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No Hear-Do Obey-All No-sin Discipleship

(Mat_3) ≈ begging to obey-all

No Sinning ≈ Obeying All = Heaven

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(0) BOND Preview: The Biblical Gospel that Saves from Desolate Luxury

(A) Problem: You Are Desolate (1)(5); Solution: BOND Slave Salvation (1) (5) [i.e. points (1) through (5) below]

Youre desolate so get humble to beg (by favor & faith) for BOND Slave Salvation

(B) Luxury/Pride/Independent/Independence/Unbelief/Sin = Hell (1)(3)(5); vs BOND = Beg (1) to Obey-all (2)with No-sin (3)Discipleship (4)(seen below) = Heaven (1) (5)

BOND = Beg (1)to Obey-all (2)with No-sin (3)Discipleship (4)(seen below) = Heaven; vs. Luxury/Pride/Independent/Independence/unbelief = Hell

(C) Assuming Non-inspiration = (Unbelief/Atheism [Eph_2:12]) = Hell (1) (5) Obedience = Canonical-Inspired by God(2)(iv)(1)(B) [& (1) (3)]

(D) Only those Poor (1)(ii)*/Humble (1)(i)enough to Beg (1)Obeyers (1)(2)for Discipleship (4)get Favor, Saving Faith, & Heaven from Jesus (1)(i)(ii)

God only gives Favor & Saving Faith to those Humble/Poor enough to Beg (1)Obeyers (1)(2)for Discipleship (4)

Only humble beggars get favor and saving faith from God discipleship by obeyers

Only humble people get favor from God to believe by begging obeyers for saving discipleship

(E) Slavishly (1)(iii)Begging (1)to Obey-all (2)of the Word/Scriptures as Lord (2)(i)by Discipleship (4)= Salvation/Heaven (1) (5)BOND Salvation from Sin/Hell


>> Mat_7:13-29; Mat_28; Luk_6:43-49; ;

(1) Beg(ii)*= Divine Favor & Saving Faith (in Inspired Obedience)

You Are Desolate: see: (5)

(i) Lowliness = Favor: Pro_3:34; Jam_4:6-17; Jam_5:1-6 (3)(H); 1Pe_5:5-6, 1Pe_5:10, 1Pe_5:12; 1Co_15:9-10 (vs.1Co_4:1-21 1Co_5:6, etc.); 2Ti_2:1, 2Ti_2:14-26; Tit_2:11-15 (3)(H); (Tit_1:5 Tit_3:1-14); [Php_2 (comp. 1 4); Mat_18:4 (Greatest); Mat_23:12/Luk_14:11/Luk_18:14 (pressed-down lifted up); Zep_2:3 (seek) → Zep_3:9-12, Zep_3:16-20; Zec_4:7; Col_3:12 (put on); Col_4:6 (favor); [1Pe_3:8 (A humble mind)]; 1Pe_5:5 (Clotheselves)]

(ii) Begging*= Faith = Heaven: Psa_34:1-22, etc. = Mat_5:3-12, etc. (2)(vi)= Luk_6:20-23 = Luk_16:20-22 = Jam_2:5 = 2Co_6:3-10 (iii)2Co_8:9 (2)(vi)(Beg → = Faith → Heaven); [BOW & LUX] [* Greek: πτωχός = poor-crouching-beggar]
comp. LOW <<< ]

(iii) Slave (2)(i)[δοῦλος]: Mal_3:13-18; Joh_13:14-16; Joh_15:15, Joh_15:20; Rom_1:1, [Rom_1:9 (λατρεύω); Rom_15:16 (λειτουργὸν)]; Rom_12:11; Rom_16:18; 1Co_9:19 (ii); 2Co_4:5; Gal_1:10; Gal_5:13 (Love Slave-Serve); Eph_6:5-6; Phi_1:1; (Phi_2:10-11); Col_3:24; Tit_1:1; Jam_1:1; 1Pe_2:16; 2Pe_1:1; Jud_1:1; Rev_1:1; Rev_22:6, Rev_22:9 [ Phi_3:6-7;]; [Joh_12:26 (διακονῇ deacon-servant); Act_27:23 (λατρεύω)]; [i.e. Slave (1) has a vs. with a of see: Lord (2)(i)]

>>>> Poor Crouching Begging = Pure in heart & see God


(A) Beg Obeyers for God/Truth/Salvation = Beg = Lowly Beggars Favor [ i.e. Beg = Lowly/Humble/Divine/Saving Favor (i)]

     A1 Beg as Ruth Begged Naomi for Her God (Rth_1:15-17; Rth_4:11-22; Mat_1:5, Mat_1:16; Luk_3:23, Luk_3:32).

     A2 Beg as Ethiopian Eunuch Begged [παρεκάλεσέδέομαί σου] Philip to evangelize & Explain & help know the Scriptures [δυναίμηνὁδηγήσ·ει/η μεἀπὸ τῆς γραφῆς ταύτης εὐηγγελίσατο αὐτῷ] & Baptize Him (Act_8:27-31Act_8:34-38).

     A3 Beg as Macedonian Man Eagerly Called on 1 Paul to Preach 2 & Rescue Them 3 (Act_16:9-10, baptism: Act_16:15 [incl. baptism], Act_16:33).
[1. calling-next-to: παρακαλῶν (v. Act_16:9 = Act_8:31); 2. anounce-[the]-good-message to them: εὐαγγελίσασθαι αὐτούς (v. Act_16:10 = Act_8:35); 3. cry-help/rescue us: βοήθησον ἡμῖν (v. Act_16:9)]

     A4 Beg as Philippian Jailor Trembled, Bowed, & Begged Paul & Silas for Salvation (Act_16:29-34 [Philippi = first city of Macedonia (Act_16:12)]).

     A5 Beg as Believers Repeatedly Beg God & Other Righteous People All Throughout the Scriptures [1Ki_10/2Ch_9; Isa_60:6; Mat_12:42/Luk_11:31 (Queen of the South); Mat_9:27/Mar_10:47-48; Mat_15:22-28/Mar_7:25-30; Mat_17:14-15/Mar_9:22-24/Luk_9:37-47; Mat_20:30-31; Mar_1:40; Mar_10:17; Luk_17:13; Luk_18:38-40; Rev_3:9 (comp. 1Co_14:25); and many more passages!].

     A6 Beg as Hear-do Disciples (2)(B) Beg (1) an Obey-all, No-sin, Do-teacher (2)(A) [& esp. see: (2) & esp. (5)(D) (sumary & footnotes)].


(B) BELIEVE God & Obeyers (2)(iv)(v) = Beg = Begging Beggars Faith [ i.e. Beg = Righteous/Clean/Saving Faith (ii)]

the Loving Canonical-Inspiration Inspired Perfection of Canonical Obeyers (2)(5)(i.e. 2Co_10 Ch 11; Gal_6; Php_3 TSB; Luk_6; Mat_5; 7; 28; Rom_2; 2Ti_3 4)

     Beg Naomi, Philip, Paul, Silas, & do-teachers, &  'BELIEVE God & Moses' (Exo_3:18; Exo_4:1, Exo_4:4-5, Exo_4:29-31; Exo_14:31; Exo_19:9; Luk_16:27-31; (Joh_1:45); Joh_5:30-47; Mal_4:4; Act_26:22; Act_28:23; 1Co_4:6; 2Ti_3:15-17; Heb_3:5),  'the Lord & Gideon' (Jdg_7:18, Jdg_7:20), &  'BELIEVE God & His prophet(s)' (2Ch_20:20; i.e. Luk_16), incl. the least: Luk_6:23; Mat_5:12; Mat_25:40, Mat_25:45 ; (2)(iv)(v), because  Assuming Non‑inspiration = Unbelief/Atheism [Eph_2:12] = Hell (1)(i)(ii), (2)(iv)(v)

     'Love & BELIEVE (have faith)' "toward the Lord Jesus & into all the holy ones" (Phm_1:4-5 RTA; Rom_1:12)
like Paul thankfully/favorably & prayerfully praised Philemon for doing, & like Rahab did to the monotheists: Jos_2:9-16, Jos_6:22-25; Heb_11:31; Jam_2:14-26; Mat_1:5; Luk_3:32

     BELIEVE Paul like God believed into him * or youre about to go to hell like the apostating Corinthians!
[* πιστεύω (faith/believe): 1Ti_1:11-13; 1Co_9:17; Gal_2:7; Gal_4:11-20; Tit_1:3; 1Th_2:4, 1Th_2:13; & (2)(iv)(v); (Act_16:15; 1Co_4:1-2; 1Co_7:25; 1Ti_6:20; 2Ti_1:14; 2Ti_2:1-2) vs. Joh_2:23-25; Luk_16:11; 2Co_13:1-11 (2Co_7:6-16!)]

     BELIEVE Mary is inspired with the Word of God in her womb 1. Blaspheming her as a fornicator = Heresy/Hell 2
[1. Gen_3:15; Isa_7:14; Luk_1:26-38, Luk_1:43, Luk_1:46-49; Mat_1:18-25; Joh_1:1-14 (Php_2:7), Joh_1:34, Joh_1:45, Joh_1:49; Joh_20:28; 1Jn_4:9; Gal_4:4; (Heb_7:3); 2. Mat_13:55-56; Joh_8:41; Gal_5:19-21; 1Co_11:19; 2Pe_2:1-3; (Eph_4:14-15)]

     BELIEVE John the Baptist (2)(v)a& Jesus who both demanded repentance FRUIT (3)(F)from such perverse ion atheisms (2)(iv)(v)(Luk_3/Mat_3; 4; 5; 7, seen below ). [& esp. see: ]

     Tear your heart (Joe_2:11-17 esp. v Joe_2:13) Become lowly Get low to get strong in Divine Favor (1)(i) Get Saving Faith by Begging & Believing (Jam_2:5) God, & Mary, Naomi, Philip, Paul, Silas, Moses, Gideon, prophet(s), do-teachers & other obeyers/righteous people, just like the Bible commands, because: (2)(iv)(v)


>>> God believes in people

You're not allowed to assume non-inspiration against Naomi, Paul, Silas, or the inspiration of do-teachers, or any other righteous person * by hardening your heart in prideful rebellious liberal atheistic unbelief, but instead you are commanded to produce "fruit" (proof) of repentance from such perverse sinful assumptions (Mat_3 7, seen below), tear your heart (Joe_2:11-17 esp. v Joe_2:13), become lowly to be strong in Divine Favor (1)(i)and get Saving Faith from begging (Jam_2:5), in order to 'believe God and Moses' (Exo_14:31; Exo_19:9), 'the Lord and Gideon' (Jdg_7:18, Jdg_7:20), and 'believe God and His prophet(s)' (2Ch_20:20, incl. the least: Mat_25:40, Mat_25:45; Mat_5:12; Luk_6:23) *.

>> Believing into one another

love & believe the inspired perfection of Bible-obedience through such heroes **., by believing in the Biblical Doctrine of "Us" **.


[* The Doctrine of Us (Believe The Bible!): [1.] Deu_12 Deu_13:1-18; Deu_18:9-22; Luk_6; Mat_5:17-20; Mat_7:13-29; Mat_12:33-50/Mar_3:30-35/Luk_11:27-32; Mat_28:18-20; |Mar_16:15-18|; Mat_21:23-46/Mar_11:27-33 Mar_12:1-12/Luk_20:1-19; Joh_5:30-47; 1Co_4:8; 1Co_16:15-18; Mal_3:18; [2.] [Ch 3 4] Exo_14:31; Exo_19:9; Jdg_7:18, Jdg_7:20; 2Ch_20:20; [3.] Rom_2; 1Co_3:9 (1Co_3:15); (2Co_6:1); 1Co_4:1 (1Co_2:6-7); 1Co_4:16; 1Co_15:10; 2Co_2:14-17 2Co_3:1-6, 2Co_3:12; 2Co_4:5-15; 2Co_7:15; 2Co_8:5 2Co_8:23; 2Co_10:3-18  2Co_11:1-7, 2Co_11:12-15; 2Co_12:11; 2Co_13:1-11; Gal_4:11-20, Gal_4:16-20; 5 Gal_6:12-16; Php_3:12-21; 1Th_2:1-14 (esp. v 1Th_2:13; 1Th_2:3-6, 1Th_2:10-14); 1Jn_1:1 1Jn_2:1-6 [1Jn_4:17], 1Jn_2:17, 1Jn_2:19, 1Jn_2:29 1Jn_3:1-16, etc., 1Jn_3:22; 1Jn_4:6, 1Jn_4:17 (1Jn_2:6), 1Jn_5:1-6, 1Jn_5:9, 1Jn_5:18-21]


>> Johns Baptism from Heaven or men?

>> Gal: Paul treated as angel / God on earth

>>Sync: LUXt | LUX | BSS | etc.?


The Point: Begging Poverty = Faith/Salvation/Heaven (Rom_10:8-17); Already Full = Hell (Luk_6:24-26; 1Co_4:8) (3)(E)
No Begging = Already Full = No Favor from God = No Saving Faith = No Heaven Already Full = Luxury = Hell (3)(E):


(2) Obey-All (ii)a = Real Resurrection (ii)b-Rebirth*(into Righteousness (vi)) [* Rom_5:19 etc. (obedience of one man); Rom 6  8; Php_21Co_15:1-10, 1Co_15:30-34; 2Co_2:14 2Co_5:9-17 (2Co_3:9) (v)c]

(i) Word/Scriptures = Lord*: Gen_3:1-5; Isa_66:2; Joh_1:1-5, Joh_1:14, Joh_1:23; (Joh_7:23 1); Joh_10:35 1; Joh_14:6; Joh_15:26 (1Jn_4:6); Joh_17:3, Joh_17:17 (Psa_119:96, Psa_119:160); Rev_1:2-3, Rev_1:9-18; (ch Rev 4  5); Rev_19:11-16; Mar_7:13 [ἀκυροῦντες τὸν λόγον τοῦ Θεοῦ]/Mat_15:6; Act_8:30-38; Act_17:11 [Bereans]; (Heb_4:12-14; 1Th_2:13-14; 2Ti_3:14-17 2Ti_4:1-8); [* i.e. Lord of Obeyer (2)/Beggar (1)/Slave (1)(iii)]

(ii) Obey-All: a. Exo_24:3-8; Exo_34:32; Deu_5:29, Deu_5:31-33; Deu_6:1-6; Deu_12:32; Deu_17:11; Deu_17:18-20; Deu_28:14-15, Deu_28:58; Deu_29:9-15 (LXX: All); Deu_29:29; (Num_15:38-41); Jos_1:7-8; Jos_11:15; Jos_23:6-8; Jer_11:4; Eze_3:10; ·Luk_6; Mat_5 (A); Mat_7 (B); Mat_28:20; Act_20:20-21, Act_20:27; 1Co_11:2; 2Ti_3:16; 2Ti_4:5; Heb_2:2-3; & Heb_10:28-30; Heb_6:12; & Heb_13:7; Rev_22:18-19; (i); etc. (& countless other Scriptures) >> LO link! >>> b. Real Resurrection: Rom_5:19 etc. (obedience of one man); Rom 6 ch 8; Php_21Co_15:1-10, 1Co_15:30-34; 2Co_2:14 2Co_5:9-17 (2Co_3:9) (v)c


(iv) Obedience = Inspired: Eze_2:1-2; Eze_3:4, Eze_3:10-18; Eze_36:22-33; ·Luk_6; Mat_5 (A); 7 (B); 28; Joh_3:21; Joh_14:12-21, Joh_14:26; Joh_16:5-15; Act_2:38; Act_4:19-20; Act_5:29, Act_5:32; Rom_2; Rom_8:1-18 (2)(ii)b; Gal_5; 1Co_15:10; 2Ti_3 4; 1Jn_2 (1Jn_2:20) 5 & Canonical: ·2Co_10 11; Gal_6; |TSB Php_3| (v)c, so: Love (1)(B), Beg For (1), & ·BELIEVE the Word of God incl. Inspired Perfection (1)(B), by obeying (v)(vi)

(v) The Doctrine of Us: a. Who?: Mal_3:1 Mal_3:13-18; Mal_4:4-6; Mat_21:23-46/Mar_11:27-33 Mar_12:1-12/Luk_20:1-19; Joh_5:30-47; 1Th_5:21; 1Co_14:1-40; Rev_10 12; b. Do: Deu_12 Deu_13:1-18; Deu_17:1-20; Deu_18:9-22; (2)(A)(B); Mat_12:33-50/Mar_3:30-35/Luk_11:27-32; ·Mat_28:18-20; |Mar_16:15-18| (4); Rom_2; 1Co_15:10; 1Co_16:15-18; c. How: 1Co_3:9, (1Co_3:15) [2Co_6:1] 1Co_4:1 *, 1Co_4:8, 1Co_4:16 [* 1Co_2:6-7 ]; 2Co_2:14-17 2Co_3:1-6, 2Co_3:9-12; 2Co_4:5-15; 2Co_5:9-17; 2Co_7:15; 2Co_8:5, 2Co_8:23; 2Co_10:3-18 2Co_11:1-7, 2Co_11:12-15; 2Co_12:11; 2Co_13:1-11; Gal_4:11-20, Gal_4:16-20; 5 Gal_6:12-16; Php_3:12-21; 1Th_2:1-14 (esp. v 1Th_2:13; 1Th_2:3-6, 1Th_2:10-14); 1Jn_