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Disciple's Daily Essentials Prayer List to re/Save You & Make You Great!

Prayer List – Obeyer's Virtue Guide • Disciple's Daily Essentials

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(0) JumpStart Prayer

(A) QuickZeal: (1) Sing (2) Scripture Quotation (3) Spiritual Warfare 7

(B) Shema LO: Deu_6:4-5, etc.; Deu_11:13-21; Jos_22:5; Mat_22:34-40; Mar_12:28-31; Luk_10:25-37

(C) Lord’s Prayer: Mat_6:5-15 (esp. v. Mat_6:9-13); Luk_11:1-4

(D) Love-Believe-True: “I Love You. I believe You. Your Word is True.

Goal: JumpStart prayer if mentally/spiritually blocked


(1) Worship & Love

(A) Sing MBS

(B) Receive Love Lov: (1) If you’ve seen IfU👁: 1Jn_2:28-29 1Jn_3:1-3 (2) This is Love: 1Jn_4:7-13 esp 1Jn_4:10 (3) Perfect Love: 1Jo_4:16-21 esp 1Jo_4:18 (4) He first Loved us: 1Jn_4:19; (5) God demonstrates: Rom_5:8; (6) Made sin: 2Co_5:21; (7) Son of God who Loved me: Gal_2:20 6; (8) Joh_3:16-18; (9) Good fragrance: 2Co_2:14-17; (10) Be Pleasing: Gen_5:22 LXX, Gen_5:24 LXX; Gen_6:9 LXX; Heb_11:1, Heb_11:5-7; Pro_15:8; 2Co_5:9 (link & >> Sync: PRL | INSP) (11) Throws Over the knowledge: Eph_3:16-19, etc. (12) Others: Rom_5:5; 2Th_3:5; Psa_31:7; Eph_5:1

(C) Love God (Adoration) Lov: Shema 0; Deu_7:9; Deu_30:6; Jos_23:11; Jdg_5:31; (1Ki_3:3); Rom_8:28; 1Co_2:9; 1Co_8:3, etc.; Jam_1:12; Jam_2:5; 1Pe_1:8; 1Jo_4:19; 1Jo_5:2-3

(D) Believe in God’s Goodness GoG: Exo_33:19MT; Rom_11:22; Heb_3:6; Heb_6:9-12

(E) Praise/Bless/Thank God! GoG: Isa_6:3/Rev_4:8, etc.; Heb_13:15; Psa_33:1-22; Psa_92:1-15; Psa_100:1-5; Psa_149:1-9Psa_150:1-6; Php_2:1-11 esp Php_2:5-11; Also: Commanded to Thank & …

(F) Rejoice EFF GoG: Deu_28:45-47, etc.; 1Th_5:16-21 esp 1Th_5:16-18; Phi_4:4-9; 2Th_1:3; 2Co_6:10; Rom_12:9-13


(2) ZealZel / Faith

(A) Pace* (“CPR”, Prayer Rod, etc.): 2Ki_4:29-36 (esp. v 2Ki_4:35); [*A&B = Elisha Prayers]

(B) Strike* (& Shoot): 2Ki_13:14-19; (comp. Biblical Clapping)

(C) “Awake…Shake…”: Isa_52:1-2; Samson Shaking: Jdg_16:20;

(D) Jump!: 2Sa_6:14-23 (2Sa_22:30/Psa_18:29, Psa_18:33); 1Ch_15:29; Son_2:8; Luk_1:41-44; Luk_6:23 (Mat_5:12) +; Isa_35:6; Mal_4:2; Act_3:8; Act_14:10; Joh_21:7; Mar_10:50; (but unlike: 1Ki_18:26; Zep_1:9; also comp. Get Loud! Zel); In Other Words

(E) Do whatever it takes to get fervent! (comp. Every Kind of Prayer SPI)

(F) Zeal Verses: (1) Zeal for house: Psa_69:9 / Joh_2:17 (2) Fervent in Spirit: Rom_12:11 (3) Always zealous / right zeal: Gal_4:18 (4) Take hold of God!: Isa_64:7 (5) Phinehas: Num_25:5-13 (6) Others: 1Ki_19:10; Tit_2:14; Col_4:12

(G) Strong, Energized Begging-Prayer of Righteous Faith: Jas_5:13-18 (esp. v. Jas_5:16);
[πολὺ ἰσχύει δέησις δικαίου ἐνεργουμένη]


(3) Filled with the One Spirit SPI

(A) Eph_5:18 ALT  And stop getting drunk with wine, in which is reckless behavior, _but_ continue being filled with [the] Spirit.

(B) Also: Luk_11:9-13; Act_9:17; Gal_5:25; Rom_8:26-27; 1Th_5:16-21 esp 1Th_5:19-21

(C) “Continuebeing Filled: Act_2:4; Act_4:8, Act_4:31; Act_13:9, Act_13:52;

(D) Use (Clean) Tongues: 1Co_12:10, 1Co_12:30; 1Co_14:14-15; Jud_1:20



(4) Humility – Pressed Down, Poor Crouched-Begging

Pray to be Least: “Help me to be the least… less than the soles of people's feet”

(A) Least to be great: Mat_18:1-5; Mat_20:20-28 (esp. v Mat_20:25-28) / Mar_9:33-37; Mar_10:35-45 (esp. v. Mar_10:42-45) / Luk_9:46-48; Luk_14:7-11 (ἔσχατον τόπον; i.e. last seat/place); Luk_22:24-27; Mat_23:8-12; Joh_13:12-17; 1Co_9:19-23, Gal_5:13 (B) Least Apostle(s): 1Co_4:9-13, etc. (Lam_3:45 MT; Act_22:22; Heb_11:32-38); 1Co_15:9 (C) Others over you: Php_2:3 (τῇ ταπεινοφροσύνῃ ἀλλήλους ἡγούμενοι ὑπερέχοντας ἑαυτῶν) (D) Others more valuable: Rom_12:9-13 (τῇ τιμῇ ἀλλήλους προηγούμενοι) (E) Humble bearing: Eph_4:2 (πάσης ταπεινοφροσύνης καὶ πρᾳότητος) (F) Submit to one another: Eph_5:21 (῾υποτασσόμενοι) & (G) Mighty hand of God: 1Pe_5:5-7 (ὑποτάγητε... TSBυποτασσομενοι... τὴν ταπεινοφροσύνην...Ταπεινώθητε) (H) Broken/contrite spirit/heart: Psa_51:17 (I) Humble Word-trembling: Isa_66:2 (K) Comp. Fear God!; Foot Washing; LUX; +


(5) Confess, Repent, Forgive SRP

Forgive & Get Forgiven – Thorough Forgiveness & Repentance

Reciprocal-Forgiveness: Pro_10:12; Pro_17:9; Mat_5:39-41; Mat_6:9-15/Luk_6:35-36; Mat_18:21-22; Mar_11:25; Luk_6:37; Luk_17:3; Luk_23:34; Rom_12:18-21; Col_3:12-13; Eph_4:31-32

Love Covers: 1Pe_4:8-9 (Pro_10:12 MT; Pro_17:9); 1Co_13:7; Love People 9

Confession: Joe_2:13; Lord’s Prayer 0; 1Jn_1:5-101Jn_2:1-2; Jas_5:16; Psa_19:12; Psa_32:5; Psa_51:1-19; Psa_79:9; Pro_28:13; Luk_18:9-14 (ὁ θεός, ἱλάσθητί μοι τῷ ἁμαρτωλῷ – mercy/atone me, the sinner); Swift Procedure 7

Forgiveness Faith: Receive Love 1; 2Ch_7:12-14; 2Ch_30:6-9; Psa_25:3-12; Psa_86:1-5; Psa_103:2-3, Psa_103:8-18 esp Psa_103:10-12; Psa_130:1-8; Isa_1:16-18, etc.; Isa_38:15-17; Isa_40:1-2; Isa_43:25-26; Isa_44:22-23; (52–53) Isa_55:6-7, etc.; Jer_3:12-15; Jer_50:20; (Eze_11:19-20); Eze_33:15-16, Eze_36:25-35, etc.; Dan_9:9, Dan_9:18-19; Jonah; Mic_7:18-20; Zec_3:1-5; Rom_3:19-28…Rom_4:1-8 (esp. v. Rom_4:1-8/Psa_32:1-2, v. Rom_4:16, Rom_4:18-25)…Rom_5:1-11 (esp. v Rom_5:1-2, Rom_5:5-11), etc.; Heb_4:14-16; Heb_7:1-28 Heb_8:1-13; Heb_9:1-28; Heb_10:1-39 (Heb_8:8-12, Heb_10:16-17→Jer_31:31-34; Mat_26:28); Eph_1:3-14 esp Eph_1:5-7, etc.; Col_1:13-14 (Col_1:3-14, Col_1:20; Col_2:11-15);

Luk_5:20; Luk_7:47-48 (Luk_7:36-48) (1Ti_1:15-16); Luk_15:11-22; Luk_24:46-47; Act_2:38; Act_3:19; Act_10:42-43, etc.; Act_13:38-39; 1Co_6:9-11; 1Jo_2:12; Jas_5:14-16, etc.

Crucifixion-Forgiveness: Col_2:11-15 Phm_1:19 (Col_3:1-17); Rom_6:1-23 (esp. v. 1-7, etc.); Rom_8:1-17; 2Co_5:14-21; 1Pe_4:1, etc. (see: Gal 6)


(6) Crucifixion – Die to Flesh/Body/Soul/Self/Life/World

Luk_9:23; 1Co_15:31; Gal_2:20; Gal_5:24; Gal_6:14; Rom_6:6; Eph_4:22; Against Lust 8; +


Crucifixion Examples – Die to: Money, Success, Cars/Houses/Possessions, Tech, Luxury, Religion, Opinions/beliefs, Food, Confidence, Family, World’s love, Social life/approval, Comforts/ease/smooth-sailing, Culture/societal stability, Circumstantial motivations, etc.


(7) Spiritual Warfare SPI

Mat_4:1-11; Mat_16:19; Mat_18:18-19; Luk_10:18-20; 2Co_10:3-6; Eph_6:10-18; Swift Procedure (below)

Remember: If you can’t do what you want, it is because something is stopping you.

The Swift Procedure: Submit & Resist (Repentance & Warfare) – Repeat until free:

Jas_4:6-7, Jas_4:10; 1Pe_5:5-7; Mat_26:36-46; Luk_22:39-46; +


Warfare Examples: unbelief/atheism/lies/non-goodness, depression/discouragement/despair/hopelessness/ sulking/disappointment, darkness, hurt/trauma, shame, perversion, lust / sexual murder, greed/gluttony, pride, knowledge puffing (1Co_8:1), envy, hate/despising/rejection/competition/hypocrisy, lovelessness, unforgiveness/boredom, unresolvable guilt, anger, anxiety/dread, fear (of hurt/evil/sin), cowardice, blindness/numbness/cloudy mind, undisciplined/non-saved-minded-ness, confusion/insanity/unsoundness/ intoxication/ hypnosis/distraction/mindlessness, hard heart, dragging/weak/lame soul/mind/hands/knees, laziness/ complacency/ procrastination/excuses/incapableness/ debilitation, accomplishment lust,  religious spirits, etc.

Trials: Sickness, un-submitted/rebellious things/circumstances, atmospheric warfare, other people’s demons/religion, sorcery/witchcraft/rapacious-ness/rebellion/spells/impreciations/prayers/injustice, etc.


(8) Against Lust PUR

(A) Especially: Gal_5:24; Gal_2:20; Pro_6:25; Pro_27:20; Mat_5:27-30; 1Ti_5:1-2; 2Ti_2:22;

(B) Break specific “Lust Ties”! Ex: Gen_34:2-3; Pro_6:25 (also: v. Pro_6:24-35);
Deal with Hidden things in heart: Psa_66:18; Psa_139:23;

(C) Comp. Crucifixion 6; PUR; No Dating Scriptures Battle List


(9) Intercession – Pray for Others

(A) Righteous Assembly, Family, Leaders, Government, "All men" (1Ti 2:1-4, etc.)

(B) Love People (encourage others) Lov: Shema 0; 1Co_13:1-13; 1Jn_4:7-8; 1Th_3:12; 1Ti_1:5, Love Covers 5; etc.

(C) Bless & thank God for people (especially rulers/leaders: 1Ti_2:1; 2Ti_1:3; Phm_1:4)



(10) Bible Reading

Read RtB , meditate, study, community & public reading, get discipled in reading (2Ti_3:14 – 2Ti_4:5)!



“+” = see online Prayer List ( for more examples

Abbreviations: (A) LO: Letteral Obedience; (B) MBS: Music Bible Study; (C) GoG: Goodness of God; (D) Lov: Perfect Love; (E) EFF: Eating Fasting and Feasting; (F) Zel: Clean Zeal; (G) SRP: Sin Repentance Perfection (H) PUR: Purity Proclamation; (I) SPI: Spiritual Interface (J) LUX: Luxury Proves You’re Condemned (K) RtB: Read the Bible;

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