jews are to fulfill and surpass Jewish rules from the Law of Moses, incl. circumcision & total Torah observance.

if you keep suggesting that Jews should 'abandon the customs of Moses including circumcision' (total Torah observance) then you are disobeying the Bible and will go to Hell for such hateful Bible rebellion and promoting apostasy.


Remember: you have to obeying/surpassing all the Bible to inherit heaven


rules are never the problem. complaining about rules shows that you are wicked and evil, because to the righteous his commands are not burdensome


Purity, Modesty, Headcovering

Other date(s); 12/23/23


Holy Purity = Salvation from Sin

·        No Holiness, No Heaven:
Heb_12:14-17; & 1Ti_2:1-15 (ἁγιασμόν); (Heb_12:10, Isa_51:1, Luk_1:75, Rom_6:22, 2Co_6:17, 2Co_7:1, 1Th_3:13, 1Th_4:7, 1Pe_1:15, 1Pe_1:16, 2Pe_3:11, 3Jo_1:11; Mat_5:8, Eph_5:5, 1Jn_2:29 – 1Jn_3:1-3, Rev_21:24-27, Rev_22:3-4, Rev_22:11-15)

·        Holiness (ἁγιασμός) ≈ Purity (ἁγνεία) = Chastity = Biblical Purity

·        Chastity (Absolute Purity) Required: Repent of all romance/lust/indulgence/pseudo-love (visual/physical/emotional) that is outside of lawful marriage ( -- ex. 1Ti_5:1-2; 1Th_4:2-9; etc.)

·        Examples of Sexual Crimes that Earn Hell: Flirting, romantic touching, and kissing outside of marriage, divorce and remarriage (and keeping an adulterous marriage), homosexuality, masturbation, etc.

·        Repent of all Adulterous Remarriage: Repent of divorce and flee all dirty relationships with other people’s spouses and stop approving of those who practice them (Rom_1; see:


Modesty or Hell – Choose!

·        Immodesty makes you a Prostitute:
_7:10; Isa_3:16; 1Ti_2:1-15; etc.

·        Immodesty = Visual Prostitution/Fornication/Adultery (sexual crimes that earn hell)
_6:25; Pro_27:20; Mat_5:27-30, etc.; Mat_15:19; 2Pe_2:14; etc.)

·        Modesty = Put on sufficient clothes to cover and hide all of the sexual features of your body in public.

·        Extreme Modesty is required for all those who follow Jesus.

·        Headcovering: Biblical modesty includes covering a woman’s head every time she goes in public, as described in:
(A) Num_5:11 -- this shows that her head is normally covered, and,
(B) 1Co 11 -- this explains why to keep it covered, and,
(C) Song of Songs, and many other passages throughout the Bible -- all these passages show a consistent and unified proclamation of head modesty in public for women.


No Headcovering, No Heaven

(A) We already know this because the Bible already clearly says we got to Obey All the Bible to inherit heaven (as seen above… All Disobedience = Hell.)
(B) Greek “μιμητής” and “παρ(ά)” (1Co_11:1-2; 2Th_2:14-15 & surrounding end-times context!) shows that Headcoverings are part of the basic Gospel virtues proclaimed and required to avoid apostasy and inherit Heaven (as seen in Imitate Bible Heroes and Obeyers)
(C) Greek “-αισχύνει” and “ἀτιμία” (1Co_11:4-6; 1Co_11:14) indicate (in a gender context) that a sexual sin (“nakedness”) is happening when disobeying headcoverings. (Sexual Sins = Hell)
(D) Female “haircut” Prostitute Punishment = Hell (1Co_11:5-6; 1Co_10:8*; 1Co_6:9-20**)
[*πορνεύωμεν…ἐπόρνευσαν **πόρνοι οὔτε εἰδωλολάτραι οὔτε μοιχοὶ…τὸ δὲ σῶμα οὐ τῇ…ποιήσω πόρνης μέλη…ὁ κολλώμενος τῇ πόρνῃ…φεύγετε τὴν πορνείαν…ὁ δὲ πορνεύων εἰς τὸ ἴδιον σῶμα ἁμαρτάνει]
(Historically: cutting her hair socially punishes her as a prostitute or adulteress and assigns her that recognized designation within society – and this “prostitution” was already partly discussed in the previous chapters
of 1st Corinthians 10. For example: Cutting Hair = 1Co_11; Prostitution = 1Co_6 & 10, etc.)
Prostitutes go to Hell all throughout the Bible.
(E) Disobeying Creation Principles = Hell (1Co
(Disobedience = You’re not even a basic Monotheist, much less a real Biblical disciple!)
(F) Rebelling/sinning against the Headcovering Authority = Witchcraft/divination = Hell
_11:10; 1Sa_15:23 [Exo_22:18, Lev_20:6, Lev_20:27, Deu_18:10, Deu_18:11, Isa_8:19, Isa_19:3, Rev_22:15])
(G) Monotheistic Propriety Required for Salvation (1Co
_11:13 [πρέπον]; 1Ti_2:1-15 [πρέπει])
(H) Showing off “Glorious” Hair = Visual, Sexual Prostitution = Hell (1Co
Long Hair ≠ A “Covering”
Long Hair = Glory/Beauty/Attractiveness, which requires a covering -- (which is not allowed to be visually prostituted)
Lying bible versions (paraphrases) often say: “her hair is given to her for a covering”
The actual Bible says: Long hair is given to her “up-against” “a thrown-around covering” (“
ἡ κόμη ἀντὶ περιβολαίου δέδοται αὐτῇ”)
Saying, “Long Hair is the Covering” = Hell -- Disobeying what the Bible actually says (
ἀντὶ περιβολαίου)
Following reckless bible mis-translations (of apostate men) just so you can say “Long Hair is the Covering”, will send you to Hell.
(I) Disobeying/Arguing/Fighting/Disagreeing with this head covering teaching will excommunicate you (in rebellion) outside of the Called-out-Assemblies of the God (1Co
_11:16; 1Co_5 – 6; 2Co_12:20-21 – 2Co_13; as already referenced in letter (B))


If you are so wicked and evil that you are not willing to obey such a relatively easy, simple, practical Bible teaching and put a covering on your head to stop prostitution and sexual murder, it is clear and obvious to all that you do not know Jesus because of your outrageously hard heart, and are guilty with sin which is dragging your rebellious soul to hell.



Not Loving Truth = Hell (2Th_2:10, & 2Th_2:14-15 etc.)


The Bible very clearly teaches that women in monotheistic society had their heads covered in Numbers 5, and that gentile females must also keep their heads covered when praying and prophesying among the righteous in 1Corinthians 14.

we are commanded to stand in the way and ask for the old paths which are good and superior (...) so that our women might be daughters of Sarah (1st Peter 3)


Word-Discipleship = Heaven

5/4/22; 5/7/22-5/8/22…5/13/22…5/18/22

You've Got to be A Disciple of The Word to Inherit Heaven -- Word-Discipleship Required!


-- Under Construction --


·        Jesus = The Word of God (Joh_1:1, etc.)

·        Being a Disciple of Jesus = Being a Disciple of The Word

·        If you’re not a disciple of the Word, you’re not a disciple of Jesus (Jesus = The Word)

·        Not being a Word-Disciple = Not being a disciple of the real/Biblical Jesus

·        No “Word” Discipleship = Not Being Jesus’ Disciple

·        No “Word” Discipleship = No Heaven

·        You have to be a disciple of the Word to inherit Heaven

·        The Word of God = What God Says

·        The Word of God = The Written & Spoken Essence of God

·        Jesus = Written & Spoken things God Says

·        Jesus = Scripture + Prophecy (etc.)

·        Scripture ≈ the Bible

·        No Biblical/Scriptural Discipleship = No Discipleship from Jesus = No Heaven

·        Discipleship = Learning / Apprentice Training

·        If you are not an Apprentice of the Bible / Scripture / Jesus / The Word of God, you will not inherit Heaven

·        No Bible Apprenticeship = No Heaven

·        No ObeyAll Training = No Heaven

·        “The Sermon on the Mount is very clear that you have to be ‘hearing and doing’ (Mat_7:13-29, Luk_6:43-49) everything the Bible says from someone who is ‘doing and teaching’ it (Mat_5:17-20; Mat_28:18-20) in order to have the righteousness required to inherit Heaven (Mat_5:20). (No Discipleship = No Heaven)”
>> LUX > Listen!

·        No Begging to Learn as Much Obedience as Possible = No Heaven

·        No Begging = No Heaven

·        The Bereans searched the Scriptures daily
>>Scrip: /\ & TSK

·        Being a “Berean” = Biblical discipleship = Heaven

·        Constantly listening to someone like Paul and Searching to Obey All the Scriptures = Heaven

·        Complacency = Hell
>> don’t be sluggish

·        Passing up opportunities to search and obey more of the Bible = Hell

·        Already Full = Hell (1Co_4:8)

·        You have to Hunger & thirst for righteousness to inherit heaven

·        Hear + Do = Heaven

·        Not Hearing = Hell

·        Not diligently hearing someone who knows more about obeying the Bible = Hell

·        Complacency toward ObeyAll Teachers = No Word Begging/Discipleship = Hell

·        The Queen of the South will condemn you to hell at judgement if you are not begging to hear, learn, and obey All the Bible

·        Not Imitating the Queen of the Sou