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Lists of Sins that Send You to Hell

To those who eagerly desire to know the terms of following Jesus, they will clasp onto every Truth with their life even when these very precious rays of light seem to cut their own hearts.  To those who would rather die for Jesus than to live for this world, they will take in this light and life of Truth. Though it kills them in exposing their sin, yet they will hold on to it in faith until it makes them alive and causes them to raise up, themselves now, even saturated in Truth.

…because remaining the same is NOT an option!

Have you ever wondered why the Modern church is dead and why spiritual cancer seems to spread so freely like wildfire? Here are the Bible verses that practically no one wants you to believe about judging those in the church, especially those who live in sin and call themselves Christians.

Go Here to Get Clean!:

The No Dating Scriptures BATTLE LIST

The No Dating Scriptures BATTLE LIST is a short list of the most important Bible verses about what God Commands us to do to be counted Truly Pure in His eyes.

If we don’t meet God’s standards for purity then we are promised condemnation and wrath from God Himself (1Th 4:6). In all of this God has shown Himself extremely more practical than we have ever given Him credit for, since He cares about us enough to show us what is right, and what standard He commands all men to keep to not be sexually polluted and defiled before Him. Did you know that the Bible actually says how God feels about kissing, holding hands, and all such romantic affection outside of marriage? Did you know that God specifically and clearly demands a purity far beyond and completely contrary to our blind and lustful culture? Beware lest you trespass against Him without knowing it and endanger your own soul (Gen 20:3)! But on the contrary, if you take hold of True Biblical purity you of all people are most blessed, and will inherit the amazing promises of God due to the sanctification of your sexuality before Him!

"What's in the Bible" Pic... "DO NOT GO BEYOND"


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God’s view of worldliness is probably harsher than you thought. Do you claim to love Jesus?  If so beware of this “woe,” because if you are worldly then God says you’re His enemy! Look closely now at your life in light of these Scriptures and be sure you are hating this world so that you are not disqualified from being counted as a friend of God.

10min Preview – Beware of the Lawless End-Times Prostitute!

(This is a very, very short preview for the main teaching given as an exhortation to a church in NJ)


This is a brief overview of my life story, and how I ended up following Jesus in Truth.



Biblical repentance means much more than most modern churches have ever told us

The Path of True Christianity


If you are an American christian beware! The path that Jesus trod and set for us and our salvation is one of discipleship rather than the theoretical and shallow commitment of converts that we see in most churches in Westernized culture. If we don’t follow this extreme and unpopular path that Jesus called being His disciple, we only have the Broadway to Hell and destruction as our alternative!

Avail yourself to know and understand this eternal distinction called “Discipleship.”

Absolute Truth



Written specifically to confront liberal philosophies from a false brother that endangered an otherwise dedicated church internship; Written to defend Jesus' Truth.

Jesus is Superior
Doctrinal FAQs & Bible Lists


FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions & Bible Lists - Questions that Josiahs Scott has been asked concerning Truth…

I think that this is probably one of the more practical and useful things that I have provided on this site. It covers many common, basic questions about the faith of Jesus, including the Church, Salvation, Morality, and much more, in an easy-to-use interactive web page environment. It is also a good way to get to know me a little better, because it addresses "ministerial" questions that I have been asked as well.


Challenges the reader to examine the validity of his salvation in the light of direct Bible verses.
Divorce and Remarriage Repentance Revolution

[Click to Download] - Divorce and Remarriage Tract, PDF (1 pg).........................

Divorce and Remarriage Tract (1 pg)

Divorce and Remarriage Repentance Revolution

There is a forsaken Truth that most don’t dare to embrace. And those who do, find themselves going against the tide and facing opposition all around. Will you dare to believe what the Bible says about divorce and remarriage?

See the official website:


I hope by now you are tired of the complacency that you see in and around you, and are hungry for the change worth burning for. Here is where just such an adventure begins.

These are my personal notes on "the fire of God." This is not a "polished" document, nor is it completely "self-explanatory," but it does seem to be helpful in communicating a deep Truth, especially if you were wanting to do a teaching on it. (8 pgs.)

[MP3: 6.49 MB; 57min]


Submission is an issue of salvation. This Bible study is basically a list of the main Bible passages that show this. Please urgently consider this challenging call to extreme submission so that we may all repent and honor God in this way.


This Bible study is the main resource that I use for couples who need marriage help, and it goes well with the "Submission" Bible Study in exhorting and helping couples fight for Biblical families. [Premarital couples: See Official Premarital Bible Study (below) for powerful Truth in pursuing purity]. When you add the Divorce and Remarriage teaching to this, it becomes even more helpful in propelling you to fight for your first marriage because God Himself defends it, makes it perminant for life no matter what, and shows that remarriage is never an option apart from death.

Submitted Suffering


These are my personal notes on the suffering that God has called all followers of Jesus to. (Not a "polished" work, but worthwhile)


What does it take to get your life dedicated to prayer as it should be? Do you ever struggle trying to pray, and you have no idea what to pray about? This is one major tool that all Bible obeyer's use, and is a first step of new disciples of Bible Obedience.


Read the Bible in Chronological Order

(with a year-based reading check-off plan)

Have you ever wanted to read the Bible in the actual order of the events? Have you ever wondered what you might be missing by not linking the intertwining events between each book of the Bible?

Now is your chance to get some serious chronological understanding of the Bible as well as to realize countless vital links between many books that are almost always missed when reading them out of their chronological sequence.

Future Bible Studies


These are some Bible studies that I have done that still need to be prepared for the Internet. Lord willing, I will continue adding these one by one. In the mean time, they are available upon request.
This is my universal Bibliography and Glossary for all of my Scriptural projects; it is a general, overall definer of many of the resources and terminology that I often use in my Scriptural studies and writings. What started out as a simple Bibliography, became almost a “Bible Study” in and of itself, especially in terms of studying the over-all representation of the Bible in English. I aspire for these things to be of benefit to anyone interested in knowing over-all Truth about versions of the Bible, as well as critical resources and terms for studying it.

See “Disclaimers” (below)

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Free Discipleship Resources

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These are printable tracts that I have made for free use. Print/copy the exact same image on both sides of a sheet of paper, and then cut into individual tracts. (This puts different lists of Bible verses on each side). These first two are the same verses used in "Basics of Salvation" above.




This is a very short animation that I made about sin, guilt, and the atonement that was made for our sin in the fulfilled Passover. [Note: to download the animation as a file, right-click here]

Strong's Greek Dictionary:

[HTML] (~6 MB)

[PDF] (~3 MB)

Strong's Hebrew Dictionary:

[HTML] (~10 MB)

[PDF] (~5.74 MB)




This is a free (reformated) copy of Strong's “Hebrew”/ “Greek Dictionary Of the New Testament”


Strong's Greek Dictionary has 5624 words,

Strong's Hebrew Dictionary has 8674 words,

so the Hebrew dictionary is naturally going to be larger.

Online Bibles



Help us complete the most complete Bible in the English language!

PDF only

Read the Bible in Chronological Order

(with a year-based reading check-off plan)

Have you ever wanted to read the Bible in the actual order of the events? Have you ever wondered what you might be missing by not linking the intertwining events between each book of the Bible?

Now is your chance to get some serious chronological understanding of the Bible as well as to realize countless vital links between many books that are almost always missed when reading them out of their chronological sequence.


* Though these studies are Free, they may cost you your life (Mat 10:38; Mk 8:35; 6:18, 17, 27)

* Please email me with any corrections to mistakes you find in these documents. I know that I need help avoiding errors, especially when it comes to spelling.

Also Compare: Copyright Info (below)

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Site Mission Statement

My name is Josiahs Scott, and is devoted to what God has entrusted to me to proclaim. The main way this is done is by providing Free Bible Studies that reveal the (often-unpopular) Truth of God. There are also other resources available throughout this site, (such as Free MP3 Sermons) and I hope you will have time to view them as well. I am entirely excited about what God has shown me, and I hope these things will bless and change you as well…because remaining the same is NOT an option.

- Josiahs Scott

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Origin of These Bible Studies

At the beginning of this century, the first of these Bible Studies originated from teaching High School, “youth” age kids, and then progressed to meet the need of discipling college students as new disciples were made, and then eventually, various other kinds of adult groups were incorporated into this proclamation as well.

In general, most all of these Bible studies are in a continual process of revision to meet so many different needs crying out for TRUTH.

It is exciting to have a part in meeting any of these needs for those who are humble and hungry enough to seek to actually obey Jesus!




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