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Intro. 1

Resurrection. 2

Earthquake & Angel Rolled Stone Away. 2

Women Go to the Tomb. 2

Stone Found Rolled Away. 3

Women Find No Body. 4

Womens Angel Encounter Still at the Tomb. 4

Peter & John Run to Tomb. 5

Women see Jesus. 6

Mary Magdalene sees Jesus. 6

Do Not ClingTheyheld. 6

Womens Report 7

Guards Report 7

Appearances to Disciples. 8

Road to Emmaus. 8

Disciples see Jesus (Mark, Luke, John) 10

Thomas sees Jesus (John) 11

Galilee Appearances. 12

Galilee Predicted & Appointed. 12

Fishing Meal (Sea of Tiberias/Galilee) 13

Great Commission (Galilee) 13

Appearance Summaries. 14

40 Days of Convincing Proofs (Acts 1 Luke) 14

Chosen Witnesses (Acts 10 Peter) 14

Appearance Lists (1Co 15 Paul) 15

Ascension (Judea, Bethany) 15

Wait for Power (Judea) 15

Ascension (Bethany) 16

Enthronement 17

Jesus Predicted Going Up. 17

Psalm 24. 18

Mark: Sat Down. 18

Exalted & Poured Out Spirit 18

Sit at My Right Hand. 19

Rewarded After Hurting. 19

The Supremacy of God's Son. 19

How Majestic Is Your Name. 19





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We have started compiling the Gospel accounts in chronological order, and we have especially prioritized compiling the Resurrection to the Glorification, quoting or referencing almost every known account, seamlessly compiling each account together as a flowing narrative, including Greek with textual variations, along with titles and structuring frameworks.



There are plenty of "Gospel Harmonies", or "Harmonies of the Gospel", which could potentially help readers better understand the Gospels in a more chronological order.


Many Gospel Harmonies come short in...

         Key Greek details that help explain and unify the accounts in the most morally excellent and beautiful way (and resolve conflicts introduced by English versions)

         Particular accounts like the climax of The Resurrection itself, that take a more moral awareness and mindfulness to sufficiently put together without doing damage to the integrity of the original messages of the original texts.


We have paid special attention and priority to quote every known verse on the resurrection accounts, and have taken them through the glorification after the Ascension. This is quite an accomplishment because it is quoting every account of the resurrection, including the Greek text with major Greek textual variations, and a morally excellent compiled narrative that flows from the resurrection through the Ascension and glorification.

You would be hard-pressed to find a more accurate and excellent way to experience the resurrection, in a chronologically compiled and thorough away, with its complete compilation, as has been accomplished in this work.





Resurrection Compilation



>> Feast of First Fruits


CAB and Greek


Earthquake & Angel Rolled Stone Away

Mat_28:2 And behold, a great earthquake occurred; for an angel of the Lord, having come down out of heaven, came and rolled back the stone from the door, and sat on it.

Mat_28:2 και ιδου σεισμος εγενετο μεγας αγγελος γαρ κυριου καταβας εξ ουρανου Aκαι προσελθων απεκυλισεν τον λιθον TSBαπο TSBτης TSBθυρας και εκαθητο επανω αυτου

Mat_28:3 And His appearance was like lightning, and his clothing as white as snow.

Mat_28:3 ην δε η Aειδεα TSBιδεα αυτου ως αστραπη και το ενδυμα αυτου λευκον Aως TSBωσει χιων

Mat_28:4 And the guards were shaken for fear of him, and became like dead men.

Mat_28:4 απο δε του φοβου αυτου εσεισθησαν οι τηρουντες και Aεγενηθησαν TSBεγενοντο Aως TSBωσει νεκροι


Women Go to the Tomb

Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Mary the mother of James [and Salome]


(A) Still Dark: They Went/Left/Departed

Mat_28:1 a But after the Sabbath,*

Mar_16:1 a Now when the Sabbath was past,*

Luk_24:1 a And on the first day of the week,*

Joh_20:1 a On the first day of the week Mary Magdalene went to the tomb early, while it was still dark,


[* Mat, Mar, & Luk describe an event that actually begins Fri evening, i.e. when its getting dark as seen in Gen_1, etc.; Therefore the accounts are compatible.]


(B) Bringing Spices

Mar_16:1 b Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James, and Salome bought spices, so that they might come and anoint Him.

Mar_16:1 και διαγενομενου του σαββατου μαρια η μαγδαληνη και μαρια Bη TSAη Bτου Aτου TSτου ιακωβου και σαλωμη ηγορασαν αρωματα ινα ελθουσαι αλειψωσιν αυτον

Luk_24:1 τη δε μια των σαββατων ορθρου Aβαθεως TSBβαθεος TSBηλθον επι το μνημα Aηλθον φερουσαι α ητοιμασαν αρωματα TSBκαι TSBτινες TSBσυν TSBαυταις


Seven Sources:

[Mt Mk Lk Jn] the first [day] of the week,

[ Lk ] they, and certain [others] with them,

[Mt Lk Jn] came,

[ Jn] when it was yet dark,

[Mt ] to see the sepulchre,

[ Lk ] bringing the spices which they had prepared.


(C) Who Will Roll?

Mar_16:3 And they said to one another, "Who will roll away the stone from the door of the tomb for us?"

Mar_16:3 και ελεγον προς εαυτας τις αποκυλισει ημιν τον λιθον εκ της θυρας του μνημειου


(D) Dawn: Arriving at Tomb (with Spices)

Mat_28:1 b at the dawning toward the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary came to see the tomb.

Mat_28:1 οψε δε σαββατων τη επιφωσκουση εις μιαν σαββατων ηλθεν Aμαριαμ TSBμαρια η μαγδαληνη και η αλλη μαρια θεωρησαι τον ταφον


Mar_16:2 And very early on the first day of the week, they came to the tomb when the sun had risen.

Mar_16:2 και λιαν πρωι Aτη Aμια Aτων TSBτης TSBμιας σαββατων ερχονται επι το μνημειον ανατειλαντος του ηλιου


Luk_24:1 very early in the morning they, and certain other women with them, came to the tomb bringing the spices which they had prepared.


Stone Found Rolled Away

Mar_16:4 And having looked up, they saw that the stone had been rolled awayfor it was exceedingly large.

Mar_16:4 και αναβλεψασαι θεωρουσιν οτι αποκεκυλισται ο λιθος ην γαρ μεγας σφοδρα


Luk_24:2 But they found the stone having been rolled away from the tomb.

Luk_24:2 ευρον δε τον λιθον αποκεκυλισμενον απο του μνημειου


Joh_20:1 b and [Mary Magdalene] saw that the stone had been taken away from the tomb.

Joh_20:1 τη δε μια των σαββατων μαρια η μαγδαληνη ερχεται πρωι σκοτιας ετι ουσης εις το μνημειον και βλεπει τον λιθον ηρμενον εκ του μνημειου


Women Find No Body

Mar_16:5 And entering into the tomb

Luk_24:3 And going in they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus.

Luk_24:3 TSBκαι εισελθουσαι Aδε ουχ ευρον το σωμα του κυριου ιησου

Luk_24:4 a And it happened, as they were greatly perplexed about this,


Joh_20:2 Therefore she [Mary Magdalene] ran and came to Simon Peter, and to the other disciple, whom Jesus loved, and said to them, "They have taken the Lord out of the tomb, and we do not know where they have laid Him."

Joh_20:2 τρεχει ουν και ερχεται προς σιμωνα πετρον και προς τον αλλον μαθητην ον εφιλει ο ιησους και λεγει αυτοις ηραν τον κυριον εκ του μνημειου και ουκ οιδαμεν που εθηκαν αυτον


Womens Angel Encounter Still at the Tomb

Mar_16:5 they [the other women] saw a young man sitting on the right clothed with a white robe, and they were alarmed.

Mar_16:5 και εισελθουσαι εις το μνημειον ειδον νεανισκον καθημενον εν τοις δεξιοις περιβεβλημενον στολην λευκην και εξεθαμβηθησαν

Luk_24:4 b that behold, two men stood by them in dazzling apparel.

Luk_24:4 και εγενετο εν τω Aαπορεισθαι TSBδιαπορεισθαι αυτας περι τουτου και ιδου TSδυο ανδρες BAδυο επεστησαν αυταις εν Aεσθητι TSBεσθησεσιν Aαστραπτουση TSBαστραπτουσαις

Luk_24:5 Then, as they became afraid and bowed their faces to the ground, they said to them, "Why do you seek the living among the dead?

Luk_24:5 εμφοβων δε γενομενων αυτων και κλινουσων Aτα TSBτο Aπροσωπα TSBπροσωπον εις την γην Aειπαν TSBειπον προς αυτας τι ζητειτε τον ζωντα μετα των νεκρων


Mat_28:5 But the angel answered and said to the women, "Do not be afraid, for I know that you seek Jesus who was crucified.

Mat_28:5 αποκριθεις δε ο αγγελος ειπεν ταις γυναιξιν μη φοβεισθε υμεις οιδα γαρ οτι ιησουν τον εσταυρωμενον ζητειτε

Mar_16:6 But he said to them, "Do not be alarmed. You are seeking Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified. He has arisen! He is not here! See the place where they put Him.

Mar_16:6 ο δε λεγει αυταις μη εκθαμβεισθε ιησουν ζητειτε τον ναζαρηνον τον εσταυρωμενον ηγερθη ουκ εστιν ωδε ιδε ο τοπος οπου εθηκαν αυτον

Mat_28:6 He is not here! For He is risen, just as He said. Come; see the place where the Lord was lying.

Mat_28:6 ουκ εστιν ωδε ηγερθη γαρ καθως ειπεν δευτε ιδετε τον τοπον οπου εκειτο TSBο TSBκυριος

Luk_24:6 He is not here, but is risen! Remember how He spoke to you when He was still in Galilee,

Luk_24:6 ουκ εστιν ωδε Aαλλα TSBαλλ ηγερθη μνησθητε ως ελαλησεν υμιν ετι ων εν τη γαλιλαια

Luk_24:7 saying, 'The Son of Man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men, and be crucified, and on the third day rise again.' "

Luk_24:7 λεγων TSBοτι TSBδει τον υιον του ανθρωπου Aοτι Aδει παραδοθηναι εις χειρας ανθρωπων αμαρτωλων και σταυρωθηναι και τη τριτη ημερα αναστηναι

Luk_24:8 And they remembered His words.

Luk_24:8 και εμνησθησαν των ρηματων αυτου


Mat_28:7 And go quickly and tell His disciples that He is risen from the dead, and behold, He is going before you into Galilee; there you will see Him. Behold, I have told you."

Mat_28:7 και ταχυ πορευθεισαι ειπατε τοις μαθηταις αυτου οτι ηγερθη απο των νεκρων και ιδου προαγει υμας εις την γαλιλαιαν εκει αυτον οψεσθε ιδου ειπον υμιν

Mar_16:7 But go, say to His disciples, and Peter, that He is going before you into Galilee; there you shall see Him, just as He said to you."

Mar_16:7 Aαλλα TSBαλλ υπαγετε ειπατε τοις μαθηταις αυτου και τω πετρω οτι προαγει υμας εις την γαλιλαιαν εκει αυτον οψεσθε καθως ειπεν υμιν


Mar_16:8 And going out, they fled from the tomb, but trembling and amazement held them; and they said nothing to anyone, for they were afraid.

Mar_16:8 και εξελθουσαι TSταχυ εφυγον απο του μνημειου ειχεν Aγαρ TSBδε αυτας τρομος και εκστασις και ουδενι ουδεν Aειπαν TSBειπον εφοβουντο Aγαρ παντα Aδε Aτα Aπαρηγγελμενα Aτοις Aπερι Aτον Aπετρον Aσυντομως Aεξηγγειλαν Aμετα Aδε Aταυτα Aκαι Aαυτος Aο Aιησους Aαπο Aανατολης Aκαι Aαχρι Aδυσεως Aεξαπεστειλεν Aδι Aαυτων Aτο Aιερον Aκαι Aαφθαρτον Aκηρυγμα Aτης Aαιωνιου Aσωτηριας Aαμην TSBγαρ


Peter & John Run to Tomb

Luk_24:12 But Peter rose up and ran to the tomb;

Joh_20:3 Peter therefore went out, and the other disciple, and were going to the tomb.

Joh_20:3 εξηλθεν ουν ο πετρος και ο αλλος μαθητης και ηρχοντο εις το μνημειον

Joh_20:4 And the two together were running, and the other disciple outran Peter and came to the tomb first.

Joh_20:4 ετρεχον δε οι δυο ομου και ο αλλος μαθητης προεδραμεν ταχιον του πετρου και ηλθεν πρωτος εις το μνημειον

Joh_20:5 And stooping to look in, he saw the linen strips lying there; however he did not go in.

Joh_20:5 και παρακυψας βλεπει κειμενα τα οθονια ου μεντοι εισηλθεν

Joh_20:6 Then Simon Peter came, following him, and entered into the tomb; and he saw the linen strips lying there,

Joh_20:6 ερχεται ουν Aκαι σιμων πετρος ακολουθων αυτω και εισηλθεν εις το μνημειον και θεωρει τα οθονια κειμενα

Joh_20:7 and the facecloth which had been on His head, not lying with the linen strips, but apart from them, having been rolled up in one place.

Joh_20:7 και το σουδαριον ο ην επι της κεφαλης αυτου ου μετα των οθονιων κειμενον αλλα χωρις εντετυλιγμενον εις ενα τοπον

Luk_24:12 b and stooping down, he [Peter] saw the linen strips lying by themselves;

Luk_24:12 ο δε πετρος αναστας εδραμεν επι το μνημειον και παρακυψας βλεπει τα οθονια TSBκειμενα μονα


Joh_20:8 Then the other disciple, who came to the tomb first, went in also; and he saw and believed.

Joh_20:8 τοτε ουν εισηλθεν και ο αλλος μαθητης ο ελθων πρωτος εις το μνημειον και ειδεν και επιστευσεν

Joh_20:9 For as yet they did not know the Scripture, that He must rise again from the dead.

Joh_20:9 ουδεπω γαρ ηδεισαν την γραφην οτι δει αυτον εκ νεκρων αναστηναι

Joh_20:10 Then the disciples went away again to their own homes.

Joh_20:10 απηλθον ουν παλιν προς Aαυτους TSBεαυτους οι μαθηται

Luk_24:12 c and he [Peter] departed, marveling to himself at what had happened.

και απηλθεν προς εαυτον θαυμαζων το γεγονος


Women see Jesus


Mary Magdalene sees Jesus

Joh_20:11 But Mary stood outside facing the tomb weeping. Therefore as she was weeping, she stooped down and looked into the tomb.

Joh_20:11 μαρια δε ειστηκει προς Aτω Aμνημειω TSBτο TSBμνημειον TSBκλαιουσα εξω Aκλαιουσα ως ουν εκλαιεν παρεκυψεν εις το μνημειον

Joh_20:12 And she saw two angels in white sitting, one at the head and the other at the feet, where the body of Jesus had lain.

Joh_20:12 και θεωρει δυο αγγελους εν λευκοις καθεζομενους ενα προς τη κεφαλη και ενα προς τοις ποσιν οπου εκειτο το σωμα του ιησου

Joh_20:13 Then they said to her, "Woman, why are you weeping?" She said to them, "Because they have taken away my Lord, and I do not know where they put Him."

Joh_20:13 και λεγουσιν αυτη εκεινοι γυναι τι κλαιεις λεγει αυτοις οτι ηραν τον κυριον μου και ουκ οιδα που εθηκαν αυτον

Joh_20:14 And having said these things, she turned back and saw Jesus standing there, and did not know that it was Jesus.

Joh_20:14 TSBκαι ταυτα ειπουσα εστραφη εις τα οπισω και θεωρει τον ιησουν εστωτα και ουκ ηδει οτι TSο ιησους εστιν

Joh_20:15 Jesus said to her, "Woman, why are you weeping? Whom do you seek?" She, supposing Him to be the gardener, said to Him, "Sir, if You carried Him away, tell me where You put Him, and I will take Him away."

Joh_20:15 λεγει αυτη TSBο ιησους γυναι τι κλαιεις τινα ζητεις εκεινη δοκουσα οτι ο κηπουρος εστιν λεγει αυτω κυριε ει συ εβαστασας αυτον ειπε μοι που TSαυτον εθηκας BAαυτον καγω αυτον αρω

Joh_20:16 Jesus said to her, "Mary!" She turned and said to Him, "Rabboni!" (which means, Teacher).

Joh_20:16 λεγει αυτη TSBο ιησους Aμαριαμ TSBμαρια στραφεισα εκεινη λεγει αυτω Aεβραιστι ραββουνι ο λεγεται διδασκαλε


Mar_16:9 Now having arisen early on the first day of the week, He appeared first to Mary Magdalene, from whom He had cast out seven demons.

Mar_16:9 Aαναστας TSBαναστας δε πρωι πρωτη σαββατου εφανη πρωτον μαρια τη μαγδαληνη Aπαρ TSBαφ ης εκβεβληκει επτα δαιμονια


Mat_28:8 And going TSBout quickly from the tomb with fear and great joy, they [the other women] ran to report to His disciples.

Mat_28:8 και Aαπελθουσαι TSBεξελθουσαι ταχυ απο του μνημειου μετα φοβου και χαρας μεγαλης εδραμον απαγγειλαι τοις μαθηταις αυτου

Mat_28:9 a TSB|And as they were going to report to His disciples|, that [and] behold, Jesus met them, saying, "Rejoice!"

Mat_28:9 TSBως TSBδε TSBεπορευοντο TSBαπαγγειλαι TSBτοις TSBμαθηταις TSBαυτου και ιδου TSο ιησους Aυπηντησεν TSBαπηντησεν αυταις λεγων χαιρετε


Do Not ClingTheyheld

Joh_20:17 Jesus said to her [Mary Magdalene], "Do not cling to Me [i.e. touch in a modifying way (such as hugging)], for I have not yet ascended to My Father;

Joh_20:17 λεγει αυτη TSBο ιησους μη μου απτου ουπω γαρ αναβεβηκα προς τον πατερα TSBμου πορευου δε προς τους αδελφους μου και ειπε αυτοις αναβαινω προς τον πατερα μου και πατερα υμων και θεον μου και θεον υμων

Mat_28:9 b So they came and held His feet and worshipped Him. [i.e. the safe zone]

Mat_28:9 b αι δε προσελθουσαι εκρατησαν αυτου τους ποδας και προσεκυνησαν αυτω

Joh_20:17 Jesus said to her [Mary Magdalene], but go to My brothers and say to them, 'I am ascending to My Father and your Father, and to My God and your God.' "

Mat_28:10 Then Jesus said to them, "Do not be afraid. Go, report to My brothers that they should go to Galilee, and there they will see Me."

Mat_28:10 τοτε λεγει αυταις ο ιησους μη φοβεισθε υπαγετε απαγγειλατε τοις αδελφοις μου ινα απελθωσιν εις την γαλιλαιαν Bκαι Bεκει TSAκακει με οψονται


Womens Report

Luk_24:9 And returning from the tomb, they reported all these things to the eleven and to all the rest.

Luk_24:9 και υποστρεψασαι απο του μνημειου απηγγειλαν ταυτα παντα τοις ενδεκα και πασιν τοις λοιποις

Luk_24:10 It was Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Mary the mother of James, and the rest with them, who told these things to the apostles.

Luk_24:10 ησαν δε η μαγδαληνη μαρια και ιωαννα και μαρια Aη Bη ιακωβου και αι λοιπαι συν αυταις TSBαι ελεγον προς τους αποστολους ταυτα


Mary Magdalenes Report

Joh_20:18 Mary Magdalene went reporting to the disciples that she had seen the Lord, and that He had spoken these things to her.

Joh_20:18 ερχεται Aμαριαμ TSBμαρια η μαγδαληνη Aαγγελλουσα TSBαπαγγελλουσα τοις μαθηταις οτι Aεωρακα TSBεωρακεν τον κυριον και ταυτα ειπεν αυτη

Mar_16:10 She went and reported to those who had been with Him, as they were grieving and weeping.

Mar_16:10 εκεινη πορευθεισα απηγγειλεν τοις μετ αυτου γενομενοις Aπενθουσι TSBπενθουσιν και κλαιουσιν

Mar_16:11 And those, when they heard that He was alive and had been seen by her, did not believe.

Mar_16:11 κακεινοι ακουσαντες οτι ζη και εθεαθη υπ αυτης ηπιστησαν


Luk_24:11 And their words seemed like nonsense before them, and they disbelieved them.

Luk_24:11 και εφανησαν ενωπιον αυτων ωσει ληρος τα ρηματα Aταυτα TSBαυτων και ηπιστουν αυταις


[Shorter Mark: But they reported briefly to Peter and those with him all that they had been told. And after this, Jesus himself (appeared to them and) sent out by means of them, from east to west, the sacred and imperishable proclamation of eternal salvation.]


Guards Report

Report of the Guard

Mat_28:11 Now while they were going, behold, some of the guard came into the city and reported to the chief priests everything that had happened.

Mat_28:11 πορευομενων δε αυτων ιδου τινες της κουστωδιας ελθοντες εις την πολιν απηγγειλαν τοις αρχιερευσιν απαντα τα γενομενα

Mat_28:12 When they had assembled with the elders and taking counsel, they gave sufficient silver coins to the soldiers,

Mat_28:12 και συναχθεντες μετα των πρεσβυτερων συμβουλιον τε λαβοντες αργυρια ικανα εδωκαν τοις στρατιωταις

Mat_28:13 saying, "Tell them, 'His disciples came at night and stole Him away while we were sleeping.'

Mat_28:13 λεγοντες ειπατε οτι οι μαθηται αυτου νυκτος ελθοντες εκλεψαν αυτον ημων κοιμωμενων

Mat_28:14 "And if this reaches the governor's ears, we will influence him and make you secure."

Mat_28:14 και εαν ακουσθη τουτο επι του ηγεμονος ημεις πεισομεν Aαυτον TSBαυτον και υμας αμεριμνους ποιησομεν

Mat_28:15 So they took the silver and did as they were instructed. And this saying has been widely spread among the Jews until this day.

Mat_28:15 οι δε λαβοντες τα αργυρια εποιησαν ως εδιδαχθησαν και διεφημισθη ο λογος ουτος παρα ιουδαιοις μεχρι της σημερον Aημερας


Appearances to Disciples


Road to Emmaus


(A) On the Road to Emmaus

Luk_24:13 Now behold, two of them were traveling that same day to a village called Emmaus, which was about seven miles from Jerusalem.

Luk_24:13 και ιδου δυο εξ αυτων TSBησαν TSBπορευομενοι εν αυτη τη ημερα Aησαν Aπορευομενοι εις κωμην απεχουσαν σταδιους εξηκοντα απο ιερουσαλημ η ονομα εμμαους

Luk_24:14 And they were conversing with one another about all these things which had happened.

Luk_24:14 και αυτοι ωμιλουν προς αλληλους περι παντων των συμβεβηκοτων τουτων

Luk_24:15 So it was, as they were conversing and discussing, that Jesus Himself [Mar_16:12 appeared in a different form[and]] drew near and started to travel with them.

Luk_24:15 και εγενετο εν τω ομιλειν αυτους και συζητειν και αυτος TSBο ιησους εγγισας συνεπορευετο αυτοις

Luk_24:16 But their eyes were restrained, so that they did not recognize Him.

Luk_24:16 οι δε οφθαλμοι αυτων εκρατουντο του μη επιγνωναι αυτον

Luk_24:17 And He said to them, "What are these words which you are exchanging with one another as you walk, and you have a gloomy look?"

Luk_24:17 ειπεν δε προς αυτους τινες οι λογοι ουτοι ους αντιβαλλετε προς αλληλους περιπατουντες και Aεσταθησαν TSBεστε σκυθρωποι

Luk_24:18 Then the one whose name was Cleopas answered and said to Him, "Are You the only stranger in Jerusalem, and do not know what has happened in it in these days?"

Luk_24:18 αποκριθεις δε TSBο εις Aονοματι TSBω TSBονομα κλεοπας ειπεν προς αυτον συ μονος παροικεις TSεν ιερουσαλημ και ουκ εγνως τα γενομενα εν αυτη εν ταις ημεραις ταυταις

Luk_24:19 And He said to them, "What things?" So they said to Him, "The things concerning Jesus the Nazarene, who proved to be a man who was a Prophet mighty in deed and word before God and all the people,

Luk_24:19 και ειπεν αυτοις ποια οι δε Aειπαν TSBειπον αυτω τα περι ιησου του Aναζαρηνου TSBναζωραιου ος εγενετο ανηρ προφητης δυνατος εν εργω και λογω εναντιον του θεου και παντος του λαου

Luk_24:20 and how the chief priests and our rulers handed Him over to be condemned to death, and they crucified Him.

Luk_24:20 οπως τε παρεδωκαν αυτον οι αρχιερεις και οι αρχοντες ημων εις κριμα θανατου και εσταυρωσαν αυτον

Luk_24:21 But we were hoping that it was He who was going to redeem Israel. Indeed, besides all this, today is the third day since these things happened.

Luk_24:21 ημεις δε ηλπιζομεν οτι αυτος εστιν ο μελλων λυτρουσθαι τον ισραηλ αλλα γε Aκαι συν πασιν τουτοις τριτην ταυτην ημεραν αγει TSBσημερον αφ ου ταυτα εγενετο

Luk_24:22 Moreover certain women of our group astonished us, after they arrived early at the tomb.

Luk_24:22 αλλα και γυναικες τινες εξ ημων εξεστησαν ημας γενομεναι Aορθριναι TSBορθριαι επι το μνημειον

Luk_24:23 And not finding His body, they came saying that they had also seen a vision of angels who said He was alive.

Luk_24:23 και μη ευρουσαι το σωμα αυτου ηλθον λεγουσαι και οπτασιαν αγγελων εωρακεναι οι λεγουσιν αυτον ζην

Luk_24:24 And certain of those who were with us went to the tomb, and found it just as the women had said; but Him they did not see."

Luk_24:24 και απηλθον τινες των συν ημιν επι το μνημειον και ευρον ουτως καθως και αι γυναικες ειπον αυτον δε ουκ ειδον

Luk_24:25 Then He said to them, "O you foolish, and slow of heart to believe in all that the prophets have spoken!

Luk_24:25 και αυτος ειπεν προς αυτους ω ανοητοι και βραδεις τη καρδια του πιστευειν επι πασιν οις ελαλησαν οι προφηται

Luk_24:26 Ought not the Christ to have suffered these things and to enter into His glory?"

Luk_24:26 ουχι ταυτα εδει παθειν τον χριστον και εισελθειν εις την δοξαν αυτου

Luk_24:27 And beginning at Moses and all the Prophets, He expounded to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself.

Luk_24:27 και αρξαμενος απο Aμωυσεως TSBμωσεως και απο παντων των προφητων Aδιερμηνευσεν TSBδιηρμηνευεν αυτοις εν πασαις ταις γραφαις τα περι εαυτου


(B) Eyes Opened

Luk_24:28 Then they drew near to the village where they were going, and He made as though He was going farther.

Luk_24:28 και ηγγισαν εις την κωμην ου επορευοντο και αυτος Aπροσεποιησατο TSBπροσεποιειτο Aπορρωτερον TSBπορρωτερω πορευεσθαι

Luk_24:29 But they constrained Him, saying, "Stay with us, for it is toward evening, and the day is far spent." And He went in to stay with them.

Luk_24:29 και παρεβιασαντο αυτον λεγοντες μεινον μεθ ημων οτι προς εσπεραν εστιν και κεκλικεν Aηδη η ημερα και εισηλθεν του μειναι συν αυτοις

Luk_24:30 Now it came to pass, as He was reclining to eat with them, having taken bread, He blessed and broke it, and He gave it to them.

Luk_24:30 και εγενετο εν τω κατακλιθηναι αυτον μετ αυτων λαβων τον αρτον ευλογησεν και κλασας επεδιδου αυτοις

Luk_24:31 Then their eyes were opened and they recognized Him; and He vanished from their sight.

Luk_24:31 αυτων δε διηνοιχθησαν οι οφθαλμοι και επεγνωσαν αυτον και αυτος αφαντος εγενετο απ αυτων

Luk_24:32 And they said to one another, "Was not our heart burning within us while He was speaking to us on the road, and while He was interpreting the Scriptures to us?"

Luk_24:32 και Aειπαν TSBειπον προς αλληλους ουχι η καρδια ημων καιομενη ην Aεν TSBεν Aημιν TSBημιν ως ελαλει ημιν εν τη οδω TSBκαι ως διηνοιγεν ημιν τας γραφας

Luk_24:33 So they rose up that very hour and returned to Jerusalem, and they found the eleven and those who were with them gathered together, [Thomas was not there at first (Joh_20:24)]

Luk_24:33 και ανασταντες αυτη τη ωρα υπεστρεψαν εις ιερουσαλημ και ευρον Aηθροισμενους TSBσυνηθροισμενους τους ενδεκα και τους συν αυτοις

Luk_24:34 saying, "The Lord is risen indeed, and has appeared to Simon!" [Cephas (1Co_15:5)]

Luk_24:34 λεγοντας οτι Aοντως ηγερθη ο κυριος TSBοντως και ωφθη σιμωνι

Luk_24:35 And they described the things that had happened on the road, and how He was known to them in the breaking of bread.

Luk_24:35 και αυτοι εξηγουντο τα εν τη οδω και ως εγνωσθη αυτοις εν τη κλασει του αρτου


Mar16: 2 Disciples -- Jesus Appears to Two Disciples

Mar_16:12 After that, He appeared in a different form to two of them as they were going into the country.

Mar_16:12 μετα δε ταυτα δυσιν εξ αυτων περιπατουσιν εφανερωθη εν ετερα μορφη πορευομενοις εις αγρον

Mar_16:13 And those returned and reported it to the rest; but neither did they believe them.

Mar_16:13 κακεινοι απελθοντες απηγγειλαν τοις λοιποις ουδε εκεινοις επιστευσαν


Disciples see Jesus (Mark, Luke, John)

Jesus Appears to His Disciples


Joh_20:19 a Then, the same day at evening, being the first day of the week, when the doors were shut where the disciples were assembled, for fear of the Jews,

Joh_20:19 ουσης ουν οψιας τη ημερα εκεινη τη μια TSBτων σαββατων και των θυρων κεκλεισμενων οπου ησαν οι μαθηται TSBσυνηγμενοι δια τον φοβον των ιουδαιων ηλθεν ο ιησους και εστη εις το μεσον και λεγει αυτοις ειρηνη υμιν


Luk_24:36 a Now as they said these things [i.e. from the Road to Emmaus],

Luk_24:36 ταυτα δε αυτων λαλουντων αυτος TSBο TSBιησους εστη εν μεσω αυτων και λεγει αυτοις ειρηνη υμιν


Mar_16:14 Afterwards He appeared to the eleven as they were reclining at the table;

Mar_16:14 υστερον Aδε ανακειμενοις αυτοις τοις ενδεκα εφανερωθη και ωνειδισεν την απιστιαν αυτων και σκληροκαρδιαν οτι τοις θεασαμενοις αυτον εγηγερμενον ουκ επιστευσαν


Luk_24:36 b Jesus Himself stood in the midst of them, and said to them, "Peace to you."

Luk_24:36 ταυτα δε αυτων λαλουντων αυτος TSBο TSBιησους εστη εν μεσω αυτων και λεγει αυτοις ειρηνη υμιν


Joh_20:19 Jesus came and stood in the midst, and said to them, "Peace to you."

Joh_20:19 ουσης ουν οψιας τη ημερα εκεινη τη μια TSBτων σαββατων και των θυρων κεκλεισμενων οπου ησαν οι μαθηται TSBσυνηγμενοι δια τον φοβον των ιουδαιων ηλθεν ο ιησους και εστη εις το μεσον και λεγει αυτοις ειρηνη υμιν


Luk_24:37 But being alarmed and becoming fearful, they thought they saw a spirit.

Luk_24:37 πτοηθεντες δε και εμφοβοι γενομενοι εδοκουν πνευμα θεωρειν

Luk_24:38 And He said to them, "Why are you troubled? And why do doubts arise in your hearts?

Luk_24:38 και ειπεν αυτοις τι τεταραγμενοι εστε και BAδια BAτι TSδιατι διαλογισμοι αναβαινουσιν εν Aτη TSBταις Aκαρδια TSBκαρδιαις υμων

Luk_24:39 Behold My hands and My feet, that it is I Myself. Handle Me and see, for a spirit does not have flesh and bones as you see I have."

Luk_24:39 ιδετε τας χειρας μου και τους ποδας μου οτι TSBαυτος εγω ειμι Aαυτος ψηλαφησατε με και ιδετε οτι πνευμα σαρκα και οστεα ουκ εχει καθως εμε θεωρειτε εχοντα

Luk_24:40 When He had said this, He showed them His hands and His feet.

Luk_24:40 και τουτο ειπων Aεδειξεν TSBεπεδειξεν αυτοις τας χειρας και τους ποδας

Joh_20:20 And having said this, He showed them His hands and His side. Then the disciples rejoiced when they saw the Lord.

Joh_20:20 και τουτο ειπων εδειξεν TSBαυτοις τας χειρας και την πλευραν Aαυτοις TSBαυτου εχαρησαν ουν οι μαθηται ιδοντες τον κυριον


Mar_16:14 and He rebuked their unbelief and hardness of heart, because they did not believe those who saw Him after He had been raised.

Mar_16:14 υστερον Aδε ανακειμενοις αυτοις τοις ενδεκα εφανερωθη και ωνειδισεν την απιστιαν αυτων και σκληροκαρδιαν οτι τοις θεασαμενοις αυτον εγηγερμενον ουκ επιστευσαν


Luk_24:41 But as they still disbelieved for joy, and marveled, He said to them, "Do you have any food here?"

Luk_24:41 ετι δε απιστουντων αυτων απο της χαρας και θαυμαζοντων ειπεν αυτοις εχετε τι βρωσιμον ενθαδε

Luk_24:42 So they gave Him a piece of a broiled fish and some honeycomb.

Luk_24:42 οι δε επεδωκαν αυτω ιχθυος οπτου μερος TSBκαι TSBαπο TSBμελισσιου TSBκηριου

Luk_24:43 And taking it, He ate it in their presence.

Luk_24:43 και λαβων ενωπιον αυτων εφαγεν

Luk_24:44 Then He said to them, "These are the words which I spoke to you while I was still with you, that all things must be fulfilled which were written in the Law of Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms concerning Me."

Luk_24:44 ειπεν δε Aπρος Aαυτους TSB