The Real Biblical Gospel

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BOND = Beg to Obey-all with No-sin Discipleship


The Real Biblical Gospel is finally here in English!


This includes revolutionary resources such as:

BOND Slave Salvation, • Salvation Basics, • and more!


If you're tired of sin and evil and starving for Truth and obedience, now you can finally read and hear the Truth that no one else is preaching in these days of overt global apostasy! Now you can finally obey all the Bible and you no longer have to sin! Now you can be saved from living in sin and enter into the Bible-obedient Truth of BOND!

Now you can be saved from living in sin on into the Bible-obedient Truth of BOND!


[Note: Some of these resources are works-in-progress (they’re not fully finished) but they are ongoing works specifically attempting to address and communicate complex Truth into the English language and modern sin-culture, to confront and fight the complex methods of apostasy and deception like never before. Your thoughtful feedback, comments, input, & ideas are greatly appreciated!]



(1) Luxury Proves You’re Condemned. 1

(2) BOND Slave Salvation. 2

(3) Salvation Basics. 2

(4) BOND Applications. 2

(5) Comments. 3


(1) Luxury Proves You’re Condemned




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What is Luxury Proves You’re Condemned?

·        Beware of Luxury, the opposite of BOND, which will burn your flesh in fire forever for such horrible sin crimes!

·        This is exactly why you need to run into the Biblical refuge of BOND now while you can, to save yourself from the awful crimes of Luxury.

·        Now that this message is finally being proclaimed, you must repent of luxurious pride and get the salvation of BOND.

·        Sin-confrontation is an unspeakable blessing [<< SRP], and it goes without saying that we desperately need to know exactly why we are so lost and evil in our apostate age so we can have a shot at repentance and life.

·        This proclamation against Luxury confronts one of the most important critical root issues of evil sin and pride in our apostate religious hypocritical age, and it empowers us to see our evil so we can repent and escape from filthy death to take hold of the Truth.

·        Thankfully we don’t have to sin anymore as slaves of such pride, because we can now see the Good Message in these proclamations that saves us from sin into the righteous poor-humble-begging of BOND. And now…

·        You no longer have any excuse, and you can know very clearly for sure without a doubt that Luxury Proves You’re Condemned, and you need to repent to be saved.


(2) BOND Slave Salvation



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What is BOND Slave Salvation?

·        BOND Slave Salvation is a two-page reference sheet outlining and proving that BOND is the real Biblical Gospel, and is absolutely required in order to be saved from sin & inherit heaven.

·        This reference resource is powerful & jam-packed with Scripture references.

·        It is best used as a reference sheet to follow along when someone is preaching and/or discipling you, although it can also be used as an example of overwhelming proof to testify against you and your prideful sins if you are unbelieving and unrepentant (for example).


(3) Salvation Basics



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Read much more in-depth about BOND and real Biblical salvation, with lots more examples and explanations, especially including examples of the many sins you need to repent of and the glorious commands you need to obey to inherit heaven.


(4) BOND Applications

·        When reading these BOND resources you should be asking yourself: “which of these Bible verses do I not believe?”

·        Which Bible verses do you wrestle with the most to accept and obey?

·        These are the very Bible verses you need to beg to get help to obey in order to inherit heaven.

·        Consider this Truth very carefully so you can repent and be saved from the overt rebellion and Bible-disobedience of our apostate age!

·        Let all of this clear Biblical proof convict you with convincing faith (like Hebrews 11 describes) so you can have clean faith to believe the Truth and powerfully repent and be saved from all sin and run into the all-obedient righteousness of Bible Obeyers.

·        After reading these resources you should consider and remember all honest essential logical rational sanity, that:

·        You are desolate without anything good in yourself, or any hope or power at all to be saved independently, and,

·        BOND is the Biblical Gospel of salvation from sin that no one is preaching these days (of overt global apostasy), and,

·        You should reverence and respect and believe the Truth enough to take action and come get discipled to be saved from all sin into all obedience, so that you can inherit the Kingdom of Heaven along with the beloved and glorious Righteous Holy Called-out Assembly of Bible Obeyers.


(5) Comments

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If you have anything thoughtful and useful to say, it might be posted right here!



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