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1. The Big Picture. 1

A. Why I Have Written This. 1

B. Jesus Is My Priority. 1

2. Specifics. 1

A. What I Can Do. 1

B. What I Can Not Do… What I Cannot Promote. 1

3. Links. 2


1. The Big Picture


A. Why I Have Written This

The reason that I write out these standards is to be as up-front and clear as possible with those that I may work with. There are a lot of potentially unclear things in the arena of computer work, especially when working in graphic design. This can make it hard for someone who wishes to live a clean lifestyle. Because of this it is good to set clear safeguards up front to avoid participating in what is not clean.


B. Jesus Is My Priority

I do not ignore the plain fact that Jesus and the Bible are proven beyond question to be the most real and pure standards of universal and absolute Truth and are the revelation of the eternally righteous standards of the one True and Living God. I do not play religious (polytheistic) games with people, as so many people do, as though these facts about Jesus and the Bible are somehow “less real” matters of personal religious faith. The need to humbly acknowledge the plain fact of God is just as real and pressing in “the work place” as it is if someone may be in a church building.

Because of these plain realities, it should be known without question that my first priority in life, including all work that I do, is my covenanted devotion and service to Jesus. Everything I do must be done in this light. This is both for my benefit and for those that I may work with, seeing that the greatest mutual benefit in all respects comes from prioritizing Jesus.


2. Specifics

There are a few specific details that I would like to establish for all clarity:


A. What I Can Do


I. Work with all my heart to do a good job

II. Work extra time on complex projects

III. Apply countless computer skills (including graphic design)

IV. Creatively work on material that may seem uninteresting

V. Produce professional quality work


B. What I Can Not Do; What I Cannot Promote


Subject matter that would in any way violate the standards clearly set forth in the Bible, such as…


I. Sexually immoral content or lifestyles, which would include things like premarital romantic indulgence (fornication), adultery (including divorced and remarried couples), homosexuality, etc.. This also includes the violation of Biblical modesty, no matter how foreign it is to our culture including skimpy/ “suggestive” clothing (such as most bathing suits) especially those which display anything between the neck, wrists, and ankles, the display of women in general, whether visually, socially, or audibly/ vocally (such as women speaking to assemblies of people), etc.. For the purpose of staying as far away from all of these things as I possibly can, my policy is to never be alone with a female that is not advanced in years (unless I am related to them).

II. Addictions (including smoking, drunkenness, or any other similar indulgence)

III. Idolatry or any other type of religion

IV. Worldliness” (That is, most music, including music for entertainment, any hints of pride, the love of money, etc.)

V. Any other sins (or their likeness) that are condemned by the Bible.


Hopefully all of this would already be obvious from the fact that I have tried to be upfront about my commitment to really following Jesus, but I write these things anyway because I want this to be very clear in a muddied culture that is used to modern “christianity,” and I have decided to be totally committed to living clean for Jesus despite this.


Thank you very much for reading this. I look forward to working with you.


3. Links

To find out more about my purity commitments and pursuit of truth and obedience to Jesus, you may want to consider the following related links:

www.TrueConnection.org (my main website)




Also see:

www.ThePersonalComputerTutor.com (my home business website)





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