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Fighting for the Saving Virtue of Biblical Reasoning


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Note 1: This particular Bible study is designed for people who have forsaken everything to obey all of Jesus’ commands, and are potentially facing persecution from it. It is the last in the series of three Bible studies:

Note 2: This unfinished work is a companion Bible study with the Bible studies entitled, “Absolute Truth” and “Repent of Words” (unfinished).

Note 3: This Bible study is e-Sword Compatible (which means that you can use this free software to very quickly look up all of the references)



Part 1 – Biblical Reasoning Means Dialog. 1

They Reasoned  1

Unreasonable (Without Word, Negating Logos) 2

Reason is Not Always Available  2

Part 2 – Fighting Cheap Shots. 2

Prolonged Waiting, Opens Doors and Defeats Cheap Shots  3

Jesus’ Silence! 3

Jesus’ Example of how to Deal with Dishonest Questions. 3

Consider all of the times Jesus had to be silent in His life. 3

Wise Vocabulary  4

But on the Contrary…    4

Satan’s Questions of Interrogation  4


Part 1 – Biblical Reasoning Means Dialog


They Reasoned

·       In Greek, logos means “word.”

·       In the following cases, “reasoned” comes from a compound that includes logos.

·       In most of these references the word is, “διαλέγομαι” (dialegomai).

·       The implication of this word is, “To speak back and forth or alternately, to converse with, reason, present intelligent discourse,” (Word Study).


Act_17:2 -

Act_17:17 -

Act_18:4 - in synagogue... persuaded

Compare: Jas_3:17 - wisdom is easily entreated

Act_18:19 -

Act_19:8 - 3 months... bold

Act_19:9 - leave church to have reason

Act_20:7 - Dialog in teaching/ preaching

Act_20:9 -

Act_24:12 -

Act_24:25 -


Unreasonable (Without Word, Negating Logos)

The idea in the following references is a Greek negation (a) plus logos. This teaches that it is evil and bad if people negate talking through things because this is “unreasonable” (literally, without word).


Act_25:27 - common decision-making

2Pe_2:12 - False brothers/ prophets*

Jud_1:10 - False brothers/ prophets*


* 2Pe_2:12 / Jud_1:10 – “brute beasts” (KJV) / “unreasoning natural animals” (CAB) = ἄλογαG249 (áloga): without word



2Th_3:2 - Delivered from (ατοπωνG824)


Reason is Not Always Available

You can't always access the rationale of a person, so there are times where you cannot enter into dialog because a person's rationale is not accessible.


You can see from passages in the next section:

Biblical reasoning starts where people are at with basic facts and standards that are agreed upon and then progresses into the matter at hand to bring out the true conclusion.


If someone is an atheist, their rationale is inaccessible, and it is impossible to enter into meaningful dialog. In these cases, don't play games with people who care nothing for truth but only want to play with other fools in meaningless and evil vain talk. Don’t play games with people that are committed ahead of time to do nothing but glory in spewing foolishness from their mouth.


In so many cases people don't want truth, but they simply want to take cheap shots...



Part 2 – Fighting Cheap Shots

What to do when Dialog is not righteously Available


See: Judging the Church

>> Pop: JCH



sp man is judged by no man...

the way we withold ourselves from proving anything to a fool is because he does not own or judge us, nor are we permited to validate his insamity...


Prolonged Waiting, Opens Doors and Defeats Cheap Shots


If someone asks questions and is truly curious, open, and hungry for truth, they will ask and listen to pry answers out of you that they would happily and seriously consider, while showing you gentleness and acknowledging your integrity.

    A “cheap shot situation” is when a person interrogates you and pretends that they are asking for an answer, but they deceptively present the questions in a way to not give you a chance to properly respond. Interruptions and “short-changing” chances to explain your answers are obvious giveaways of this.

    Striking at various unrelated targets and using “straw man arguments” are obvious giveaways that people do not desire truth. When they direct attacks at your character instead of the reasonableness of what you believe and represent before you have even been permitted to state your stance or explanation, then you know they are playing games, and you ought to abstain from such dishonesty “so that they may feel ashamed” (see 2Th_3:14).

    Many times we have to foresee, as Jesus did, that we are in a “mock trial” and be sure that we do not play along with the lie. We wait for open doors and use the occasion of their deception to speak the truth and expose their game at the same time.  When there is perseverance on their behalf, and well-mannered persistence in questioning, then even a hard heart may deserve the rebuking answer that it is unwilling to accept.


So when do you speak? The principal is this: When you have to fight with them to speak, keep quiet. When you have to fight with them to keep quiet, then you may need to speak.  Keep resolutely quiet, and wait to speak the Word of God with certainty and boldness in the height of the opportunity, and don’t let God’s message be defamed by associating it with their mock trial of deceptive questions.


In short, Proverbs says:

Pro_26:4 CAB Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest you become like him.


Jesus’ Silence!

Jesus’ Example of how to Deal with Dishonest Questions







Consider all of the times Jesus had to be silent in His life

Isa_53:7; Act_8:32-33; Mat_26:63, Mat_27:12-14; Mar_14:61, Mar_15:5; Luk_23:9; Joh_19:9; 1Pe_2:23


We may also include with this the fact that Jesus mostly did not teach or do much of anything public for the first 30 years of His life! Think about all of the synagogues He went to and all of the filth and non-sense He heard for 30 years, and all of that without being allowed to say a Word!


Compare: Luk_2:1-52 with Luk_3:23; Joh_2:11


Wise Vocabulary     

·        Determine beforehand to always return the conversation to the Scriptures

·        [“we know no one according to the flesh” (2Co_5:16)]

·        What they think to do: If they can take the eternal mandates of God that are “established in the heavens forever” and make them rest upon a fragile human then they can annul the potency of the Word of God and release themselves from its demands.

·        They will focus on “you” and presume their questions as if this is obviously the bases of your actions, rather than acknowledging your integrity for doing what you find in the Bible.


But on the Contrary…

·        I'm committed to doing whatever the Bible says, even if I have to change.

·        If someone can show me where the Bible says different, even now, I am willing to change.


Satan’s Questions of Interrogation

·        "Are you saying we are all in sin?"

·        The question itself is deceptive, and implies lies

·        It pressures you to step out individually from under the Bible

·        It suggests that you did this from yourself, but you did not volunteer for this, but you surrendered unto it.

·        Being threatened by a truth they are not keeping, they despise the messenger and invent false and unreasonable motives for them to clear themselves from responsibility.

·        So they ask, "Are you saying we are all in sin?"

·        I'm saying the Bible is true.  We ought to obey everything it says. Whenever we don't obey the Bible, it is sin.






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