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The Nature of the Appendices and their Development

This compilation of Appendices is a list of the extra resources available for Divorce and Remarriage Repentance Revolution as seen on the official website:


Although many of these extra resources are not finished yet, and are under constant development, they are all currently available online. Eventually we may add some of these resources to the printed version of this book in future editions.

    If you check back periodically, you may be able to notice many updates and additions as we hope to have mercy from God to continually make significant improvements until this project may one day finally be completed.


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there are not simplified documents for ease of common use, but these documents are the raw data and research that has been compiled to document and compile the great efforts of research that has gone behind the conclusions in the main book. these are not presented for convenience as much as detailed and through—proof of what truths are summarized and stated elsewhere  

Important Notes for the Computer Illiterate

I am providing links to some very important resources here, but please be aware that it is not recommended that you ever manually type these links in a web browser (for example, if you are viewing a printed version of this work). Whenever you may need to go to any of these resources listed here it is generally recommended that you use the shortcut, “” to get to this Overview of Appendices online, and then you may simply click on the links below to get to each appendix.


Divorce And Remarriage Track

The following divorce and remarriage track is designed to help you in your Biblical stance on this issue by summing up all of the primary Scripture references on one piece of paper, so you can have them with you at all times, as needed, or you can simply take them with you and pass them out to those who are hungry for truth.

This is available in PDF format and is designed to be easily printed and redistributed, as needed. It works best if you print the exact same image on both sides of a piece of paper, and then cut the sheet in half.


This PDF tract can be found at:


A Translation and Analysis of the Primary Divorce and Remarriage Passages


Exception Clause Research


The Historical Church Teaching


Extra Notes on Church History


Marriage Statistics


Works Cited

(Available both online and in the printed book)


Bibliography and Glossary

(Available both online and in the printed book)


Updates & Time Line for The Book

Go to this resource for a record of updates to Divorce and Remarriage Repentance Revolution, especially when you would like to see new sections that have been added or updated since the last printing.


Bible Studies Referenced In This Teaching


Sin Lists


Repent of Words


Women in Assembly


My compilation of the Book of Malachi


Also see: my Testimony




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“Pastors Commanded To Repent”



Judging The Church


The Law of Moses




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