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Schedule A Speaking Engagement

I desire nothing less than to specifically and entirely give my life to proclaiming the entire message of Jesus, holding nothing back. There is nothing more satisfying than pouring out your life to love God (first) and others (with His Love). For me this seems to include preaching and proclaiming Jesus publicly. I desire to do this full-time, but until then I look forward to every door God opens for me to speak His Truth. To set up a time for me to come and speak in your area, email me at . Please include contact info, location, and the type of group you would like me to address. I look forward to contacting you and seeing God's kingdom come in your group.If you are interested in having me come and speak in your area, please call or email me. Please include your contact information, location, and the type of group you would like me to address.

I chose the preaching picture above, not because I wanted a "cool" picture of me preaching, but to express the deep joy that I experience preaching the Love and hard-core Truth of Jesus. To this I am I am called.

I have kept this here because Google directs people to this page because of it:


Technical Info:

The Picture at the top of this page was adapted from, who is a “freelance web developer, multimedia producer and journalist.”

I have been caught open-air preaching many times by students with cameras on a number of college campuses, and when Megan was a student at the University of Florida, she did a class project on my street preaching, which she called, “How To Preach.”

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